#WOTR19 #AuthorSpotlights – Lynda J. Cox

Lynda J. Cox

Tell us your name and then a bit about yourself.

I’m Lynda J Cox, and I write under my own name. I love history, love the American West (there is something good for the soul in those wide open spaces, huge expanses of bright blue skies, and towering, snow-capped mountains), and grew up on a steady diet of Western movies and syndicated Western TV shows. Writing about the cowboy seems only natural, considering all of that.

Where is your favorite place to write and what food must be present?

My office–it’s really the only place I can be productive. Food all depends on my mood, though most of the time it’s either pretzels or Good N Plenty. Yeah, I know, that’s a weird pairing.

What are you favorite things about attending signings?

The best part of any signing I’ve attended is getting to meet readers–even if they don’t read western historical romance. We still find things to chat about, books we like, and if I can convince them to give a hot, smexy, historical cowboy a chance, all the better. And if not–hey, I’ve still made a friend. I count that as a win on any day.

What author would you love to meet (Who is your unicorn author)?

I would love to meet LaVyrle Spencer.

What author would you love to write with?

I would love to co-author a romance with Cindy Nord. She’s simply an amazing historical romance author and one of the kindest, most genuine people I’ve had the honor to meet and call my friend.

What is your favorite memory so far as an author?

I have so many–readers who told me how much they loved my books, signing my first contract with the Wild Rose Press–but my most treasured moment as an author has to be the e-mail from a reader who said that after reading *West of Forgotten*, she was able to summon up the courage to start therapy to begin recovering from a sexual assault that happened decades before. That e-mail moved me to tears.

What are your social links?

e-mail: Lynda.cox@aol.com;

web page: www.lyndajcox.com;

FB: https://www.facebook.com/lyndajcox;

bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/lynda-j-cox

What are your buy links?

I just send everyone to my Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/Lynda-J-Cox/e/B009LW3JZ6


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