Events We Sponsor – *Charity Event* – Lust in the City, East Lancing, MI – November 3-4, 2023

*Attending Author list can change*

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Charity Information:

All Money raised will go to a local shelter that specializes in Domestic and Sexual Abuse of both Women and Men.  This is a statement from the event coordinator in regards to her charity pick.

Why? When I was 18, my high school sweetheart and I split because we had different paths we were going to take. I made a lot of bad decisions that I never sought help for. I dealt with my PTSD alone, I still have flash backs, certain looks on men throw me back in time.
I want to support those that have gone through their own Hell. I wish I would have had the resources available now back then, my husband (my high school sweetheart) helps the best he can but has guilt so we don’t talk as much as we should. Nobody should keep their trauma in, it needs to be expressed and dealt with 💜💙

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