#Review #ApocalypticRomance- Afterglow by Maria Monroe


Title: Afterglow
Author: Maria Monroe
Genre: Apocalyptic Romance
Cover Design: Pink Ink Designs
Release Date: July 13, 2016



Who knew the apocalypse could be so sexy?

Nina can shoot a gun, start a fire, and kick some serious ass. So when a killer virus and solar storm decimate the country, she’s as prepared as possible to survive. She just needs a motorcycle to navigate the cluttered roads and meet up with her family.

Creed, former Marine, is tattooed and tough. He’s scarred inside and out. Loss is no stranger to him, and he avoids getting close to anyone at all costs.

When Nina tries to steal his motorcycle they have a vicious fight, but necessity and attraction force them into an uneasy alliance. They travel together through the dangerous landscape, where trouble lurks around every corner and they need each other to survive.

But the biggest danger just might be falling in love.

Equally as exciting as it is sexy, Afterglow contains graphic sex and some violence, so please read at your own risk. 18+ recommended.

This is a standalone.

motorcycle at sunset

angies review


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

OMG I am in love with this book and I totally would love to read more from this cast of characters.  I mean Logan needs some love too right????

SO this book starts out with Nina looking to make it to her grandmother’s house to ride out this killer virus.  She meets our hottie Creed when she is trying to steal from him..ooopsie Nina.  Creed is stunned stupid to find out that the punk that is trying to steal his motorcycle is a kick a$$ female.  The two run in to some not nice guys and Creed decides he needs to leave so he will see Nina safely to her grandma’s house and then take off for parts unknown.   I loved Nina’s sass and the fact she isn’t a helpless female character.  She has spunk and fire and she WAS going to see her family again.  I loved that Creed also loved her tenacity and welcomed her fire during their travels.

Along the way, the couple banter and it fuels the chemistry that is just burning underneath the story.  OMG I was like “SOMEONE MAKE A MOVE ALREADY!!”  It was super hawt.  When the two get to “getting to know each other a bit better” we can see them both forming an attachment but both don’t want to get attached because attachment means heartache.

Along the way, Nina and Creed meet some good people but mainly run in to the evil that is taking full advantage of this ruined society.  They two end up helping another person who also has lost it all due to the virus and that character tugged at my heart just like they did Creed and Nina.

The end of the book had me a mess.  I was reading as fast as I could because I needed to know if they would make it safely to Nina’s grandma’s house PLUS what will become of Creed and Nina.


Muscular man with tattooes posing in studio on grey background

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Maria Monroe writes sexy and smart romance, often focusing on new adult characters. Bad boys, especially gruff and sexy ones, are her favorite alpha males to read (and write) about.

She also enjoys reading, playing Pokemon, drinking wine, sarcasm, hiking, and laughing about inappropriate things.

She’s from Chicago and currently lives just outside the city with her three awesome kids, two rescue dogs, two rescue cats, and the most supportive husband in the world.



Amazon: http://amzn.to/29iQ1yv

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MariaMonroeAuthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorMaria

#Review – Broken Pieces by HD’Agostino @HDAgostino001

Broken Pieces (Broken, #4)


One drunken night a nameless one-night stand changes everything for Alison Tanner. Her world suddenly turns on its side, and she has a whole other person to consider. One that will rely on her for everything and love her unconditionally. One that will cause her more guilt that she can imagine because she can’t answer the most important question of all… where’s my daddy?

Time passes and Ally moves on, finding love in one of the most unlikely places. But things are never that simple. What happens when the nameless stranger comes walking back into their lives? How will this affect their child, and is this new love strong enough to weather the storm?

Our hearts don’t always want what’s easy. Sometimes they send us on a path that will eventually break us. Which path will Ally choose, and who awaits her at the end of that journey? Join Ally and the rest of the gang in Broken Pieces, the final book in The Broken Series.



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Melinda's Review

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

I absolutely loved this book I was torn going back and forth for a while but once I realized who I was rooting for my heart was all in.  This is Ally’s story she is Angels BFF and a ball of fire.

Ally has a one night stand no names no strings attached but when she walks away she is left with more than she arrived with. After trying to find the unknown guy she moves on and starts to live her life. When she finds a great guy her mystery guy comes back and now she has to decide who she is going to choose. Will she stay with her new guy or go back to her mystery man?

Like I said I was back and forth with this one I wanted her to give Carson a change but I loved Joey. The thing Joey does made me love him and my heart broke from him. OH my gosh I forgot how much I loved Wes (SHHH don’t tell my BFF cause Wes is hers or that’s what she will tell you anyway). His talk was amazing oh and the pay back that Angel gets to pay on Wes had me rolling that was a great phone scene just saying. This story was such an emotional ride I was laughing at times, had some tears, and my heart was breaking at other times.  I had no idea what Ally was going to do or who she was going to choose and my heart was so happy for one of them and broke for the other. The Epilogue was epic and things were as they should be at the end in my opinion.  Way to keep me hanging on and turning the pages Heather D’Agostino.

about the author

Heather D’Agostino is an avid reader turned Bestselling Author of the Contemporary Romance Series The Broken Series, The Shattered Series, The Second Chances Series, The Cook Brothers Series, and Romantic Suspense series The Witness Series.

She attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Elementary Education with a minor in Mathematics.

She currently lives in Central New York with her husband, two children, two dogs, and three cats. When she’s not writing she can usually be found at the dance studio, soccer field, or one of the many other places that she plays ‘Supermom’.

#Review Buried and Shadowed (Branded Packs Book 3) by Alexandra Ivy and Carrie Ann Ryan



The Branded Packs Series from NYT Bestselling Authors Alexandra Ivy and Carrie Ann Ryan continues with two dark and heated shifter romances…


Gibson Barton knows his Pack is on the verge of something they will never be able to prepare for: a chance at freedom. Yet when he’s finally able to open his eyes to what might be his fate, it could be too late.

As a submissive wolf of her Pack, Mandy Calhoun has always only watched Gibson from afar. Because of her fears, she hasn’t let her intentions toward him—or the other in her sights—be known.

Oliver Dare is the Foreseer of the Ursine Pack, and knows with each vision, his death is that much closer. Yet he cannot see his own future—or that of the two wolves who have been thrust into his path.

There is danger lurking in the den, and as the three learn to process their emotions and navigate their temptations, they’ll have to fight for something they never knew they had—or sacrifice it all for a purpose far greater than their own destinies.


Sinclair, Alpha of the Unseen Pack, is determined to destroy the Shifter Accommodation Unit. He understands that his people will never be free until the truth is revealed and their enemies are brought out of the shadows and exposed to the public. Unfortunately, the human female who has been secretly working with him has disappeared, and his priorities must shift slightly. He’s resolved to track her down, and not just because she has the information he needs.

Mira Reese isn’t stupid. She’s painfully aware that the sexy shifter she’s been working with has been using her fascination for him to gain access to the CDC computer system. But that doesn’t stop her from helping Sinclair. Not when it allows her to be close to him. But after the CDC kidnaps her, she realizes that this isn’t a game. She’s a potential savior for the future of the shifters—and perhaps especially the loner wolf who stirs her passions.

kristis review

I received a copy for a honest review.

Ok, a little back story for anyone who hasn’t read the series.
The Verona Virus has just about wiped out the humans, the only cure is from the shifters. When they come forward, they are put into compounds, collared, and branded.
With the events that have happened in books 1 & 2 the wolves, feline, and ursine shifters have all been placed in one compound.
Oh, and YAY there’s 2 stories in every book!!
Now onto Buried!!
Buried is all about Mandy a submissive wolf, Gibson the hunky loner wolf that does all the tattoos for the packs, his compound and others, and Oliver is the Foreseer of the Ursine pack.
Things are about to change for the captured shifters, but they’re gonna get rough first.
Oliver knows something is coming, but anything having to do with him he can not see and now he can not see anything about Mandy and Gibson.
Gibson has never felt the need to be around others, and now he finds out something and only two people can calm him; Mandy and Oliver. Mandy knows that as a submissive wolf that she isn’t as strong as the more dominant wolves and she’s ok with that, but there’s something about Oliver and Gibson that makes her strong.
These three finding their way together is so awesome, I’ve been wondering about Gibson for a while and I never thought that Mandy would have these two awesome men as her mates, I was sure it was someone else!!
And Oliver!! Omg!! When he showed up in book 2 I sooo had to know more!! That this triad happens is was fate!! Gibson and Mandy do a awesome job at keeping Oliver grounded with his gift, Mandy and Oliver do the same for keeping Gibson calm with his. You may wonder what Oliver and Gibson do for Mandy, they give her strength. Being a dominate wolf is one thing, but it takes great strength to be a submissive wolf that the dominants can depend on.
They’ve had to worry about the SAU, Shifter Accommodation Unit, for years and now they have to worry about a inside the compound danger too.
I did not see this danger coming at all!! Ivy and Ryan do a great job of keeping you on your toes!!
Now onto Shadowed!!
Sinclair is the Alpha of the Unseen pack. The Unseen are a group of shifters that managed not to be put into compounds and are hidden in plan sight of the SAU, some going as far as to be working for them. They are trying to find a link from the Virus to the SAU, so they can expose it and the the captured shifters released.
As the Alpha he has been leading the charge against the SAU, using means necessary, even using Mira Reese, the human that finds him attractive.
Yes, Mira from finds Sinclair attractive, but she knows he’s using her for her clearance and skill; that doesn’t stop her from trying to help.
Sinclair, mmmmm, when he showed up my heart skipped a beat. He knows that what he has asked of Mira is dangerous, it’s for the good old his people, but he’s been meeting her more than he should and now that she’s missing he’s going crazy!! If Mira was a shifter, she’d be a alpha female cause lord knows she’s the only one that Sinclair let’s call him on his shit and can get away with half the stuff she pulls. These guys back and forth is so funny and they work together so well. When they finally take down the SAU, and the persons that created it, it makes me so happy that the bad guys got what’s coming to them, yet sad that the series has come to a end.
Or is it?!?!
You gotta check it out, but definitely pick up books one and two first you won’t regret it.

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About Carrie Ann Ryan

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan never thought she’d be a writer. Not really. No, she loved math and science and even went on to graduate school in chemistry. Yes, she read as a kid and devoured teen fiction and Harry Potter, but it wasn’t until someone handed her a romance book in her late teens that she realized that there was something out there just for her. When another author suggested she use the voices in her head for good and not evil, The Redwood Pack and all her other stories were born.

Carrie Ann is a bestselling author of over twenty novels and novellas and has so much more on her mind (and on her spreadsheets *grins*) that she isn’t planning on giving up her dream anytime soon.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Newsletter | Instagram | Tumblr | Pinterest

About Alexandra Ivy

Alexandra Ivy graduated from Truman University with a degree in theatre before deciding she preferred to bring her characters to life on paper rather than stage. She started her career writing traditional regencies before moving into the world of paranormal with her USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and New York Times bestselling series The Guardians of Eternity. Now she writes a wide variety of genres that include paranormal, erotica, and romantic suspense.

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#Review – Conquering (Vipers Creed MC #2) by Ryan Michele



*This book can be read as a STANDALONE*

Wes ‘Stiff’ Collins lived life on the wild side. He worked from the moment he knew what the word meant, always making the best of every situation. There was nothing about his past he would change.

Without a real family except his brother Xander, Stiff joined the Vipers Creed Motorcycle Club, and they taught him what it was to have people he could depend on. When his past crashed into his present, he vowed to protect the club that had always been his steady, even if it meant turning his back on the woman who had given him life.

Chelsea Miller’s life was simple: work, take care of her family, and save for the future. Everything was about having a goal and a plan. However, when her sister ended up battered and bruised on a diner floor, everything she thought was in her past suddenly threatened her future. In a moment, she had a new goal, everything else be damned. She would protect her family … at all costs.

Stiff and Chelsea’s worlds collide in an explosion of determination, strength, and lust. Will they give in to temptation, or will conquering each other be too steep a price? Two people not afraid to put in the work will either overcome everything in their paths or finally crumble under life’s troubles they can’t escape, all in the name of family.

*Due to subject matter, mature audiences 18+ only*



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Amazon US

Melinda's Review

I received a copy of the book from the author for an honest review.

Stiff and Chelsea were amazing not only their stories but them as individuals and even the side characters. I loved Chelsea’s grandma and I am so intrigued by Xander. Stiff and Chelsea are so much alike and perfect for one another. They both had to step up and take care of their families. They did what they had to never had anyone to depend on but themselves and learned at a young age not to trust many.

Stiff had to take care of his brother and Chelsea took care of her family both knew how to work hard and protect what was theirs. Stiff had to deal with his mom doing wrong by him and Chelsea dealt with her dad at a young age when he did wrong by her.

Chelsea was a waitress where Stiff and the MC would eat once in a while when one day her and Stiffs worlds collided and landed in the dinner causing Stiff to put Chelsea and her family under his protection. It took Chelsea a bit to accept this because she is use to being the provider and protector not relying on anyone for anything. However Stiff was not backing down and was determined to protect her.

The Chemistry between these two was off the charts. Chelsea was strong willed, hard headed and stubborn she didn’t want to give up the control to let other fight her battles. However Stiff was just as stubborn and determined to fight this and protect Chelsea and her family. I loved these two together. I could totally see Chelsea taking on the world with a baseball bat. Where does she get this from her Mom and Grams I’m sure. God I loved her Grams and no one better mess with her and her “stories”. I have a soft spot for military men and Xander grabbed my attention from the beginning so enjoyed the surprise bonus novella on him.

about the author

Ryan Michele

Ryan Michele found her passion in bringing fictional characters to life. She loves being in an imaginative world where anything is possible, and she has a knack for special twists readers don’t see coming.

She writes MC, Contemporary, Erotic, Paranormal, New Adult, Inspirational, and other romance-based genres. Whether it’s bikers, wolf-shifters, mafia, etc., Ryan spends her time making sure her heroes are strong and her heroines match them at every turn.

When she isn’t writing, Ryan is a mom and wife living in rural Illinois and reading by her pond in the warm sun.


#ExcerptReveal – Reaper’s Fire by Joanna Wylde

reaper's fire excerpt reveal


New York Times bestselling author Joanna Wylde returns to the “wild and raw”* world of the Reapers MC with the story of Gage and Tinker…

The club comes first.

I’ve lived by those words my whole life—assumed I’d die by them, too, and I never had a problem with that. My Reaper brothers took my back and I took theirs and it was enough. Then I met her. Tinker Garrett. She’s beautiful, she’s loyal, and she works so damned hard it scares me sometimes . . . She deserves a good man—one better than me. I can’t take her yet because the club still needs me. There’s another woman, another job, another fight just ahead.

Now she’ll learn I’ve been lying to her all along. None of it’s real. Not my name, not my job, not even the clothes I wear. She thinks I’m nice. She pretends we’re just friends, that I’ve still got a soul . . . Mine’s been dead for years. Now I’m on fire for this woman, and a man can only burn for so long before he destroys everything around him.

I’m coming for you, Tinker.




It was almost seven that evening when I felt the AC kick back on. I’d been lying on my back on the (relatively) cool tile floor behind the counter, staring up at the pressed-tin ceiling and trying to remember why I hadn’t already moved back to Seattle.

In Seattle it rained.

Cool breezes blew off the bay and the lush greenery covered everything with its shaded canopy. People didn’t really need air-conditioning, but if they happened to have it and it broke, there were lots of repair men available.

Of course, Seattle also had Brandon. Not only that, my dad didn’t want to move, and I’d come to realize I couldn’t leave him here alone. It wasn’t safe for him, not since Mom died.


At least the AC was working again, blowing down from the ceiling vent across my sweaty body, reminding me that while the world might not be crawling with perfect men, at least there were still a few useful ones running around. Cooper Romero was a keeper, and it had nothing to do with how sexy he was . . . although the fact that he was sex on a stick—make that sex with a stick—didn’t exactly diminish his appeal.

When I’d dragged him up to the black tar roof to show him the ancient AC, I’d expected him to make a run for it. Any sensible man would. Instead, he’d spent the whole afternoon busting his ass to save my chocolates—Oh God, I wish that were code for something more exciting—officially qualifying him as a superhero in my book.

As for me, there wasn’t much I could do once I got all the sweets safely downstairs into the basement. There weren’t any customers walking in off the street, and seeing as I couldn’t make or ship candy in a 102-degree shop, I’d alternated between attempting to read a book, looking over orders I couldn’t fulfill on my laptop, and bringing Cooper glasses of iced tea. I’d been nervous around him at first, but you can only stay nervous for so long when you’re sweating like a pig—there’s a certain freedom in knowing you look like hell and there’s no saving your hair. I’d thrown my arm across my eyes in a pathetic attempt to block out reality toward the end.

When cold air started flowing into the room, I could’ve cried with relief. He’d never had a chance to fill out the application form, and I’d long since decided it didn’t matter. Unless he was an ax murderer, I’d give him the apartment and the job.

Might give it to him even if he was, to be honest.

“It’s working again,” Cooper announced, and I jerked, startled. Shit, had I fallen asleep? Opening my eyes, I looked up to find him standing over me. Dear God in heaven—that was one hell of a bare chest.

Holy. Shit.

I’d taken note of his build when he first walked in the shop, but everything under his shirt had been theoretical. Now there was six-foot-plus of raw sex appeal right there, all sweaty and sculpted and . . . well, let’s just say I’d be stopping off on the way home to pick up some fresh batteries.

That’s when the situation hit me—Cooper Romero was the hottest man I’d met in forever, and he’d just found me lying on the floor in my own sweat and filth like a dog. Typical luck. I scrambled to my feet, pretending I wasn’t totally embarrassed (I was) and not in the least bit freaked out by how unspeakably attractive this guy was. Okay, “attractive” wasn’t quite the right word, because it implied a certain level of polish and class that just didn’t fit Cooper at all.

Brandon was attractive.


I’d lick him all over and massage his butt if he asked. He stared down at me, his eyes carefully blank, making it very clear he wasn’t asking. Story of my fucking life. Sitting up, I pushed myself to my feet without bothering to dust off. Lost cause at this point.

“Not sure how much life the AC has left,” he said slowly. “I managed to get it going, but fixing it right would cost more than it’s worth and then some.”

Of course it would.

“I just need to get through the summer,” I told him, wiping a finger under my eye. My perfectly applied, vintage-style makeup had melted, leaving me with a clown face. Fortunately I’d (mostly) given up on caring three hours ago, right around the time I’d discovered the floor tiles were cooler than the rest of the room. “After that, I’ll worry about the furnace and by next summer I might not even be here anymore.”

“Really?” he asked, cocking a brow. “You selling out?”

“Not sure,” I told him. “I’m not thinking that far ahead right now. Things are very iffy with my dad . . . I think he’s got some—”

No. I couldn’t say it. Saying it out loud made it too real, plus the last thing I needed were a bunch of rumors flying around town. So far we’d kept dad’s situation mostly to family and friends.


Shaking myself, I smiled at him. “Thank you so much for fixing that. I’m not even sure what I would’ve done—I can’t afford to miss a week’s worth of orders. Not only would it put me behind, it would burn my customers.”

He nodded, studying me thoughtfully. God, he really was beautiful . . . Nothing like Brandon’s polished sophistication. No, Cooper gave off more of a warrior-tossing-you-over-his-fearless-steed kind of vibe. Yeah, like that would end well, because my track record with men was so fucking perfect, right?

Pull your head out of the gutter. He probably has a girlfriend.

At least I could finally lock up this hellhole of a shop and get a shower.

“Thank you so much—you have no idea how much I appreciate it.”

“No, but the whole throwing yourself at my feet thing was a subtle hint,” he said, and I realized he was teasing me. Was he flirting? I couldn’t decide if that kicked ass or scared the shit out of me.

“Anyway, it’s getting late,” I told him, feeling suddenly awkward. “I’m going to grab some dinner down the street, and then I could take you over and show you the apartment.”

A small, knowing smile crossed his face, and I realized he thought I was hitting on him.

“No,” I said quickly, mortified. “I wasn’t asking you out. Omigod, this is weird.”

“What, you aren’t turned on by a man who smells like old socks?” he asked lightly, raising his arm and giving a sniff. He was joking, but the sweat wasn’t a turnoff. Nope. Not even a little bit. “If that’s not enough for you, the roof tar on my ass should be a big attraction.”

Closing my eyes, I bit back a groan. He started laughing. Not in a cruel way, but companionably, which I guess made sense because both of us were disgusting as hell. Of course, now I wanted to check out his ass, but I managed to keep my eyes on target (mostly) when I answered him.

“Well, it’s sexy but I’ll manage to control myself somehow. I do want to grab dinner, though, and we need to figure out the apartment details.”

“I’ll take the place, doesn’t matter what it is,” he replied. “I’m in a hotel and it’s getting old. I’d love to move in on Sunday, but I can’t go look at it right now—gotta get my ass cleaned up. Meeting up with someone later.”

Of course he was, because men who looked like Cooper didn’t spend Friday nights alone.

“Sounds great,” I told him, refusing to show any disappointment. “Just text me when you’re ready, and I’ll get you the key.”

He opened his mouth to say something, but a sudden pounding against the locked shop door caught us both off guard. I spun around to find Talia Jackson glaring at me through the glass. Talia and three of her skankier friends, including Sadie Baxter, a girl I used to babysit when I was in college.

A girl who was now twenty.


“Cooper!” Talia shouted. “What the fuck are you doing?”

I glanced at my new handyman, startled. Talia Jackson and her brother, Marsh, were two of the nastiest people I’d ever met. Marsh was president of the local motorcycle gang, a group called the Nighthawk Raiders motorcycle club. The club had been around most of my life, but it was only in recent years that they’d turned really bad. I mean, they were never the kinder, gentler sort of bikers, but I’d never been actively afraid when I’d heard a motorcycle, either.

Now? Let’s just say we’d all gotten a little edgy.

“That’s my girl,” Cooper said, and something deep down inside of me died a little. Of course he’d go for someone like Talia. She might have the heart of a deranged circus clown—you know, the kind that survives by eating the souls of innocent children—but she was hot.

Really hot.

Not only that, she was slutty, and while I wasn’t into the whole slut-shaming thing (like I had room to judge after the bachelorette party debacle . . . ugh), I wasn’t naive enough to think he was attracted to her personality. Cooper Romero might have a sweet smile, and he’d fixed my AC, but now I had proof positive that he’d never be into a girl like me.

Specifically, a grown-up with curves.

All righty, then. Probably for the best anyway.

“Just a sec!” I called to her, determined to take the high road, then I grabbed my keys so I could open the door. She pushed inside with her posse, and I do mean pushed. Little bitch shoved me so hard I nearly knocked over the display of antique Russian teacups my mother had lovingly collected. (So far as I knew, she’d never sold a single one of them, but it’d made her happy.)

“Careful,” I warned, and Talia turned on me.

“What did you just say to me?”

“Babe, let’s talk,” Cooper said, catching her arm and pulling her into his body. She squealed, going from aggressive to flirty in an instant.

“You’re all sweaty. It’s sooo disgusting.”

I noted she wasn’t trying to get away. Cooper smiled down at her, a hint of something feral in his eyes. Yeah, okay—whatever smile he’d been giving me, it hadn’t held any of that kind of intensity.

Yours truly was officially chopped liver.

“I was just about to head out and grab a shower,” he told her. “Wanna come with me?”

She pouted. “I can’t. The girls and I need to get fixed up. I’ll see you at the bar, though, right?”

He looked down at her, offering a sexy, indulgent smile. “Can’t wait.”

“Perfect,” she said, reaching around to grab his ass for a quick squeeze. Then she turned and strutted back out without a word to me, her gaggle of girls following like well-trained geese. Sadie gave a little finger wave on the way. The door closed behind them with a cheerful little jingle, and I wondered why the hell I even bothered with Hallies Falls.

I missed Seattle.

So what if it had Brandon? I could drown him in Lake Washington. Problem solved.

“Sorry about that—Talia is a little high-strung,” Cooper said.

“Oh, I know all about her,” I replied, hoping I didn’t sound as catty as I felt. Cooper didn’t seem to notice.

“I’m new to town, but she’s been showing me around,” Cooper continued, stepping over to stand in front of me, hands shoved deep in his front pockets. “I should get going.”

“Of course—don’t let me keep you. What time do you think you’ll be in touch tomorrow?”

“Afternoon work?”

“No problem. Looking forward to hearing from you.”

He nodded and pushed through the door, walking down the street without a second look back. I locked up behind him, wondering why all the hottest guys were douchebags. Not that Cooper had acted like a douche, but he had to be my age or older—late thirties—and Talia was the same age as Sadie. She was also a raging bitch. There was only one reason a man like him would date a girl like that, and it had nothing to do with personality or character.

Cooper Romero might be beautiful, but obviously he was shallow. Suppose it was too much to hope for a man who could fix an air conditioner and have a soul at the same time.


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Reaper’s Fire releases on August 9th!

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about the author

Joanna Wylde is a New York Times bestselling author and creator of the Reapers Motorcycle Club series. She currently lives in Idaho.


Stalk Her: Website | Facebook | Twitter |  Goodreads

#Review #BDSM – The Corridor by Nicole Hart

The Corridor


Not everything is black and white, cut and dry. I know this is wrong. I know this goes against everything I stand for. I took an oath, a vow of secrecy. But I crave a world I’ve only read about, dreamt about, and yearned for.
So when I’m given the opportunity to explore my darkest desires, I’m torn between a physical need and a professional oath. But once I have a taste of Cain Hamilton, all of my sound judgement is gone. The consequences didn’t matter. I just wanted him. All of him, nothing else mattered.



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angies review


I received the book from the author for an honest opinion.

This story is a super quick read.  It is about Sierra who has been wanting ot go to the BDSM club owed b Cain.  She finally gives in and strolls into the club.  When she meets Cain she throws allllllll caution to the wind and tells him she wants to go to the cub.  Cain likes what he sees but isn’t sure Sierra is right for the club.

The couple have a few encounters and form an insta-love type of bond.  Cain is super alpha over this woman and is totally confused with this new feeling.  Sierra is confused by her desire and wants to fulfill Cain’s needs But gets bent outta shape by his hot and cold attitude.

The couple are dealing with all of these feelings when a rival male makes a play for Sierra all bets are off for Cain!!

The book is a REALLY quick read and I liked it.  I will look for more books from the author in the future.

about the author

Nicole Hart lives in Boyd, Texas with her husband and two kids. She’s a hopeless romantic who believes in Happily Ever After.

#ReleaseDay – Collateral Damage by AM Myers

Collateral Damage (Hidden Scars #2)


Ten seconds can change everything.

I fell in love with him twelve years ago when I was little more than a child. In the blink of an eye, he went from my best friend’s big brother to Tucker – the boy who made my heart beat faster with just a look. But he never saw me as anything more than family and I was forced to let him go.

Years later, all it took was one kiss, ten seconds of his lips pressed against mine, to knock my world off its axis and resurrect every old feeling I had buried so long ago. Now, there’s only one thing that I want and his name is Tucker Harrington.

Something is holding him back. There’s a darkness inside him that sometimes clouds his eyes and erases every piece of the fun, mischievous boy I fell in love with. His secrets haunt him and if he’s not willing to fight, how will we ever survive?



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about the author

A.M. Myers currently lives in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina with her husband and their two children. She has been writing since the moment she learned how to and even had a poem published in the sixth grade but the idea of writing an entire book always seemed like a daunting task until this story got stuck in her head and just wouldn’t leave her alone. And now, she can’t imagine ever stopping. A.M. writes gripping romantic suspense novels that will have you on the edge of your seat until the end.
When she’s not writing, you can find her hanging out with her kids or pursuing other artistic ventures, such as photography or painting.

#ReleaseDay #Review Lured By My Master (The Doms of Genesis 6) by Jenna Jacob

Lured by My Master RB Banner



How far would you go for love? Would you strip away your defenses? Confront your fears? Unlock your darkest secrets? Risk your heart without any promise of tomorrow?

I, Cindy Noland, ER Nurse have fallen crazy-in-love with sinfully sexy Dr. Samuel Brooks, only to discover he’s been hiding a kinky alter ego: Master Sam. Confronting him tossed me into a mysterious new world that incited my every fear, made my heart race, and left me questioning everything I knew about myself. Now I have only two options: gather the pieces of my heart and walk away, or lay my soul bare to venture into the sensual unknown with a man whose heart might never be mine?

Just how far would I go for love?

kristis review

I received a copy of this book for a honest review

Cindy Noland is a charge nurse of the ER and has a backbone of steel. She also has been dating hunky Dr. Sam Brooks, for three months. Little does she know that the hunky doc has a secret. When she starts to think that he’s cheating she does what any woman would do, try to kick him to the curb.
Now Sam has to share his secret and Cindy is in NO way ready for it. Sam isn’t cheating, he is in fact Master Sam and wants to help Cindy to bring out her submissive side.
What happens is a journey through one strong willed woman’s mind, heart, and soul.
First off, the chemistry between these two is panty melting!! Second, to see Cindy struggle so hard with what she thinks is right and what she thinks she wants, is heartbreaking. Finally, to see the breakthrough that she has to the sub inside is utterly breathtaking.
Sam being the Master that he is knows what he wants and he gets it in the end, but it isn’t a easy road by any means. There’s crazy ex’s, heartbreak, and very stubborn people.
While the story between Master Sam and Cindy is hot, for me the story of Cindy finding herself so that she can see the submissive within is THE story and asking her friends for help is when she breaks just reminds us that’s what friends are for, to lean one direction ring the hard times.
They say it that a village to raise a child, well it takes a kinky village to help a sub find herself.


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Interracial couple hugging




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Bestselling Author Jenna Jacob’s erotic romance comes from the heart of submission. With over twenty years’ experience in the dynamics of the BDSM lifestyle, Jenna strives to portray Dominance and submission with a passionate and comprehensive voice. Her stories will make you laugh, cry, and may leave you with a better understanding of the fulfillment found in the BDSM power exchange.

A married mom of four grown children, Jenna and her husband lives in Kansas. Her passions include her family, reading, camping, cooking, music, and riding Harleys. She loves to make people laugh with her outgoing and warped sense of humor. If you’re looking for hot romance with a kinky twist, pick up one of Jenna’s books.




#ReleaseDay #Review – Fool Me Once, A Codie Snow Novel by Jade Jamison

Fool Me Once (Codie Snow #1)


Something’s gotta give…but Codie Snow doesn’t know if it needs to be her non-committal workaholic ex-boyfriend attorney Slade Sheppard or her unsatisfying job as a nursing assistant. Because even though the chemistry with Slade is off-the-charts hot and the job is a necessary evil, she doesn’t know that she wants either.

Enter Pete Olsen, bad ass cop in charge of serving and protecting the town of Dalton, Colorado. Codie goes on a ride-along with Pete and sees the seedy underbelly of her town, witnessing the gamut–from an amusing domestic dispute to a frightening meth lab explosion–and she decides that law enforcement is not for her.

But Pete just might be.

When Codie learns that a supposed suicide Pete investigated on the ride-along is actually a murder, she poses as a religious fanatic in order to gain access to the controlling cult where the dead woman was discovered, hoping to find the truth. But has she instead set herself up to be murdered–and will she uncover the killer before she becomes the next victim?



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angies review

I receive this book from the author for an honest review.

I gotta tell ya this book is a bit different yet kinda the same if you are a Jade fan.  Ok how is it different and how it is the same you ask?  Well it’s the same because she writes these characters that you can identify with.  Codie, the main character, at times is similar to other characters she has written and that I loved!!  How it is different?  The vibe of the book is just different.  Yes Codie is feeling two different men and we have seen Jade write his before but they are BOTH so toxic at times you really don’t know who to root for.  I mean Slade is just UGH at times and then he is so damn tooth ache genuine that you wanna fall in to his arms.  Then we have 1st love Pete who is perfect and then not to perfect and then perfect and then a jackass!!  I mean damn the poor girl.

Codie is dealing with a lot in this novel.  She is really looking at her life after something happens that shakes her to the core of her foundation.  There isn’t a lot of action that we are turning the pages as fast as we can but it is a good slow set up.  We are getting the background we need for the next story, developing the inter characters connections but trust when I say the next one is going to be a doozie!!

When the main story line for book 2 is set in place, we can SEE what is going to happen.  I was loving where Codie was emotionally and with her life.  I am super excited to read more from this story.  I feel like book 1 is a tease for the rest of this series.  I can’t wait to see what happens with the plot PLUS find out which guy is going to be the one for Codie.  But can I say…I freaking loved her roomie/Bestie Matthew.  That man deserves a book….pure comedy he brings to the book along with a giant heart for our girl Codie.

about the author

Jade C. Jamison was born and raised in Colorado and has decided she likes it enough to stay forever. Jade’s day job is teaching Creative Writing, but teaching doesn’t stop her from doing a little writing herself.

Unfortunately, there’s no one genre that quite fits her writing. Her work has been labeled romance, erotica, suspense, and women’s fiction, and the latter is probably the safest and closest description. But you’ll see that her writing doesn’t quite fit any of those genres.

You’ll have to discover Jade’s writing for yourself to decide if you like it.

Sharing Rylee – D. Kelly **GIVEAWAY**



Title: Sharing Rylee

Author: D. Kelly

Genre: Romantic Erotica/Menage

Release Date: July 12, 2016




Do happily ever after’s always have to be so traditional?

Rylee Stafford has asked herself this question since she was eighteen years old. Now, at twenty-eight she still doesn’t have an answer. One thing she knows for sure is even if she can have the unconventional relationship she’s always dreamed of, it would never fly with her family. Her sexual proclivities would never be accepted by them or their social circle.

The truth is Rylee is tired of hiding her feelings. Tired of wanting what she can’t have and so tired of feeling abnormal because she wants a different kind of love.

She’s kept her secret well hidden, especially from Nick, her on again off again love affair. Her secret isn’t their only stumbling block, though—Rylee’s also met someone new. His name is Pete and he sets her heart and soul on fire; he’s sexy, smart, possessive, and he wants her. No matter how much she cares for them she can’t bring herself to tell them the truth. The only way to Rylee’s heart is to have a relationship with both men.

It’s only when Rylee takes her annual vacation does she finally realize her happiness is worth more than what anyone thinks of her. Now the only question is: will Rylee’s alternate lifestyle alienate everyone she loves? Or will she be accepted for the person she’s always been deep down inside?

GOODREADS LINK:  https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26024247-sharing-rylee


US: http://amzn.to/29tcWro

UK: http://amzn.to/29yr5Uy
B&N: http://bit.ly/29A7kyq

Kobo: http://bit.ly/2a2ARzz

iBooks: apple.co/29zC16q
Paperback: http://amzn.to/29FgJFE


Sharing Rylee is not part of a series but it is a companion novel for Chasing Cassidy

Chasing Cassidy

US: http://amzn.to/29mrDvM

UK: http://amzn.to/21v0aPI

CA: http://amzn.to/29pdGOD

AU: http://amzn.to/29sHBsZ

B&N: http://bit.ly/29uOb10

iBooks: http://apple.co/29ms0ql

Kobo: http://bit.ly/29qJiIO


Excerpt #1


“Nick, I think you should go.”

I feel like she punched me in the gut, but I’m going to take Zack’s lead on this one. He never let Cassidy pull too far away, and I’m not going to let Rylee shut me out now.

Silently, I get dressed. She’s still standing by the bathroom with her arms across her chest. She doesn’t want to get close to me because she doesn’t want to admit her feelings for me.

“Rylee,” I say, walking toward her at a slow pace. She eyes me up and down and presses herself as close to the wall as possible. She’s not getting away from me.

I pull her into my arms and crush my lips to hers. My hand weaves into her sexy, just-fucked hair, and I pull her tightly to my lips. I kiss her with all the passion I’ve had building inside of me for years and she feels it. I know she does because she hasn’t stopped whimpering the entire time her tongue has been dueling with mine. When I finally slow the kiss, she whimpers even more, and when I slowly pull away, her fingers go immediately to her lips as if she’s trying to savor the magic we just shared.

“I’ll go for now, Ry, but not for long. I’m going to check in on you every day, but I’ll give you space and stay away. Don’t take too long because I want you now more than ever, Rylee. I always have and I always will.”

I place a soft kiss to her forehead and leave.

Excerpt #2


My phone rings, and when I see Rylee’s face flash on the screen I pause. It’s almost time to confess my sins and hope she confesses hers, too.

“Are you counting down the minutes?” Her answering laugh has me smiling like a fool.

“I’m excited to see you, yes. I know we’re supposed to meet at five, but Nick needs me to stop by his house for about an hour. Do you mind meeting at six instead?”

I pause intentionally, and Ben shakes his head at me and stifles a laugh. “Don’t let him touch you.”

“I’m sorry, what?” She’s flustered and that’s exactly how I want her.

“You heard me, Rylee. If you’re going to make me wait after I flew in to see you, that can’t be helped. But if you let him put his hands on you before I get my chance, I’m not going to be happy.”

“Feeling possessive?” she fires back.

“Of what’s mine, at least temporarily, hell yeah.”

“I’m yours from six on, Pete, I promise.”

“You’re mine from five on. Nick is borrowing an hour of my time. Remember that.”

“I thought you two made up?” She blows out a frustrated sigh and I want to laugh.

“We did, but I told you when we met I don’t do love triangles. I’ve made an exception for you because we’ve got something, Ry, but once you come back from vacation you’re supposed to have an answer for me. I want your pussy aching from my cock being all you think about while you’re away. My cock, Rylee, not his. See you at six, darlin’.”

Excerpt #3


I love how open and vulnerable she is today. The more she talks, the longer she stays; she can ask me if the sky is blue for all I care. “Anytime, anywhere, ask away.”

Her hand traces down the side of my face and I pull it to my mouth and kiss it tenderly.

“How many times have you been in love? I mean really in love, with your whole heart.”

“Only twice.”

A small gasp falls from her lips “Really? So just me and the love triangle girl?”

“Yes, what about you, Ry?”

“Just you and Pete. I’m so confused. I love him. Well, I’m pretty sure I do, but not like I love you, but not much different, either. Does that even make sense? I swear I’m going crazy.”

“You’re not crazy and believe it or not, it does make sense. You’re falling for him but you’ve loved me longer. It’s natural to love us differently and yet the same.”

“Why aren’t you mad? Isn’t this hard for you?”

“It is… but right now I’m being your friend on the outside. On the inside, I’m feeling a little more like a jealous boyfriend.”

“Is it wrong that the thought of you being a jealous boyfriend really turns me on?”

“Nope, not wrong at all. Too bad you’re not the jealous girlfriend type.” Her eyes narrow into slits and she rolls on top of me.

“Who says I’m not? If I would have walked in here and your fuck buddy from last night would have still been here with her tousled hair and smeared makeup—walking around in her underwear—you would have seen jealous girlfriend come out. I would have taken that bitch down.”

“Bitch? Isn’t that a bit harsh? I mean, you don’t even know her.”

Rylee grinds her pelvis against mine and it breathes life back into my dick. “I don’t want to know who is fucking you, Nick. You may not be mine yet, and I may not have a claim on you… for now at least, but I don’t ever want to see you with someone else.”

“Why?” I ask, pulling her close so her lips are practically touching mine.

“Because it would hurt too much,” she confesses softly, and my lips take hers in a slow, sensual kiss.

“I wouldn’t do that to you, Ry. Your happiness is my intent, never your pain.”



I’m a wife, a mom, and a dog lover. I’m also a taxi, problem fixer, extreme multi-tasker, and my kids’ biggest fan in anything they do. I’m married to my high school sweetheart… how cool is that? Margaritas and sarcasm make me happy. Chocolate makes that happiness grow exponentially. People who make me laugh are my favorite kind of people. I believe Karma is a bitch who slaps back hard and mean people suck. I’m California born and raised, and I love the beach but hate the sand. And, of course, I believe Starbucks makes any day better. I’m the author of The Acceptance Series and Chasing Cassidy with more books soon to come.



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