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#WOTR19 #NewRelease #Review – Sands of Time by H. D’Agostino

Kaitlyn Hughes always wanted to run her own bakery. After attending culinary school in Paris, she began working under one of the best chefs in the business and fell in love. Life was perfect, or so she thought.
When her parents ask her to come home for the holidays, she decides to take a much-deserved vacation with support and encouragement of her boss.
Five years away does something to you. It messes with your memory and makes you believe that you don’t miss the things that you do. You don’t realize it until it’s too late.
When Kaitlyn unexpectedly runs into Eli Baker, the one she left behind, all bets are off. Promises are forgotten. What ifs roar to life, and what seemed like a dream soon becomes a nightmare.
Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? How much are you willing to give up for true love?

***Home for the Holidays is included in this book. This is the continuation of Eli and Kaitlyn’s story.***



I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Oh Eli!!  I have waited and waited for your book.  I loved getting to see the man whore FINALLY getting his girl.  Home for the Holidays was just a tease novella for me.

Kait and Eli have been through so much in the novella and now, the when the story picks up in this book, it just gets even harder for their HEA.  So many issues they have to deal with and overcome.

Kait and Eli need to rediscover who they once were and who they are now plus deal with the issues of her leaving and marrying another man.  Eli needs to tell Kait the truth about the man he was when she wasn’t around because those actions cause issue for them in the novel.

Eli makes huge grand gestures to prove to Kait he is the one for her and she is the one for him They both need to see the other for who the are and what they need to do to finally secure their happy life.

The epilogue made my heart happy. We get some loose ends tied up and more of the HEA is told.  It was a really sweet 2nd or even 3rd chance love story between soul mates.


Heather D’Agostino is an avid reader turned Bestselling Author of the Contemporary Romance Series The Broken Series, The Shattered Series, The Second Chances Series, The Cook Brothers Series, and Romantic Suspense series The Witness Series.

She attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Elementary Education with a minor in Mathematics.

She currently lives in Central New York with her husband, two children, two dogs, and three cats. When she’s not writing she can usually be found at the dance studio, soccer field, or one of the many other places that she plays ‘Supermom’.


#WOTR19 #Review #NewRelease #Anthology – Rebels and Renegades: Who Ordered a Medium by Jennifer Laslie

Jennifer Laslie is our attending author.

Rebels and Renegades

Romance is possible, but betrayal is inevitable.


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I received this book from the author for an honest review.

This book is a super funny, short read that will be worth it if you want to giggle for an afternoon.

Josie and her friends are having her bachelorette party when the hot as hell stripper shows up.  Josie has some crazy thoughts about him BUT goes home to her Dad Bod fiancé named Doug .

When Josie’s situation of marital status soon changes, she finds out her house is haunted.  Her friends give her the number of a medium to call.  When he shows up, it’s none other than hottie stripper guy!!

The chemistry between Josie and Hot Stripper Guy…oh wait his name is Sebastian is fun reads  The two of them are trying to figure out who is haunting her house plus get them the hell outta there!!!

This book is a set up for Book 1 of the Unfortunate Spells book, How to Spell Disaster.

Looks like I have more reading to do!!

Jennifer Laslie

Jennifer Laslie is a crazy cat lady who lives in Louisville, KY with her wonderful husband and two children. When she’s not thinking about cheesecake or cats, she can be found in the bookstore in the Young Adult section, coffee in hand.

#NewRelease #review #Debut #NewAuthor- Getting Hot with the Scot (Sometimes in Love #1) by Melonie Johnson

Getting Hot with the Scot (Sometimes in Love, #1)

“Playful, passionate, and positively unputdownable!”—New York Times bestselling author Christina Lauren


Cassie Crow, a pop-culture reporter for a TV talk show, is focused on becoming a “serious” journalist. But when she stumbles into a kilted Highlander with a killer accent, Cassie decides that taking one night off from work and spending it with a sexy Scot couldn’t hurt. . .

Logan Reid has built a career on his charm, hosting a series of off-the-wall hijinks on the Web. But when the Scottish prankster meets the all-American, equal parts intelligent and irresistible Cassie, Logan realizes that one night of fun won’t be enough. Could it be that this career-focused, commitment-phobic couple is finally ready to take a chance at true and lasting love?

“Witty, sexy, and oh-so-fun. . .Melonie Johnson is an addictive new voice in contemporary romance.” —New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julie Ann Walker


I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

I met this author at a book con.  She told me all about her soon to be releases so when I saw them available, I grabbed them.  I had no clue except she was absolutely friendly and kind to chat with.

Imagine my shock and delight when I see this book is about a hottie in a kilt….uhm YES PLEASE!!!

This story is super funny, sweet, and one that I am so happy to have grabbed of Netgalley.  I will say since this is the first book in the series, there was a bit of “world” building getting to know the characters and all that jazz but stick with it because the story is great!!

This story is about Cassie and a couple friends who take a trip.  All Cassie want is to have a wild one-night stand, but her box of condoms is still full……BOOO!!  Cassie soon finds herself sidetracked with a certain kilt wearing hottie named Logan.  Logan is all “full steam ahead” on helping her use as many condoms as possible before her trip is over.  *Snicker*

Cassie is a bit of a serious chick.  She so when Logan asks her to help him with some pranks she kinda flips out.   Relax girl!!  It’s all good!!  LOL

I enjoyed the story so much and can’t wait to read the next book I the series.


A Star Wars junkie and Shakespeare groupie who quotes both Yoda and the Bard with equal aplomb, award-winning author Melonie Johnson—aka #thewritinglush—is a two-time RWA Golden Heart® finalist who loves dark coffee, cheap wine, and expensive beer. And margaritas. And mimosas. And mules. Basically any cocktail that starts with the letter m. She met her future husband in that most romantic of places—the mall—when they were teenagers working in stores across the hall from each other. Today, they live happily ever after in the magical land midway between Chicago and Milwaukee with their two redhead daughters, a dog that’s more like a small horse, and a pair of hermit crabs. After earning her Bachelor of Arts magna cum laude from Loyola University Chicago, Melonie taught high school English and Theatre in the northern Chicago suburbs for several years. Now she writes smart and funny contemporary romance and moonlights as an audiobook narrator under the pseudonym, Evelyn Eibhlin.

Visit her at and find her on Twitter and Instagram at @MelonieJohnson.


#WOTR19 #NewRelease #Review #2ndChanceLove – Minx by Maggie Adams


A romantic comedy about friendships, flirtations, and the elusive “Fantasm!”

Hi! I’m Miranda Blake and this is my story. Well, sort of. It’s more like a twisted fairytale, if you believe in them. Except there’s no beautiful, young princess with perky breasts, perfectly coiffed hair and a sassy attitude. I’m closing in on fifty, thirty pounds overweight according to Weight Watchers, and, after nursing two kids and that bitch, gravity, doing her job, I’m lucky the ladies don’t hit my knees. The gorgeous brown mane of hair is slightly frizzy from my ridiculous attempts to recapture my youth by dyeing the hell out of it. As for sassy attitude, well, it wasn’t so long ago that I was a doormat. And the charming prince who sweeps me off my feet into the life of my dreams? I have a dog called Prince, German Shepherd, who knocks me on my ass if I’m in the way when the doorbell rings. Does that count?


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

OMG this book was hilarious!!!  I seriously LOVE the characters of the story.  Miranda and her crew of best friends were so awesome to read.  But the temptation tug of which brother, Reed or Ritter, was great too!  Miranda’s friends are seriously the best people around.  They lover her 110% and are going to do anything and everything to make sure she gets the HEA with a good guy this time around.

Miranda legit is told by her DB future ex its over.  They are getting ready to leave for a cruise when he drops the bomb, she is being replaced by a younger woman and she is to get outta their family home ASAP.  Miranda rallies her troops and they set to help her find herself and pick herself back up after 20 years of marriage.

What skills does an outta work housewife, stay at home mom have?  Well she has enough to charm a playboy named Ritter into hooking her up with a job at his company.  When she meets his very stuck up brother, Reed, she is confused as to how they can be so different.

As the story unfolds, we begin to see different sides to both men.  Neither is who we thought they were.  Is Ritter the good guy or a DB?  Is Reed really an uptight jackass or just a guy protecting his heart????

I seriously snickered so many times reading this book and loved, loved, loved how it all played out.

Maggie Adams is an Amazon Best Selling contemporary romance author. Her first book in the Tempered Steel Series, Whistlin’ Dixie, debuted in Amazon’s Top 100 for Women’s Fiction, humor, on November, 2014 and then again at #61 in 2016. Since then, she has consistently made the Amazon best seller 5-star list with Leather and Lace, Something’s Gotta Give, Love, Marriage & Mayhem, and Forged in Fire. She is also the recipient of the Dayreader Review’s Best New Series Award for 2015. Her series has launched the tiny town of Grafton, Illinois, into International recognition with sales in Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and the UK.

Maggie’s books can be found on eBook and paperback at these links: – Whistlin’ Dixie, Book One in the Tempered Steel Series– Leather and Lace, book two – Something’s Gotta Give, book three – Getting Lucky, A Tempered Steel Novella – Love, Marriage & Mayhem, book four – Forged in Fire, book five – The Tempered Steel Series, Books 1-3 – website… – book page… -fan club page… – author page… – goodreads – twitter – tumblr– Pinterest… – instagram

#NewRelease #Paranormal #Netgalley – Ignite (Dark Kings #15) by Donna Grant


Ignite (Dark Kings #15)
Professional Reader

Every inch of him was molded as if from granite…and her blood ran like fire… 

For centuries, V has waited to awaken from his doomed sleep and reclaim his destiny. But this Dragon King–one among a legion of legendary warriors sworn to protect the human race from darkness–must first find a way to win back his sword. Wield its power. And try not to fall prey to his own illicit desires.

Claire may possess the beauty and soul of a goddess but V knows better than to mess with a mere mortal. Still, he instinctively knows that Claire is The One who can help him regain the use of his sword and restore his place at Dreagan. But if she learns the truth about who–and what–he really is, her memories of him would be erased forever. How can V love Claire truly, madly, deeply…and protect her from the forces of fire and darkness that could destroy them both?


I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

I grabbed this book off Netgalley because I saw I was about dragons and I love me some dragon paranormal.  Needless to say, I was stunned to see this series was 15 books in!!!  Like how did I miss this series???  Now I will say that because I didn’t know this book was part of a continuing series there were times I felt lost.  If you are a fan of the series you will understand everything obviously but know going  into this book midway through the series like me left confused at times.

Vlad and Claire…love this story.  Claire is not having much luck with online dating.  She refused to give up and will find love.  Vlad on the other hand has been sleeping through time.  When he awakes and they met it was a sweet story of baring your soul to the ones you love.   Poor Claire has to deal with not only loving Vlad but being his queen.

There is a lot of talk about the impending war plus people are trying to start drama with all the kings and their mates….why do people have to be haters???

But honestly I would recommend reading the other books in the series because a much as I enjoyed this book, I would say you MUST read the others to fully understand and appreciate what is happening in this continued saga.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Donna Grant has been praised for her “totally addictive” and “unique and sensual” stories. Her latest acclaimed series, Dark Kings, features a thrilling combination of dragons, Fae, and immortal Highlanders who are dark, dangerous, and irresistible. She lives with her two children and an assortment of animals in Texas.

Visit Donna at



#NewRelease, #Review, #VCWarrior, #WOTR2019AttendingAuthor, Viktor: The Protectors Series Book 13 by Teresa Gabelman

After having his life shattered by the woman who held his heart, Viktor Valentino put work before everything. Many years later, learning the truth behind his lover’s deceit, his anger shifts to the man responsible for not only her betrayal but her gruesome death. Viktor throws himself into finding him to not only appease his rage but to possibly save humanity. 

Lacey Cruz has always wanted to be a writer, but she’s never had the chance to pursue her passion. After being fired from a company she was employed with since graduating high school, she now has plenty of time on her hands. 

Lover of all things paranormal, Lacey sets out to do research in hopes that special something will fall in her lap. Something does in the guise of a powerful vampire warrior. What Lacey doesn’t realize is she may be the heroine in her own real-life novel.

 I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader’s Copy of this book

Omg, so we were introduced to Viktor and his brother Bishop in  our favorite funny man Steve’s book Invisible Warrior.  They were a new type of warrior to us as they are witch hunters.  I was really bad about judging a book by his cover, no pun intended, with Viktor.  He looks like a rough and ready to rumble warrior not a warrior who would enjoy the finer things in life and yet that is exactly where we see him in the opening seen dining at a posh Italian restaurant. It’s also where he meets Lacey for the first time.

Lacey is a awesome addition to the females of the Warriors this girl is loyal, a hard worker, and ain’t afraid to tell it like it is.  When we first meet her she has meeting a fake vampire to interview him for, wait for it because it is soooooo worth it, her paranormal romance novel!!!!  

Viktor and Lacey are great together, watching them find their way is awesome.  Not only has Gabelman given us a new group of baddies with the demons that she introduced in Nicole: the Mates series book 1, in the book she has introduced us to another new type of warrior in The Dark Guardians.  I am crossing everything I got that Charger the Dark Guardian, get his own book because, he gonna be a HOT one!!!!

So, Gabelman has done it once again by giving us a love story with bite!!! LOL, no really we have witches, demons, possessed vamps, new love, fights, and one of our favorite people is in serious trouble.  I was on pins and needles with this one and I can’t wait to see what is next.

I can’t say anything more without spoiling it, however you have to read this book!!  If you are a fan of Gabelman’s you will not be disappointed in Viktor!!!

Teresa Gabelman is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the ‘Protectors Series’. When not writing about sexy alpha vampires and the women who drive them crazy she can be found on a lake with a fishing pole/Kindle, at a MMA event or spending a fun evening with family. 

Being a full-time writer has allowed Teresa to connect more with readers which is what she loves most about writing. If you find the time she would love to hear from you!



The Protectors Series
Damon – Book #1
Jared – Book #2
Duncan – Book #3
Sid – Book #4
Adam – Book #5
Slade – Book #6 
A Warrior Wedding – Book #7
Slade – Book #8
Jax – Book #9 
Blaze – Book #10
The Invisible Warrior – Book #11 

Lee County Wolves Series
Forbidden Hunger – Book #1
Forbidden Seduction – Book #2
Forbidden Desire – Book #3
Forbidden Temptation – Book #4 TBA


The Enforcer

Magic & Mayhem Kindle World
Wicked *itch

Rodeo Romance
Blind Faith 

#WOTR19 #NewRelease #RH #Trilogy #FinalBook – Reclaiming Kendall, White Trash Trilogy Book #3 by Brandy Slaven

Reclaiming Kendall (White Trash Trilogy, #3)



I received this book from the author for an honest review.

I fell in love with Mav, Teagan, Grant and Lucas thanks to my friend Mary introducing me to this hella good world.  Kendall is one tough chick who will NOT be what the expectation is for her….white trash continuing the cycle in the trailer park.  We have seen her fight and scratch her way out and when she meets the Quad it all falls in place for her.  Her men, now husbands, have done everything to ensure their love will endure.

We have seen the 5 grow from high school to college and now we see them all taking the final plunge into marriage.  We know the struggles will not be over so quickly given their unusual “family” dynamic BUT they wont give up any part of the group or sacrifice their love for Kendall.

When the story starts we see the marriage and honeymoon….damn the breakfast scene…holy hot shower after is allllll I gotta say!!!  WOWZER!!  Brandy I will never look at pancakes and maple syrup the same way and neither with the other guys!!!

From the honeymoon we see them living their lives.  We see the daily routines and trying to make time for everyone.  I loved how each couple got private time but they also remained grounded in their family time and dynamic.

We see Kendall begin to struggle with not being enough when things come into play plus we see the family taking on a parental roll that none of them understand more than Kendall.  This book gives us more insight to the new budding “family” plus we also see the changes each person is willing to make for the love of their “brother husbands” and new wife.

I seriously am so sad to see them go but loved the surprises we got at the end with some spin offs and novellas coming our way!!!  Whoop Whoop!!

Brandy Slaven lives in Tennessee with her husband and two wild children. If you can’t find her creating worlds with her words, you will find her with her nose in a book at the beach or hiking at a state parks.

Find her online at

#NewRelease #Giveaway – Until Valerie, Aurora Rose Reynolds’ Happily Ever Alpha World by Jessica Marin

Title: Until Valerie
Series: Aurora Rose Reynolds’ Happily Ever Alpha World
Author: Jessica Marin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 16, 2019 Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs Publisher: Boom Factory Publishing, LLC
Opposites don’t just attract… sometimes they BOOM!
Valerie Dawson
All I’ve ever wanted is to make my father proud. All he ever wanted was sons. I’ve never felt like I was enough… then everything changes when I’m assigned to audit the Broken Eagle’s Motorcycle Shop and I meet Rowan Pryor for the first time. The minute his eyes lock on mine, I know this gorgeous man is trouble. He’s looking at me as if I’m his everything, his eyes telling me he’s thinking of a thousand ways to get me dirty. And I like it.
But I have plans for myself and none of them include some hot, motorcycle guy in a small town.
Rowan Pryor
I traded a broken past for a brotherhood I could count on. War changes people, bonds them together, so when our time in the Navy is served, I join my fellow SEALS in Nashville to help start up a motorcycle repair shop. A big city guy like me is enjoying a distraction free, small town life. But then Valerie Dawson walks into the shop, wearing those nerdy glasses like it’s her mission to steal my breath away and I know I’m in dangerous territory. She makes me feel things I never thought I could feel and I am determined to make her mine.
I didn’t believe in love at first sight… Until Valerie.

Until Valerie by Jessica Marin

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

This was the very first book I have read by this author, but it so will not be the last one!!  I have not read any books by Aurora Rose Reynold’s so I don’t know what characters are from her world, but it makes me want to crack a book open to see 😊

Rowan, Sweet Baby Jesus yes please!!  Can I have a slice of this???  Valerie was just perfect person to connect with him for sure.

Rowan was over the bar scene when this sexy, quiet auditor named Valerie rolls into the shop he does the books for.  The instant chemistry was amazing to read.  Rowan knew what he wanted, and Valerie was helpless to stop the buzz or the BOOM from happening.

The story wasn’t lacking in any capacity.  We had major heat, conflict, and a great backstory for each character wrapped up nice and tight.

I look forward to reading more from this cast of characters in the future.

Jessica Marin began her love affair with books at a young age from the encouragement of her Grandma Shirley. She has always dreamed of being an author and finally made her dreams of writing happily ever after stories a reality. She currently resides in Tennessee with her husband, children and fur babies. When she is not hanging out with her family, she loves watching a good movie, going dancing with the ladies, sniffing essential oils and daydreaming of warm beaches, winning the lotto and world peace.

#WOTR19 #NewRelease #Paranormal #Shifters #Dragons – Windy City Dragon (The Treasure of Paragon #2) by Genevieve Jack

Windy City Dragon (The Treasure of Paragon, #2)

Chicago: the Windy City, where something dark lurks just below the surface

For decades he’s fought to be human…

It’s been a long time since Tobias spread his wings. The exiled dragon prince has worked hard to blend into the human world and practice his love for healing as a pediatric cardiologist. But when magic proves the only way to save a beloved child, he’s tempted to reengage with his past.

She awakens the monster within…

As a vampire-human hybrid, Sabrina is used to being different from the rest of her community. But all vampires need to feed. The night she chooses Tobias as her next meal, everything changes. He’s far more than he seems, and if she doesn’t protect his secret, it could cost him his life.

It takes a monster to know a monster…

One kiss thrusts Tobias into the dark underground world of Chicago’s vampires, where his dragon nature is his only hope of protecting Sabrina. But Sabrina knows the only way to keep him safe is to push him away.

For decades he’s fought to be human…

It’s been a long time since Tobias spread his wings. The exiled dragon prince has worked hard to blend into the human world and practice his love for healing as a pediatric cardiologist. But when magic proves the only way to save a beloved child, he’s tempted to reengage with his past.

She awakens the monster within…

As a vampire-human hybrid, Sabrina is used to being different from the rest of her community. But all vampires need to feed. The night she chooses Tobias as her next meal, everything changes. He’s far more than he seems, and if she doesn’t protect his secret, it could cost him his life.

It takes a monster to know a monster…

One kiss thrusts Tobias into the dark underground world of Chicago’s vampires, where his dragon nature is his only hope of protecting Sabrina. But Sabrina knows the only way to keep him safe is to push him away.


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I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Oh baby!!  EEEP!!  Paranormal is so my jam!!  When I grabbed book one, I really liked it and the world that was created.  Holy Moly!!  This book was even BETTER!!

I was loving the fact Gabriel and Raven were still very present in Tobias and Sabrina’s love story.  It was exciting to see Gabriel and Tobias dealing with their past and presents colliding.

Tobias is a typical dragon.  He lives alone and follows the old laws of his land.  He is happy living as a human and ignores his dragons needs and wants.  All of this changes when a certain vampire kisses the heck outta him not knowing he is a dragon but thinking he is a mere human.

Tobias, the rule follower, is afraid of what he feels and what is happening in his very meticulous world when he falls in love when Sabrina.  A love that is absolutely banned in both of their species and worlds.

Sabrina is confused and miserable.  She doesn’t want to become the coven Master, but she was groomed for it and so taking over the “family business” is expected.  However, how cha she keep Tobias safe from all the power hungry vampires she will be ruling when his existence is not to be allowed.

These two have A LOT to deal with like Gabriel and Tobias mother is coming after her children, someone is trying to kill Sabrina to take over the coven plus what the heck is up with Raven???

I loved this story and had the hardest time putting it down to do real life stuff like cooking dinner for my family…gesh just order a pizza already!!  I fell so hard for Tobias.  He is such a hopeless romantic stuck in the body of a moody dragon.  LOL  Sabrina is such a fierce vampire and her bond with him is so strong that even she is stunned by how deep her feelings run.

I loved the last chapter and seeing what is happening.  I am excited to meet the only female dragon sibling in the next book.  She seems like she will be a handful but YIKES at what also was revealed.  The siblings are definitely going to be looking over their shoulder for MULTIPLE enemies!!!

USA Today bestselling author Genevieve Jack writes weird, witty, and wicked-hot paranormal romance and fantasy. Coffee and wine are her biofuel, the love lives of witches, shifters, and vampires her favorite topic of conversation. She harbors a passion for old cemeteries and ghost tours, thanks to her years attending a high school rumored to be adores the beaches of the southeast, where she spends her days with her laptop and one lazy dog.

#Review #RH #SeriesStarter – Virgo Rising: A Reverse Harem Fantasy Novel (The Afflicted Zodiac) by M.J. Marstens

Virgo Rising: A Reverse Harem Fantasy Novel (The Afflicted Zodiac)

An alternative cover edition for this ASIN can be found here.

           Hi, I’m Zahra Delsol. . . the white Zahra Delsol and I want to tell you about my interview from hell.

And a potential vampire.

And the dream sex.

And the never-ending embarrassment.

Oh, and the obscenely, inappropriate office moments.

There are some silver linings. . .  like a free mini-vacay in Tucson (with some demons).

I’m just a girl trying to make it in the world of internet astrology. . . Actually, I am just a girl trying to pay off her student debt and looking to live life to its fullest (which mostly entails reading in my free time and googling researching information).

So, I would love for you to join me in my Trust Tree of Truth, where I am unfailingly honest and you are abidingly nonjudgmental. Do I need to sell this more or did I have you at ‘dream sex’?

Virgo Rising is book one in The Afflicted Zodiac Series.

The eight planetary gods of astrology all suffer from an afflicted moon caused by the very woman who betrayed them. Imprecated to be ruled by their darker natures, they must find a way to break the curse before it is too late.

WARNING: This novel is intended for readers 18+. There is explicit language, sexual scenes with multiple partners, dominant/submissive themes, and threats made by men who think they are gods. . . I hope you enjoy! Also, please note this is BOOK ONE of a series, and there will be some unanswered questions and events at the end of the book. Thank you and enjoy!


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

I am not sure how to rate this book. It was very different from anything I have ever read.  The whole concept of the story was very new and intriguing for sure but…..yeah…..there were times when I felt bored with the story because it was too descriptive and then other times I was snickering because it was super funny with the character banter…….

I was really torn on this rating and decided to split the difference between the 3 or 4 star with a 3.5 rating.

The story is interesting as Zahra is actually a BEEOTCH names Lina who has been reincarnated.  Lina must have messed up during her reincarnation because instead of the fierce horrible person she normally is, Zahra is a sweet, innocent woman totally confused by what the heck is happening to her.

Zahra is “hired” by the some “men” (AKA the Celestial Duality of the Milky Way and if they are not aligned then the apocalypse will happen) to read their astrology charts.  They don’t all believe her innocent act but need her to fix what she has done to the men in a past life to stop the above-mentioned apocalypse from happening.

The relationship between her and the guys is hot and cold as they all wont to either love her or strange her…LOL The bonds between the men are funny too.  Some seem to be willing to forgive and bed the new Lina AKA Zahra while others are holding those grudges a bit to tight.

Again, I will say if you give this book a try give, it a bit to settle into the story.  It took me a bit to settle in and enjoy the ride.

Bestselling author M.J. Marstens mixes romance, suspense, comedy, and sassy characters who can say whatever they are thinking because it is just a story. When she is not creating steamy scenes or laugh-out-loud fiascos, she is refereeing her three children that she homeschools. In her free time, she loves to eat, sleep, and pray that her children do not turn out like the characters she writes about in her books