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#WOTR18 #AuthorSpotlight – Attending Author Sarah Grimm @SarahGrimmAuthr

Sarah Grimm

Tell us your name and then a bit about yourself.

My name is Sarah Grimm and I write contemporary romance. I live in southwest Michigan, along the shores of Lake Michigan with my husband of 25 years, two sons and three pups. I love reading romance. But, I love writing romance even more—bringing two people together, even if it is only in my imagination. I love the stuttered heartbeats when the hero and heroine first meet—that first glance. I love the gut punch of sexual awareness, the sweetness of that first kiss, and the momentary panic over the realization they’ve fallen in love. Most of all, I love the idea how even at the worst of times, at those moments when they least expect it, two people can find love.

When and Why did you start to write?

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I have notebooks filled with poems, story ideas, and partial chapters from as far back as age five. But I didn’t write more than bits and pieces of stories until my youngest son was born. He was healthy at birth, colicky, irritable even, but healthy—until he turned six weeks old and began showing symptoms of croup. I can’t tell you how many times we rushed to the hospital with a child who was turning blue, only to be told by the doctors that they didn’t know what was wrong with him. Most of them thought I was just a young, overreacting mother (I even got the condescending pat on the head from a few), but one believed there was something more going on than croup.
That man saved my child’s life. He found a birthmark in my son’s throat that obstructed eighty percent of his airway. By the time we were done, my baby had endured stomach surgery, throat surgery, and a tracheotomy with all the special care that entails. As you can imagine, all the hospital time left me desperate for a distraction, so I took pen to paper — yup, longhand — and wrote my first romance. Not just bits and pieces of a book, but the entire hero and heroine’s journey from ‘Chapter One’ to ‘The End’.

What authors do you always read or suggest to others?

]HelenKay Dimon, Tess Gerritsen, Kay Hooper, & Amy Lillard

What are you working on now?

A novella titled Sweet Distraction. Here’s the blurb:

He’s supposed to protect her body, not ravish it.

After injury forces him to leave his military career behind, Cole Sweet finds himself adrift, struggling against hellish memories and loss of identity. When his childhood friend, agent to rock goddess Jessie Ford, offers him a job as her bodyguard, Cole is hesitant to accept. What does he know about the glitzy world of rock and roll? He’s a warrior, not a glorified babysitter to some spoiled princess. Except Jessie is nothing like Cole imagined. Her lush curves and vivacious personality captivate him, tempting him in ways he finds impossible to resist.

Jessie Ford is at the top of her career. Her image graces the cover of Overdrive, the world’s biggest rock magazine, and her new single has debuted atop the charts, putting her on track to becoming the most downloaded female artist of the year. She has one clear objective, and nothing will stand in the way of her goal. Especially not an ex-Marine with a chip on his shoulder. Even if he does bring new meaning to the word distraction.

When writing are you a pantser or plotter?


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#WOTR18 #NewRelease #review #FindingTheGreenRoom #RyanAndJess #TheSutterFamily #SurferRomance #FriendsToLovers #PreorderNow #OneClick – Finding the Green Room, The Sutter Family Book 3 by H.D’Agostino

I’ve always known what I was meant to do… surf. I’ve spent practically every day in the water since I was six searching for the green room. This is where I met my best friend, Ryan. We’ve been inseparable for the better part of our lives. He has always ‘just a friend’, and I am ok with that.

As time passed, our friendship evolved into what I thought could be love, only to be tested. A chance to go pro, to find the green room, was right within my grasp. I had a choice to make… Ryan or the future I’d only dreamt about?


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I receive this book from the author for an honest review.

I have been so ready to read this book.  The story of Jess and Ryan has been in the Sutter series since Catching Raindrops, book 1.

Jess and Ryan are soulmates, but Ryan lets jealousy get in the way of his heart.  Jess lets fear and anger push her away from the person she knows will make her happy.

As far as we can remember it was Jess and Ryan.  They were discovering surfing together along with human sexuality *wiggles eyes* Ryan always wants more, and Jess always pulls back.  She knows she loves Ryan and he her, but they are only kids.

When competition gets in the way and the two break up, Ryan turns into a jerk.  He only cares for what makes him happy and for what can hurt Jess.

Jess tried to leave the beach and memories of Ryan but when she comes back to Ems wedding she is forced to deal with her past and Ryan’s new future.

I loved that Em’s wedding was the wake up call Ryan needed to go and chase his dream….Jess.  He knows this is who he needs to be with and will do anything he can to be with her.  We all know how those Sutter men are when they get a plan in their head….unstoppable.

Jess is done with everything, but she makes Ryan work and work hard at gaining her trust and affections again.  She will not be just another one of many for Ryan’s girls.

When the conflict of the story happens and our couple are put into some trouble, we see then pushing toward and away from each other.  WE see Ryan unwavering in his devotion to Jess while Jess falls apart.  Can Jess finally open he eyes and see that Ryan is the man she needs and will Ryan prove to Jess that she is enough for him???

Heather D’Agostino is an avid reader turned Bestselling Author of the Contemporary Romance Series The Broken Series, The Shattered Series, The Second Chances Series, The Cook Brothers Series, and Romantic Suspense series The Witness Series.

She attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Elementary Education with a minor in Mathematics.

She currently lives in Central New York with her husband, two children, two dogs, and three cats. When she’s not writing she can usually be found at the dance studio, soccer field, or one of the many other places that she plays ‘Supermom’.


#WOTR18 #NewRelease #Review #ReverseHarem – Blood Magic (Ariel Kimber #3) by Mary Martel

Blood Magic (Ariel Kimber #3)

Blood Magic is book 3 in the Ariel Kimber Series.

Ariel Kimber isn’t your average seventeen-year-old girl. She’s recently discovered she’s a witch with magic and is looking to find her place in a brand-new world. Her place in this new world is in a coven with seven guys.

After all of the horrible things she’s been forced to endure, Ariel was looking forward to building her new life with the family she’s found herself a part of and focusing on healing with Dash after what Chucky did to the both of them. After the blood that had been spilled, they all struggle to put those memories and the incident behind them. It’s easier said than done, though.

Quinton is plagued with guilt and the rest of them struggle with the fact that they almost lost one of their brothers and Ariel is left with a permanent reminder of the incident.

New bonds are forged, and just as things are starting to settle down again for Ariel and her coven, the Council of Elders makes it’s first appearance in Ariel’s life. And they don’t plan on going anywhere any time soon.



I received this book from the authors for an honest review.

Each book blows me away.  Each book gives me answers but then leaves me with even more questions.  Each book we see Ariel bonding with the 7 guys and each book I am dying seeing all the love and affection to grow.  We find out more secrets about ANNABELL….GROWL….we learn about how she took advantage of our guys.  We also see the damage she caused is still a thing on the present.

This book has so much stuff happening and so many secrets spilling yet leaving us wondering CRAP what is Tyson’s dream all about and bigger CRAP what do the council want with our girl.  Side note: Dude the council are some creepy old mo foes. I wanted to say “Put your dicks away because she will not be taking a ride on that saggy thing.  Have you SEEN her 7 guys??  EXACTLY!!”

So this book takes place right after the show down with crazy in love Chucky.  Dash and Ariel are healing, and Quinton is a mess.  He feels so much guilt because he caused the crazy Chucky issue to happen in the first place.  This book I LOVED getting to know Julian and Damien.  Jules is the pensive yet scares the hell outta me guy.  Damien is the hottie who is so outta your reach but seeing him flustered over Ariel was so sweet.

Seeing Quinton and Tyson with our girl so open with affection toward Ariel is awesome.  Seeing Ariel admit to how she is feeling for her guys was so awesome.  She has come a long way to accepting this life she is choosing with our guys.  But my favorite…sigh….the Twin sandwich….sigh.  I have missed my Salt and Pepper storyline so YEAH to getting to hang with them for a bit in the book.

I could totally sit here and just list everything about this book but you need to read it.  I think this book does a great job moving our girl and her boys developing love along.  It also is setting up finding Ariel’s father and the council is up to noooooo good.  Blood magic is being used and I think this will be a very big big big problem for our family in the future.

Mary Martel was born in West Michigan and spent the majority of her life there. She currently resides in North Dakota with her husband, and her two beautiful daughters. She’s an avid reader, and when not writing she can be found with her nose stuck in a book.



#WOTR18 #AuthorSpotlight – Attending Author Samantha A. Cole @SamanthaCole222

Samantha A. Cole

Tell us your name and then a bit about yourself.

Samantha A. Cole – A retired police officer and paramedic turned romance/suspense author.

When and Why did you start to write?

2011 because I was bored after a fourth knee surgery. Unfortunately, my first attempts at writing were horrible. I decided to give it another try in 2015 and the Trident Security series was born.

What authors do you always read or suggest to others?

Sooo many! Cherise Sinclair, Lexi Blake, Avery Gale, Angel Payne, Kennedy Layne, Nicole Edwards, Susan Stoker, Suzanne Brockmann, Jerrie Alexander, Cristin Harber, Christie Reece, Vince Flynn, Heather Graham, JA Jance, Iris Johannsen, Kay Hooper, (and the list goes on and on).

What is the most surprising thing you have found out with the writing process?

That I can’t take my characters where I want them to go. They lead me.

What are you working on now?

5 projects lol

When writing are you a pantser or plotter?

Pantser all the way.

What are your social links?

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#WOTR18 #AuthorSpotlight – Attending Author Traci Douglass @Traci_Douglass

Traci Douglass

Tell us your name and then a bit about yourself.

Traci Douglass

Traci is a USA Today Bestselling Author of Contemporary and Paranormal Romance. Her stories feature sizzling heroes full of dark humor, quick wits and major attitudes and heroines who are smart, tenacious, and always give as good as they get. She holds an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University and she loves animals, chocolate, coffee, hot British actors, and sarcasm—not necessarily in that order.

When and Why did you start to write?

I wrote my first book in 2011 after I had a dream that just wouldn’t go away until I put it down on paper. That became my first published novel, Seal of Destiny, which released from Crimson Romance in 2013.

What authors do you always read or suggest to others?

I have wide ranging tastes when it comes to books. Some of my favorite go-to authors are Kristan Higgins, Gena Showalter, Sarah MacLean, KJ Charles, Josh Lanyon, Dan Brown, Joe Hill, and Ernest Cline.

What is the most surprising thing you have found out with the writing process?

Just how long everything takes in traditional publishing. No one really tells you that when you go into it. From submission to an actual book in your hands, the world of publishing definitely works on its own time table.

What are you working on now?

]Well, I just recently signed new contracts with both Harlequin/Mills & Book Medical Romance and also Entangled Bliss. So I’m currently working on the proposal for Book Two on my Harlequin contract and writing my first sweet romance for Bliss. My first book with Harlequin is heading to copy edits now and should release in either late 2018 or early 2019. No firm release dates yet for the Entangled Bliss books. I’ll keep you posted on on those. 🙂

When writing are you a pantser or plotter?

A bit of both. I like to start a project with at least my main plot points mapped out, so I know where I’m going. Things like inciting incident, plot points 1 & 2, the black moment, climax, HEA, etc. Then I kind of pants the journey in between, from point to point. That’s where the magic happens. 😉

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Angie’s review of Blood Bound HERE

#WOTR18 #CoverReveal #Giveaway – Stolen Kisses by Elena M. Reyes

Title: Stolen Kisses
Author: Elena M. Reyes
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Erotica
Release Date: April 27, 2018
Cover Artist: Decadent Designs by Dee


Four years of celibacy have turned Hunter Miles into a predator—a dangerous man. He’s horny. Hard. And coming home from college, he never expected to find Bailey Jones so tempting.

It’s an instant infatuation.

She’s the one woman he shouldn’t want—his little sister’s best friend. The last time he saw her she was a knobby-kneed little girl, but what welcomed him home was all woman—her decadent curves and a flirtatious smile tossed at him each time they are within arm’s reach.

She’s tempting.


Offering up her body to a man hanging by a very thin thread.

Fuck the consequences. He wanted her, and she was going to be in his bed by the end of the week.

Elena M. Reyes was born and raised in Miami Florida. She is the epitome of a Floridian and if she could live in her beloved flip-flops, she would.
As a small child, she was always intrigued by all forms of art—whether it was dancing to island rhythms, or painting with any medium she could get her hands on. Her first taste of writing came to her during her fifth-grade year when her class was prompted to participate in the D. A. R. E. Program and write an essay on what they’d learned.

Her passion for reading over the years has amassed her with hours of pleasure. It wasn’t until she stumbled upon fanfiction that her thirst to write overtook her world. She now resides in Central Florida with her husband and son, spending all her down time letting her creativity flow and letting characters grow.


#WOTR18 #COVERREVEAL – Red (A Brett MacLean Duet) by J.M. Walker

Title: Red (A Brett MacLean Duet)
Release date: May 7
Model: Joey Berry
Photographer: Golden Czermak with Furiousfotog
Designer: Just write. Creations

Add to your TBR ➞


It started without trust. Passion. Lust. An all-consuming need; that was all we had in the beginning.

Lies. Betrayal. Deceit. We moved past it all and fell in love anyway.
Over ten years later, with a family of our own, our little world was perfect. Happy.

But then that happiness faded away when she came into our lives.
No control. No power. Just heartbreak and unwanted submission.

We were forced to our knees at the sight of her. The words falling from her lips were like nails digging at our soul because we knew.

We would have to go through hell to get out of this.

And even then, I wasn’t sure if it would be enough.

*All promo ran by The Hype PR & Services

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#WOTR18 #AttendingAuthor – Author Spotlight Savannah Verte

Savannah Verte

Tell us your name and then a bit about yourself.

Savannah Verte – writer, publisher, mother, federal compliance auditor

When and Why did you start to write?

High school required for class, but loved it

What authors do you always read or suggest to others?

Grisham, Clancy, DeMille

What is the most surprising thing you have found out with the writing process?

I can’t do it until I have the outline and arcs complete, I’m too squirrely. Once I have the pieces set, it takes a couple days to purge the book out from my head.

What are you working on now?

so many pieces…The Custos series 4 & 5, a Kindle World piece, another flip-flopped fairy tale, and a spin off from Gravedigger

When writing are you a pantser or plotter?

I tried pantsing…it makes me psychotic. Plotter all the way

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Review by Elaine

Review of Gravedigger HERE

#WOTR2018Attending #PromoTour #Review #NewRelease The Choice(Doms of Her Life:Heavenly Rising Book 1) By Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob, Isabella LaPearl

Heavenly Young doesn’t have time for romance. The innocent nursing student is struggling to care for her ailing father, keep a roof over their head, and start a new career. But fate decides to complicate her world even more by putting two very different men in her path and forcing her to make a choice that will change her life forever.

Dr. Ken Beckman—vascular surgeon by day, super-alpha by night—has three hard-and-fast rules: Never date where he works, never touch vanillas, and never get tangled up with a virgin. But the moment he meets Heavenly, he aches to toss his scruples aside and claim the untouched beauty. She’s not ready for someone like him…but he wants her too much to walk away—even though he’s not the only man caught in her spell.

Seth Cooper, ex-cop turned private eye, isn’t looking for a happily ever after, just a hot-and-sweaty good time. And the minute he claps eyes on Heavenly, he’s all for coaxing the angel into his bed. But soon, she’s so deep under his skin that he’s willing to put his broken past behind him and turn his life upside down for her. But he’s got competition…

When it came to helping friends, Beck and Seth were in sync. But now they’re vying for the same girl, and the games get vicious—until they realize Heavenly is keeping secrets from them both. Will they call a truce and work together again before they both lose her for good?

First let me say, Oh My Good Gravy, I love when these three ladies minds get together!!!
This is the start of the second collection of the Doms of her Life Series. The first is Raine Falling, you don’t have to read the first to understand the second, but there is some intersecting timelines and the characters from the first do make appearances in the second. Speaking as someone who has read the first it’s not one to miss because it’s yummy goodness!!
Now onto Beck, Seth, and Heavenly.
Beck is Dr. Kenneth Beckman vascular surgeon and a sadist who is a Master at Shadows.
Seth Cooper is a New York PI in LA to help out his friends Hammer, Liam, and Raine, he is also a Dom, but isn’t a sadist.
Heavenly Young is a nursing student that volunteers at the hospital that Beck works at.
One look is all it takes for the two men to fall for the innocent Heavenly.
These ladies do a great job of bringing alpha men that make you want to both smack them and swoon at their feet to life.
Beck begins being in her life as a much needed friend and Seth by taking her out on a couple dates, however, when she tells Seth that she also has feelings for Beck the jealous butthead runs home to New York, where he spends weeks being miserable.
Once Beck thinks that Seth is out of the picture he begins to date her , then Seth comes back to town.
Heavenly can’t choose between them so the two men agree to each date her until such time as she can. What happens next is a lot of yelling at your reading device or book as the men in the story can be a**hats!!! Lol!!
Also, Heavenly has some things that she hasn’t told her men and when they finally find out they are not happy with her in the slightest.
There are also some things that Beck hasn’t discussed either that are gonna bite him in the butt when Heavenly does find out.
I was so not happy to see the end of this story and was even more upset to see that I’d have to wait until 2019!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!
Get this book you won’t regret it, better yet get the first collection and this book, you definitely won’t regret it.


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Raine’s big brother shoved a glass of thick red vino in her hand. “So, did you find someone to fuck your brains out?”
She recoiled. If she gave him an equally blunt answer, would he stop this mortifying inquisition?
“Yes. It was easy.” Heavenly punctuated her lie with a bright smile.
River glowered. “Tell me Beck or Seth finally manned up.”
“He’s someone you don’t know.”
One of River’s dark brows shot up. “Where did you meet him?”
“What does that mean? A park? A bar? A grocery store? A swingers’ club?”
“Why does it matter? I found someone and it was lovely.”
He looked skeptical. “Lovely? That’s how you describe meeting a stranger, losing your clothes, and banging him?”
Heavenly bristled. “How would you describe a hookup?”
“Hot, sweaty, messy. Mind-blowing. Spine-melting. Earth-shattering.” River snorted. “Never lovely.”
“Sweaty?” She shuddered. “That sounds unpleasant. It was nice. I…tingled.”
“Tingled?” He scowled. “Did your pussy fall asleep because he couldn’t find your clit? Maybe you should have given him a map.”
She nearly choked on her wine. “I found the experience perfectly satisfying.”
“Sweetheart, you don’t know squat about satisfaction.” Raine’s brother leaned in and peered at her, eye to eye. “Here’s what I think happened: You haven’t so much as flirted with another man. You don’t understand why ‘lovely’ sex is bad because you’ve never had it. In fact, not only did you not have sex with this mysterious ‘stud,’ you haven’t offered the virginity you asked me to take to anyone else.”
“What. The fuck. Did you say?” Beck growled suddenly.
Heavenly glanced over her shoulder. Both Beck and Seth glared from across the kitchen. Oh, no.
“Get out,” Seth snapped at River, hauling ass across the room. “Now. While you can still walk.”
Dread burned her veins. She didn’t have to wonder how much they’d overheard. Obviously, it had been more than enough. Tonight had just gone from mortifying to catastrophic.
River backed away, hands raised. “Hey, just so you know, I turned her down because I like my balls where they are.”
“That’s the only reason you’re getting to keep them,” Beck insisted. “Seth told you to get the fuck out.”
“I’m leaving,” River assured, then glanced her way. “Good luck.”
Once he’d gone, silence descended. She was alone with the two men who had been tempting, confusing, and consuming her for months. They were going to demand answers.
This wouldn’t end well.
Heavenly drew in a shaky breath, startled to find both now inches away, arms crossed over their chests. Aggression rolled off them, filling the tense air. Beck drilled holes through her with narrowed eyes, set off by a scathing slash of his mouth. Seth’s seething stare was no less displeased. Unfortunately, she had nothing to offer the savage beasts except a smile full of trembling bravado.
Because the truth would change everything.

About Authors

Shayla Black

Shayla Black is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than sixty novels. For nearly twenty years, she’s written contemporary, erotic, paranormal, and historical romances via traditional, independent, foreign, and audio publishers. Her books have sold millions of copies and been published in a dozen languages.

Raised an only child, Shayla occupied herself with lots of daydreaming, much to the chagrin of her teachers. In college, she found her love for reading and realized that she could have a career publishing the stories spinning in her imagination. Though she graduated with a degree in Marketing/Advertising and embarked on a stint in corporate America to pay the bills, her heart has always been with her characters. She’s thrilled that she’s been living her dream as a full-time author for the past eight years.

Shayla currently lives in North Texas with her wonderfully supportive husband, her daughter, and two spoiled tabbies. In her “free” time, she enjoys reality TV, reading, and listening to an eclectic blend of music.

Newsletter I Website I Facebook I Instagram I Amazon I Shayla Black Book Beauties

Jenna Jacob

USA Today Bestselling author Jenna Jacob paints a canvas of passion, romance, and humor as her alpha men and the feisty women who love them unravel their souls, heal their scars, and find a happy-ever-after kind of love. Heart-tugging, captivating, and steamy, Jenna’s books will surely leave you breathless and craving more.

A mom of four grown children, Jenna and her alpha-hunk husband live in Kansas. She loves reading, getting away from the city on the back of a Harley, music, camping, and cooking.

Meet her wild and wicked fictional family in Jenna’s sultry series: The Doms of Genesis. Become spellbound by searing triple love connections in her continuing saga: The Doms of Her Life (co-written with the amazing Shayla Black and Isabella LaPearl). Journey with couples struggling to resolve their pasts and heal their scars to discover unbridled love and devotion in her contemporary series: Passionate Hearts. Or laugh along as Jenna lets her zany sense of humor and lack of filter run free in the romantic comedy series: Hotties of Haven.

Newsletter I Website I Facebook I Instagram I Amazon

Isabella LaPearl

Isabella LaPearl is a USA Today bestselling author known for her collaboration with Shayla Black & Jenna Jacob for the Doms of Her Life Series. She enjoys writing sexy, erotic romance. A wife, mother, writer, reader and a love for riding motorcycles.

#WOTR18 #AuthorSpotlight – Attending Author Laura Hawks @AuthorLHawks

Laura Hawks

Tell us your name and then a bit about yourself.

Ms. Hawks has always been interested in writing in some form or other. A few years back, she was involved with and then ran a Star Trek Interactive Writing Group which was successful for a number of years. Yes, she is a trekker and proud of it.

A few years back, she received her Master’s Degree in Ancient Civilizations, Native American History and United States History.

It was at this time she got involved in role playing on FaceBook, which gave her ample opportunities to grow and hone her writing ability.

Today she has several books out, including the Demon Trilogy, a couple of stand alone’s and a non-fiction souvenir book on the Balconies of New Orleans. She recently wrote a Suspense/Thriller which is her second non-paranormal book.

She lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her three companions, all males… cats. She travels as much as she can to various Author/Reader conventions and loves to meet established fans and make new ones, some of which she considers friends more than fans

When and Why did you start to write?

I’ve always been writing in some form or other… first as part of and then running a Star Trek writers group, then as a newspaper journalist, a role playing writers group and finally as a published author. I started writing books because of published friends in my writing group insisted I send work to a publisher. They liked it and the rest is history. I was first published for a novel in 2012.

What authors do you always read or suggest to others?

Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.R. Ward, Graham Masterston and Suzannah Daniels

What is the most surprising thing you have found out with the writing process?

How much you have to market and how much I hate editing.

What are you working on now?

The third in the Spirit Walker’s Saga (Paranormal Romantic Suspense) and the second in Shattered Fairytales (This time working on a corruption of the Little Mermaid). Also getting ready to start a new YA paranormal series.

When writing are you a pantser or plotter?

Mostly a pantser, but I do plot out notes.

What are your social links? 

What are your buy links?

Buy links are available on my website, and on Amazon


Kelly’s review of Shifter’s Pride HERE