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03-01 - AD Ellis


March 1

Twinsie Talk is proud to present the 3rd Annual MM March Madness – a month to focus on the M/M, F/F, M/M/F, M/F/M authors.  We love these books and want to share it with the rest of the world.  Each day we will post an interview.  We will also include any reviews that we have done on these books as well as links to the books.

Our hope is that you will love this genre as much as we do! <3

Today is devoted to AD Ellis

author bio

A.D. Ellis spends the majority of her days loving and wrangling two school-aged children, a husband, and a Yorkie with a stubborn streak a mile wide before heading to the inner city of Indiana to teach a challenging group of alternative education students in grades third through sixth. Most days she hits the gym after school in hopes of running and lifting away the stress and headaches of the day before picking up her children and squeezing a whole day’s worth of loving and living into the too-short hours before bed. It’s no wonder Ms. Ellis lives for the slower, easier days she gets to enjoy on breaks from school.
Growing up in a small farming town in southern Indiana, A.D. is grateful to her mother for passing along the love of reading. With her nose constantly stuck in a book, Ms. Ellis became accustomed to friends and acquaintances snickering and shaking their heads at her love of reading.
A.D. never dreamed of being anything but a teacher, although there are certain times of the year when she laments her career choice. Ms. Ellis had a story idea floating in her head for about a year. After persistent prodding from a friend, A.D. put pen to paper and began writing her first story in October 2013. From that moment on, she was hooked. Taking the people and stories from her head and sharing them with readers is a scary, exhausting, rewarding, and fulfilling experience which A.D. plans to continue until there are no more stories banging around in her mind.
A.D. Ellis’ work can be found on both iBooks and Amazon. Please contact her on Facebook, Twitter, or her website.

Tell us about something about you (not included in your normal author bio) that maybe not everyone knows about you.

I’m terrified of deep, dark water (think ocean or lake where I can’t touch).  I’m addicted to M/M stories right now.
I am totally obsessed with tea and want to drink it all the time and try different types.
I was born on Easter Sunday, but my birthday has NEVER been on Easter again.

There’s been a trend in writing a series. How do you feel about series? Do you write them? Do you think they are easier or harder?

I have two series out, and one more I’m working on right now. But the series I write are not continuation stories, they are stories involving different characters. Each book COULD be read as a standalone.

I don’t like cliffhangers unless all the books are already available, so I don’t write cliffies. My series started getting harder to write because of all the people involved. I made a family tree for my readers but it was just as much for myself so I wouldn’t get people confused!

Where do you do most of your writing?

99% of my writing is done in my bedroom at my little office desk area.

What are you currently reading? Any suggestions for your favorite books (beside your own, of course)?

Based on my obsession with M/M stories, it’s safe to say that I’m reading something sexy with two hot guys.

Do you feel that this genre is growing? And what do you contribute to that growth or decline?

I do feel the M/M genre is growing. I see more and more stories out there each day. I think it’s growing because it’s more and more accepted. Also because readers have realized how much they enjoy the M/M genre, so there’s more demand for stories in this genre.

What is the most surprising thing you have learned about writing?

How much fun it is. How emotional it is. And how much I avoid writing bad/rough/emotional scenes. When I know a rough scene is coming it’s normal for me to balk and avoid it for 1-2 weeks before I finally just suck it up and write it.

What are you working on now?

I’m working on a M/M 3-book series titled Something About Him. There will be three books (standalones). The series will start with Bryan & Jase: The Beginning (this is a short story). Then the books will continue with Bryan & Jase, Nick & Brody, and Barrett & Ivan.

What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night?

If the kids are home, we are usually just hanging out while the kids play, grabbing a bite to eat, maybe getting groceries. Don’t be jealous, we live a wild life.
If the kids aren’t home (this doesn’t happen often, they are only 10 and 8), my husband and I will usually go out to eat and maybe watch a movie. If we have time we may stroll through the mall or Kohls. Again, try to rein in your jealousy. 🙂

Tell us about the highest HIGH and lowest LOW in your career so far. How has it changed you?

Highest? My book, Loving Josie, won a bronze medal in the romance category in the Readers’ Favorite 2015 International Book  Awards.
Lowest? I don’t know that I have lowest. I mean, bad reviews here and there stink. And not being able to find that perfect promo secret makes it hard, but I really don’t feel like I’ve had a LOW in my career. It’s all been a great learning experience and tons of fun to meet and interact with readers and other authors.

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Sawyer Review

 angies review

I received this book from the author for an honest opinion.

I am a fan of MM…not gonna deny it, so when I see this sign up for the book I jumped. I also wanted to read something from this author because a lot of my friends read and enjoy her stuff.

This book is a spin off from another Torey Hope Series. I haven’t read any of it or the book before (Decker) that is Sawyers brother. I didn’t feel like I missed anything but I do I believe I might have gotten more enjoyment out of reading Decker’s book too. But again, you don’t need to read it to understand the story and plot.

This book is a wonderful look at the struggles that Gay and Lesbian teens/young adults face when dealing with telling everyone they are out. It lets you in on the hurt they feel when their loves ones banish them or say hurtful words when they finally do admit their true feelings.

Sawyer has known he was gay but only let his best friend Katie in on it when he was a teen. We see him come to terms with it and flashback to when he told his closest family and friends. We see him struggle with his identity in college. Now he is an adult and is looking…looking…looking. He can’t seem to find THE ONE.
When Sawyer and Luke meet all bets are off. Luke will not allow himself to feel what he feels and Sawyer will not let him ignore the feelings. The men have a lot to overcome between Sawyer’s family who doesn’t support him and Luke’s traumatic past. I liked the story but at times felt it was a little bit jumpy from scene to scene. I did like the resolution at the end and hearing about Luke’s life was sooo sad. I would love to go back and read Decker plus I really hope that Adam might get a book. He is sooo funny!


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A big THANK YOU to all of the authors participating in our month long celebration!!  We appreciate all that you do!!!  MUAH!!

Much Love from the Twinsies!!!  Angie, Brenda, Deb, Kelly, Kristi, Jen, Jo, and Melinda!!!



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  1. This is my first March Madness (with books anyway!) I’m really looking forward to learning about new to me authors. AD Ellis is new to me, I’ll be checking out her books!

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