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03-07 - Ann Lister


March 7

Twinsie Talk is proud to present the 3rd Annual MM March Madness – a month to focus on the M/M, F/F, M/M/F, M/F/M authors. We love these books and want to share it with the rest of the world. Each day we will post an interview. We will also include any reviews that we have done on these books as well as links to the books.

Our hope is that you will love this genre as much as we do! <3

Today is devoted to Ann Lister

author bio

Ann Lister writes erotic love stories using beautifully drawn characters; flawed and emotionally damaged, and at the height of their careers, each in search of the one thing that still eludes them: love.

The Rock Gods series gave her Bestselling Author status on Amazon. Each book in this series brings her two favorite elements together: musicians and the love between two men. These stories focus on what it truly means to love; love unconditionally, love without restrictions or labels, love without fear or judgment – to just simply love.

Tell us about something about you (not included in your normal author bio) that maybe not everyone knows about you.

I absolutely HATE potato of any kind. I’d rather eat dirt. I don’t even like the smell of potatoes cooking. They are horrible and nasty and you couldn’t even pay me to gag a bite down.

I am also a chocolate whore and would eat anything covered in chocolate – except for potato. Not happening, ever, with the potato.

There’s been a trend in writing a series. How do you feel about series? Do you write them? Do you think they are easier or harder?

I am finishing up Book 7 in the Rock Gods series. The way I have written my series is to include all the characters in each book which creates a lot of work to keep the reader updated on so many different people. But, I feel the reader gets a fuller view of the characters and their lives when the series is written that way.

Where do you do most of your writing?

I have an office that my husband built by converting our sun room over to a year-round room for me. I have two walls of windows so the room is naturally bright and the view looks out over our side yard. I have two bird feeders up against one of the glass doors and I can watch the birds while I work, which I find relaxing. I also see deer from time to time, and various other types of wildlife right from my office window.

What are you currently reading? Any suggestions for your favorite books (beside your own, of course)?

Well, I just finished reading Harley’s Achilles by Sandrine Gasq-Dion and I loved it! Best book in her rock series!
I’m about to start Perfect Fit by Aimee Nicole Walker and I can’t wait!

Do you feel that this genre is growing? And what do you contribute to that growth or decline?

I do feel the M/M genre is growing with the number of new fans growing as fast as the number of new M/M authors releasing in the genre. It is an exciting time to be part of it.

What is the most surprising thing you have learned about writing?

What surprises me is that people actually read what I write. I have always written stories to entertain myself so when others enjoy them, too, that still shocks the hell out of me.

What are you working on now?

I am in the editing process of Book 7 in The Rock Gods series which will release in February sometime. This is the end of that series but this story will also launch a spin-off series titled: Guarding The Gods. This new series will have stories about the men who work in the background for the Rock Gods. This will include a story for Fizzbo, Spumoni, and several new characters which are introduced in Book 7. I’m really excited to get going on that series. I should also let everyone who have enjoyed The Rock Gods to look forward to many cameo appearances in the new series by The Rock Gods!

What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday night?

Maybe socialize a bit and then come home and read.

Tell us about the highest HIGH and lowest LOW in your career so far. How has it changed you?

Well, of course the highest of highs would be when I hit #1 in Gay Romance for the first time – and every time since then has been an equal high for me.
The lowest of lows? I don’t like to talk about that, but it was indeed an eye opening experience for me. It changed me because it forced me to put on my big girl panties and make some difficult decisions. By doing that it put a positive spin on this event and I walked away with an enormous sense of relief once it was over.

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