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Seize the Flame

Jessica Depre’s life is in tatters. She’s on the run, thanks to her abusive husband Robert, who needs to silence her about his criminal escapades and the part he forced her to play in them. When bounty hunter Drake Adams walks into the boarding house where she works, Jessica slips away into the night. Her only hope of surviving and protecting those she loves from her husband’s rage is to vanish forever.

Unable to accept that the only woman he ever loved left him standing at the altar and married another, Drake Adams has given up a good law practice in the Wyoming Territory. If he’s not hunting down bounties, he’s pursuing the bottom of a bottle of bourbon. When Drake learns his former fiancée, Jessica Majors-Depre, has a price on her head, he decides he will collect the reward.

Can the bounty hunter and the bank robber ignite a future from the ashes of their past when they are trapped by a blizzard in a mountain shack or will playing with fire burn them both?


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I’m a hybrid, in that I’m published both traditionally and I’m self-publishing. I wrote my first published novel while working on the critical introduction of my creative project for my master’s degree. It wasn’t the most perfect timing but my Muse isn’t the most cooperative, either. She dropped Colt and Amelia into my head and insisted I write their story. So, I tried to reason with Her. Yeah…that wasn’t going to work either. In between writing pages of that critical intro, I kept a second document open and wrote their story.

All of my published novels are western historical romances. My traditionally published romances are set in/around a little town called Federal, in the Wyoming Territory. Federal was actually a town at one time and it still shows up on the state maps handed out by the Tourism Commission in Wyoming. However, Federal isn’t even a wide spot in the road anymore. Other than a small wooden sign denoting “Federal” on a spur of the Burlington-Northern Railroad line, there isn’t much left of Federal.

I love this period of our nation’s history. The national psyche was recovering and healing in the aftermath of the American Civil War and the westward expansion helped to heal that psyche. The research I’ve had to do with each novel makes the history geek in me totally giddy. Those weren’t survival skills I was learning. I was researching how my characters would have lived.

When I’m not writing, I show those Collies I first fell in love with as a child. I’ve bred or co-bred more than thirty champions. ​I also make beaded “bling” leads to sell to help support my dog show addiction/habit. Dog shows are the reason I don’t have too many vices–I can’t afford another habit.

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