#WOTR18 #CoverReveal #Paranormal – Sterling, Black Mountain Pack Book 3 by Miranda Lynn

Isn’t it gorgeous?

The laid back bar owner finally gets his own story.

Releasing Winter 2017.

Sterling will be full of danger, intrigue, and sexual tension. With a few new characters to fall in love with. You will see Mack and Casey resurface and learn a little more about how Rook and Jazz are doing. It will take the combined powers of the Black Mountain Pack and the South American Pride to wipeout the group known as The Resistance for good.

Sterling will call on old friends to help infiltrate this organization and save the woman who is destined to be his mate.

Sterling will rip the shifter world wide open and bring together the characters you love the most.

In honor of Sterling’s cover reveal Miranda has made Mack FREE for the next five days. Go grab your copy now if you haven’t read it already.

Mack (Black Mountain Pack)

Amazon – FREE copy of Mack

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#Review – Hope Everlasting (The Variant Saga #3) by J.N. Chaney

Hope Everlasting


Journey down the road to Everlasting.

Terry is on the run, having escaped from prison and killed its overseer. He and his friend Ludo need to find a way to get to the northern border. That’s where Ludo’s wife is being held, but time is of the essence. If they don’t hurry, she’ll be sacrificed to the gods as part of some barbaric ceremony. With an army at their heels and a continent to cross, Terry and Ludo will need all the help they can get.

Meanwhile, Mei Curie has opened a portal to another world…and it isn’t what she expected. There are worms the size of cars, animals with bulletproof hides,and an advanced alien race unlike anything mankind has ever witnessed.

Not to worry, though. Johnathan Finn has just the ticket: a rifle stocked with bullets, ready to deal with whatever threats come knocking. Along with his team of soldiers, John is here for a single purpose–to find his missing friend and bring him home–but in a world as strange as this one, a simple search and rescue mission could prove deadly.




Oh my gods! The story just keeps getting better and better. Each installment in this series is different from the other one. The world building expands in the greatest way and each new character is full of surprises. All the characters add something unique to the story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And best of all…who can you trust? Loyalty and trust are huge in this story. Everyone is in search of the truth and an impending war is upon us. Our characters from Earth are right in the middle of the mess. Everlasting is a city full of technology and power. This city cannot breath the Variant air. All of the other natives to Kant are more primitive and with many different religious beliefs. When all of this clashes things really get out of hand. It’s a very emotional book that just does not stop. There is the perfect combination of emotion and action to make this an incredible addition to this series. Sending kudos to the author on this one! Well done!



J.N. Chaney

Get a FREE book from the author right here: http://jnchaney.com/stay-up-to-date/

JN Chaney is the author of the Variant Saga and several other books. He gets his kicks from playing Mario, watching old movies, and going for long hikes. He loves chatting with his readers, who are consistently awesome in all the best ways.

Chaney moves around a lot, but right now he’s in Florida, living in an isolated bunker waiting out the inevitable zombie apocalypse that’s sure to get us all.

Books by JN Chaney:

The Variant Saga – follow a group of genetically engineered children as they struggle to survive in a desolate future where humanity is on the verge of extinction and a new age has already dawned.

The Other Side of Nowhere – A collection of strange tales, each focusing on a completely different concept. Between werejackals in Africa, the first sentient AI, and a Georgian farmer who transcends reality, this bundle of stories will keep you on the edge.

Their Solitary Way – The story of Genesis like you’ve never seen it. Adam Kadmon is the captain of the Eden, a colony ship escaping a dying world. He and his fellow survivors must find a new home, and quick, if they hope to give humanity the second chance it so desperately needs.

#NewRelease #DoubleReview – Her Russian Returns (Brie’s Submission Book 15) by Red Phoenix

Her Russian Returns (Brie's Submission Book 15)

Rytsar Durov should be dead.

But in the BDSM world, loyalties run as deep as kinky passions.
Sir Thane Davis is determined to save his Russian brother, but must call on his friends at the Center to execute the plan.
Clinging to hope, Brie trusts she will see Rytsar again.

There is a promise he must keep…



I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Rytsar is back!!!  Man was I a MESS after he was kidnapped but our fierce, Sadist came back with a BOOM *Snickers at my inside joke*

Rytsar is down and dying at the hands of his enemy. He is hoping and praying his brother from antoher mother, Thane, will stay away to keep Brie and the babe safe but you know Thane, that is not gonna work for him.  As Rystar is in his cell being befriended by a sweet dog, he is rethinking everything and every memory that he appreciated in his life…..Everything from his lost love to Brie, Thane and their soon to be little one.….I mean he may also be making a “your gonna die a slow and painful death if I get the chance” list….but you know.

When the gang all come to the rescue, Rytsar SEES for the first time, how much growth the Wolf Pup has.  The rescue of the him by Todd, Captain and Samantha will forever change the dynamics between these characters.  All I gotta say is Captain is a bad ass!!  My respect for Samantha grew tenfold but Todd….man Todd…..WOW…..my heart……….I just………….yeah………….read it!

The reunion of Brie, Thane, Rytsar is so perfect.  The trio spends time together reassuring each other that they are all really there and together in this make shift family that they have.  I love the scenes between the three of them.  The love, mutual respect and caring is just absorbed off the pages and enters your heart full on!

The Lilly story really kicked in, some declarations from Rystar and Samantha are made, our Brie is celebrating having her two men home, her bestie with bad jokes makes a special visit annnnd Brie writes in her fantasy journal!! The only thing missing was Master Anderson and Tono to make this book 100% complete!!   Come on #GreedySub #WantsAllTheMastersAvailable

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

I have been on pins and needles waiting to find out what happens to my Rytsar Durov. The love Durov holds for Thane, Brie and moye solntse is extraordinary. With him being captured it is up to his friends and some not so friends to find and return him to Brie and Thane. I was in tears at the beginning of this and even found myself trying to hold it together during other parts.

Rytsar may be a sadist but loves with all he has and has a large heart for family and those he loves. I have to say one of the many things that happened in this book was when Rytsar was on the brink of giving up he was sent a savior to boost his energy and gave him a fighting chance. It was a stray dog that would not give up on him. This mutt gave him what he needed to hang on tell an extraction attempt was made. When the Calvary showed up Durov had mixed emotions when he saw who came. OMG what Todd had to endure was hard to see I was crushed. All I can say is that being able to see the boy he was in the first Brie books to the man he is now truly makes my heart happy.

After everything Durov suffered he has to decide if he will let his past go and move forward or continue to hold grudges. There is still the Lilly threat out there on Brie that Durov is determined to end.  The Sadist was really able to come out to play in this book and I have to say I kinda enjoyed seeing it.  My favorite was seeing Brie, Thane and Rytsar reconnecting and bringing the love they share and how much they mean to one another together.

I cannot wait for the next adventure of these wonderful individuals.

USA Today Bestselling Author

Red Phoenix is an award-winning romance author who gained popularity with her BDSM series, Brie’s Submission. She has won 8 reader choice awards for her various novels. When she is not writing, you can find her on Facebook or Twitter interacting with fans.

“I heart my fans!” ~Red



#ReverseHarem #Review #MMMF- Sterling New Year (Men of Alaska #1) by Cheryl Dragon

Sterling New Year (Men of Alaska, #1)

Melody’s stuck in Sterling, Alaska over the holidays, sewing custom dresses for her friend’s wedding. She’ll do anything for her friends and is determined to be the best maid of honor she can be. There are just a few very sexy distractions.

Dale, Jason, and Ryan are lovers with an eye out for the right woman to complete their family. They’re happy to let Melody use space to make the dresses, but Dale especially doesn’t expect the perfect woman for them to show up in their small town. How are they going to explain Sterling’s unusual relationships. Even so, the trio is definitely interested in more than simply helping out with the wedding but can they win Melody over?

Melody has never been anywhere like Sterling—where group relationships are a tradition. She can’t pass up the experience of three hot men in bed but rearranging her life for them, or any man, is a ridiculous idea. Normal marriages don’t last and she’s had repeat wedding dress clients to prove it. What the quad has is more than sex but they have a lot of baggage to sort through for her to make it a Sterling New Year.



I bought this book.

I have found a new genre that I love called Reverse Harem.  SO when I saw this book and this author was listed as a RH series I jumped.

This book is about Ryan, Dale and Jason.  They are all in a relationship but looking for the right woman to fill out their needs.

Enter Melody to the little town in Alaska.  She is coming up early to help her best friend Isla before her wedding.  As soon as she steps foot in the town, the men are prowling but our trio has already put a claim on her.

The guys can see that Melody is the right woman with her sass and spirit but she is not about to be stuck cooking and cleaning for one man let alone 3!!  The guys take the time to get her to understand that they want her for her and not for her maid service.

They slowly begin to chip away her icy thoughts towards a ménage style life and look to the men to be everything she could ever want and more.

I liked the story and was able to sit and get it read in a couple hours.  If you are looking for a spicy afternoon, give this series a try.

A lover of unusual things, Cheryl Dragon enjoys writing unique stories with sinfully hot erotic romance or suspenseful mainstream paranormals. Never at a loss for ideas, there are plenty of stories in her brain waiting to be written. Her two favorites book settings are Las Vegas and New Orleans…where anything can happen!

Cheryl lives in the Chicagoland area with her deaf albino cat. By day she crunches & analyzes numbers as an Assistant Controller for a division of a large international conglomerate which leaves the creative juices free for her erotic romance and paranormal suspense novels.

Learn more at www.CherylDragon.com

#NewRelease #Review – In His Custody, The Shaw Brothers Book 1 by Fiona Archer

In His Custody (The Shaw Brothers 1)

25th August 2017 ** This was initially a 29,000 word novella for a Box Set (of which all proceeds went to charity). The updated version has been expanded with new scenes.

After a messy breakup with a lying ex, English teacher Mercy Jones swore off men, especially the edgy ones. Safe, stable and comfy. Those are her catch words for a perfect partner. So why does the new substitute history teacher have to be dangerous, raw, and challenging—on every level? His uncompromising masculinity and questioning mind captivate Mercy, tempting her to risk her heart.

Detective Aidan Shaw is a cynical bastard, trusting nobody outside his family and fellow cops. But when working undercover to eradicate a high school drug network, Aidan meets an intelligent, feisty blonde with knock-out curves. Mercy’s warmth and generous spirit awaken a part of him buried deep for too long.

But how can Aidan remain undercover and not betray the woman he’s come to cherish? As he closes in on the criminals manipulating innocents for profit, the stakes grow ever higher—with deadly consequences.



Oh do I love Fiona’s brooding and alpha males.  Aiden did not disappoint.  I will say I was so glad that Aiden and Mercy were given a full novel.  This story was originally a novella in a charity boxset.  Well I guess we begged Fiona enough and she expanded the story for us greedy readers!

This is a great romantic suspense novel with a hint of some BDSM elements.  Aiden is undercover looking for a bad kid who caused another student to overdose when he sees Miss Jones.  She is the English teacher AKA The football coach’s nemesis.

Aiden and Mercy soon start a world wind courtship while Aiden is also trying to find out who the bad guy is.  The plot twist for who is involved was great and I sure didn’t see it coming.  The  scenes banter had me laughing a lot.

I love the way that Fiona can write such a strong male but with a great sense of humor because hot and funny is a winning combo in my book!!

Fiona Archer writes erotic romance filled with masterful Aussie alpha heroes and teams them with sassy heroines who limit their submissive side to the bedroom. She lives in sunny environs of Sydney, Australia, and is harassed by a flock of wild cockatoos that take over the back yard each afternoon, demanding their feed. Her favorite hobbies include watching Nathan Fillion on television, shopping for that ever-elusive perfect shade of lipstick, and drinking iced coffee.


#Review – Shade’s Lady (Reapers MC 6.5) by Joanna Wylde


New York Times bestselling author Joanna Wylde returns to the world of the Reapers Motorcycle Club…

Looking back, none of this would’ve happened if I hadn’t dropped my phone in the toilet. I mean, I could’ve walked away from him if I’d had it with me.

Or maybe not.

Maybe it was all over the first time he saw me, and he would’ve found another way. Probably—if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that Shade always gets what he wants, and apparently he wanted me.

Right from the first.



I have a soft spot for the Reaper Men. When they see something they want they go after it full steam ahead. They will get what they want and no one better step in their way or try to take or hurt what is theirs.

Mandy has not had an easy life. If it weren’t for the bad luck she finds herself in she wouldn’t have any at all.  She has not had the best luck picking men out but what she does have is a loving sister and nieces and a job that helps keep the five of them afloat. Once again she finds herself in over her head when it comes to a boyfriend. She finds herself face to face with the President of the Reapers. All I can say is Mandy is not a sit back and take what is dished out to her but push her the wrong way and you better be prepared for the crazy that is the wrath of Mandy.  I love her spirit and spunk she maybe naive to somethings but she is strong and has willpower to go with it…or maybe it is Wonder Woman Power.

Shade is all alpha knows what he wants when he sees it and given the chance to swoop in and take it he will.  He knows what he wants and once he gets it no one will take it away without a fight. I loved seeing a different side of Shade when he was around Mandy he would do anything for her and the way he came to her rescue was all Shade. He was a take charge kind of guy and to see Mandy not back down to Shade was amusing.

The chemistry between Shade and Mandy was sizzling. I would like to see more of Bone and Sara story and Hannah and Heath. I just love this series and the more Joanna writes about them the more I want to soak up each word written.

Joanna Wylde is the New York Times bestselling author of the Reapers MC series. She started her writing career in journalism, working in two daily newspapers as both a reporter and editor. Her career has taken different paths, from managing a homeless shelter to running her own freelance writing business, where she took on projects ranging from fundraising to ghostwriting for academics. During 2012 she got her first Kindle reader as a gift and discovered the indie writing revolution taking place online. Shortly afterward she published her breakout book, Reaper’s Property, and started writing fiction full time.

Joanna lives in the mountains of northern Idaho with her family.


#Review #MC #TwinsieForTheDayElaine – Numb, King’a Harlots Book 4 by JM Walker

Numb (King's Harlots MC, #4)

“An unexpected evil brings both the MC and Military world together in this brand new series by J.M. Walker”

He doesn’t remember.
In the beginning, women and alcohol were one in the same. Until he met her.
The pain and heartache he caused her died when he was shot and fell into a coma.
Waking up is the only way he can get back to Maxine Stanton while she does everything she can to push him away.

She hates him.
Every fiber of her being loathes the man she fell in love with but she can’t control her heart and wants him just the same.
When Dale Michaels finally wakes up, she realizes they need to end this once and for all, before it destroys them both.

When an unexpected source rips through what they’ve worked hard to maintain, only then do they realize the full potential of their love.



1 – Grit
Amazon ➜ https://amzn.com/B01D7Y1FEK
B&N ➜ http://tinyurl.com/jxb2fv5
iBooks ➜ http://tinyurl.com/h2vdffg
Kobo ➜ http://tinyurl.com/z5gw6wa
2 – Stain
Amazon ➜ https://amzn.com/B01JVS6R5I
B&N ➜ http://tinyurl.com/hlrzqbv
iBooks ➜ http://tinyurl.com/gr2koh9
Kobo ➜ http://tinyurl.com/hwcyr2s
2.5 – Grim (Listed as #3 on Amazon)
Amazon ➜ http://tinyurl.com/h98m8w7
B&N ➜ http://tinyurl.com/hdhmsca
iBooks ➜ http://tinyurl.com/jne4sxf
Kobo ➜http://tinyurl.com/hw6c43t
3 – Rude
Amazon ➜ http://a.co/6hwv8aN
B&N ➜ http://tinyurl.com/kwhvm8d
iBooks ➜ http://tinyurl.com/nxcqlch
Kobo ➜ http://tinyurl.com/lj4whf3

Review by Elaine

I have read every book in this series so far and each one is better than the last. This one had me tearing up. Jm Walkers’ writing is so emotional and strong. The struggles that Dale and Max have can be felt through the words that are written. I can’t wait to read Rust. This is an ARC that i bought at #WOTR2017. I bought all 4 of her books then and I’m glad I did.

J.M. Walker is an Amazon bestselling author who loves all things books, pigs and lip gloss. She is happily married to the man who inspires all of her Heroes and continues to make her weak in the knees every single day.

“Above all, be the HEROINE of your own life…” ~ Nora Ephron


#ReleaseBoost – If Every by Angie Stanton

Title: If Ever
Author: Angie Stanton
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 21, 2017
independent Chelsea Barnes has caught a rare break and been cast as the first
non-celebrity on the hit show Celebrity Dance Off. Chelsea is coined ‘America’s
Chance to Dance,’ but her partner planned on an A-lister, not a nobody.
Clashing with her
partner, she’s ready to go home; but during an emotional dance, her
heart-breaking past as an abandoned, homeless teen is revealed. Not only do the
viewers fall in love with her, so does the flirty British guest singer,
Broadway star Thomas Evan Oliver.
Tom is struck by
this feisty girl who complicates his over-structured life, and pursues her in a
romantic cross-country courtship until she’s voted off and joins him. Their
sexy whirlwind love affair blossoms in New York as she navigates the big city
and his exhausting eight shows a week, but most important, her scarred heart
begins to heal. Perhaps happily ever after might be a possibility after
Purchase Links
Author Bio
Angie Stanton is a life-long daydreamer who grew up with her
hands on a book and her head in the clouds. As an adult, she’s put her talent
to use writing contemporary fiction about life, love, and the adventures that
Angie is the bestselling author of nine novels. Her work has
been translated into French, German, and Bulgarian. In her spare time,
Angie sneaks off to New York City to enjoy the best live entertainment
experience–Broadway. She is a contributing writer to Broadway
 is currently working on another Broadway-themed book. 
Author Links

#WOTR18 #Review – Always His (Crazed Devotion #1) by C.A. Harms @Charm0814

Always His (Crazed Devotion #1)

Forgiveness … 
It isn’t always as easy as it sounds. 

Becoming a Marine had been Ryker’s dream, but that dream faded when it led to losing the one girl who held his heart.

Returning to Alabama after being gone for more than five years was going to be hard, but he couldn’t continue to live without her.

His world seemed empty and there was only one thing that could heal that void.

Find Nicole…

Beg for her forgiveness…

And never let her go again.

She would always be his..



I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Nic and Ryker!!  These two have a long history!!  They were first loves but when Ryker walked away, it devastated Nicole.

Nicole has lost the love of her life but gained her daughter after drunken night.  She misses Ryker but knows she will never have him.  She is ok with it since her daughter Tori is her reason for living.  When Ryker comes home to reclaim her, she is not ready for all his declaration.

Ryker thought that walking away 5 years ago would be the best thing for Nic.  He has hated that decision and then to hear she had a child with someone else, left him destroyed.  When his time with the military is over, he comes back to their small town to claim his girl.

Ryker is not going to take no for an answer and I loved him for that.  He knew he has a lot of groveling to do for what he did to her heart all those years ago.  Nicole was so scared of letting this man back in because it’s not just her heart that would be broken but her daughter.

I loved seeing the couple with the push and pull of their chemistry.  I loved him opening up and doing anything he can to prove to her that she is his one…gahhhhh…the tattoo…..sigh.  I loved how Ryker fell so hard for Tori and would turn into a melted pile of mush for the little 3 year-old.  But I loved that fact that they didn’t just have a HEA and run into the sunset.  They had issues to be discussed and issues to worked out to make them become the family we all hoped for them.

A little about me. Let’s see where to start.
I love HEA stories, as long as they come packing a little heat. I need some excitement, some angst, and moments that make me fan my face are always good too. I am an Illinois girl, born and raised. Simple and true, it honestly doesn’t take much to make me happy. I love the little things; they truly mean the most. I may have a slight addiction to my new Keurig—oh my, that thing is a godsend. And so fast too. I have two children who truly are my very best friends, and their faces never fail to put a smile on my face. I have been married to my husband for sixteen years, and even though at times I want to beat him with a stick, I would never change the years we have had. We have learned and fallen, only to pick each other up, dust off the ache, and help each other make it right.
I am one of those authors that adore my fans. I love to hear from you. After all, it is because of each one of you that I continue to write. I look forward to your feedback.
Be sure to follow me to stay up-to-date on all my upcoming releases.


#WOTR18 #Review #Paranormal – Desecrated Beauty (Twisted Fairy Tales #1) by Kyleigh Castronaro

Desecrated Beauty (Twisted Fairy Tales, #1)

Are you looking for a fantasy fairy tale novel? Look no further than the Twisted Fairy Tales series. Enjoy your favourite fairy tale retelling with supernatural elements like vampires, witches and werewolves.

Once upon a time, that’s how most of these stories start. But this isn’t one of those stories…

Sure, it has the heroine and the hero but they’re not as you would expect them. Both of them have a bloodlust, one different from the other.

Quill was born and raised as a cold killer who takes enjoyment from the kill. Nero is the son of a Viking and a 1500-year-old vampire whose never been denied his pleasures before. Until he meets Quill. He forces her to exchange her life for Rose’s, his indentured servant and Quill’s little sister.

Drawn by her fearlessness and strength he has to have her but such a woman cannot be possessed. Both must learn to give up their carefully afforded control to let the other in. Only then may they have their happily forever after.

Sink your teeth into this dystopic re-telling of Beauty and the Beast and satiate your booklust.

Get whisked away to another world in this magical retelling of a classic Fairy Tale by fan-favourite author Kyleigh Castronaro.



I received this book from the author for an honest review.

So who loved Beauty and the Beast??  MEEEE and this book was a perfect paranormal version of it but with giant huge twists and turns.  I loved the world and would totally love to read more from it.

Quill is a warrior not a breeder.  We slowly learn that our warrior girl has lots of secrets…like LOTS!!  She is sent on a mission to help save some humans from the city when she meets a handsome and deadly man who can’t be wholly human can he?  I mean he is super-fast and so beautiful to look at but a total beast of personality.

Quill is trying to find the humans when she finds her sister and we find out more secrets…yikes poor Quill!!  Staying true to the fairy tale she is given a choice to save her sister or herslef so she saves her sister and is sent to the Beast’s house to live.

Nero is a special man who is fascinated with Quill.  We soon find out WHY he needs her in his life and decides to be not to truthful to our girl.  When they strike a bargain, she finds her sister and a lot more information than she ever knew she needed.

I loved the story and Quill and Nero and really hope to read more because I want to know about those werewolves and her sister Rose.


I’m fairly confident that I came out of womb reading the book. I’ve always loved stories in whatever medium they come. Books, movies, television shows… It didn’t matter. I didn’t discriminate (I still don’t!). It was only a natural progression that I become a writer myself.

I’ve been telling stories for as long as I’ve been reading. Even if it was just standing in front of my family acting out dramatic retellings of my day or making up stories of my own it didn’t matter. It was only a matter of time until I branched out into being a real writer and sharing my stories with friends and strangers alike. And you know what? It’s the best job in the world.

I write dirty, sexy stories about humans & their supernatural lovers. I grew up dreaming of being a Greek Goddess, not a Princess, so I wrote a book about it. In my Grace of Gods series normal humans find out they possess the souls of Greek Gods within them. They are whisked out of their lives and brought to Mount Olympus, thrust into the new and dramatic lives of their Gods.