#Review – The Archer, Arrow’s Flight 2, by Casey Hays



The bridge between Kate’s primitive village and Ian’s contemporary world is long and wide. Due to a horrifying event that ends in her self-imposed banishment, Kate finds herself at the mercy of Ian and his friends–the boys of Eden with their unnatural abilities and dark secrets. Kate has no idea if life outside the Village exists, but Ian promises her she will have a future in Eden if she will trust him. With Diana by her side, she takes the first step in faith.

The journey is harsh, full of relentless rainstorms, illness, clandestine troublemakers . . . and no sign of another village. Kate begins to doubt her decision to leave everything she’s ever known behind. When Diana’s daughter, Tabitha, is struck with a sickness that forces Ian to leave them behind and go for help, Kate’s hopelessness soars. But quiet and confident Justin takes the reins in Ian’s absence, and Kate feels a subtle bend toward him. Only then do the secrets surface, leaving Kate in a miserable state of shock as her faith in Ian falters.

Meanwhile, inside the modernized walls of Eden, Ian must face horrific truths about the source of his superhuman qualities. Truths that will test whether Kate can ever trust him again.

As for Kate, will entrusting her heart to a boy from Eden place her in graver danger than ever before? Will Eden finally be enough? Or will her heart continue to ache for something greater?




kellys review

Be ready to commit because after you finish Breeder and jump into this journey you are going to NEED to ready Master! If you like YA and Dystopian books, then this series is for you. This author has already given you characters that are incredibly relatable in a primitve world that goes perfect with Breeder. Then this journey starts in The Archer and swallows you whole. Kate’s village is nothing in comparison to the technology that Ian’s city has. The further on their journey the more Kate realizes there is a huge difference. There are many, many lies and truths that unfold and has everyone questioning their reasoning and faith. The story is told from Kate’s and Ian’s point of view. I have to say that I was really getting upset with Ian and his friends but then when you get to see where Ian is coming from it made me question exactly how this was going to play out. There are so many twisting paths and huge decisions that they come across that makes even the strongest character question what’s right and wrong. This is a very emotional book. I was all over the place being happy, sad, hurt, confused….I even wanted to shake the author…a little bit, lol!

“Don’t worry. There it is again . I close my eyes, fighting back my tears. Everything I’ve ever known is slowly being swallowed up in this new life I’ve chosen. The future is more of a mystery than ever before. Dangers are everywhere from vicious storms to villains, and I am not to worry.”

“Some rules deserve to be broken, Ian. But think very carefully about which ones are worth it.”

“Death is everywhere; we can’t escape him. We can run away from the Village— run to the ends of the earth and jump off— and it will be he who waits with open arms to catch us every time. I am weary, so weary of watching him take us one by one. It is our true destiny, and there is no end in sight.”

There is a desperation with these characters that absolutely sucks you in and squeezes until the very end. And the cliffhanger…OH THE CLIFFHANGER! I meant what I said. I need to know what happens next!







Casey Hays is a long time resident of Clovis, New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment, where she continues to reside with her husband of 23 years and her two children. A former high school English teacher, she took up writing in 2008, due to her love of the young adult genre.

Her debut novel,The Cadence, a YA supernatural romance, made its appearance in November 2012. Breeder, her first Dystopian Science Fiction novel with underlying Christian elements, and the first in the Arrow’s Flight Series, released January 15, 2014, and features her 15 year-old son as the cover artist.

Her favorite authors include Sarah Dessen, Suzanne Collins, Lauren Oliver, historical fiction author Anya Seton and Christian author Francine Rivers.



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