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#Review #ExtremeHorror – Broken Dolls: Deliverance by Mique Watson

You’ve gone through hell… now prepare for deliverance.

Fleeing a childhood of darkness and abuse, Dane thought he’d finally taken ownership of his life. He sold his soul for the price of an escape; mutilating his childlike body and performing abominable sex acts for sick perverts on the dark web.

Years later, a specter from the past re-enters his life, making him want to abandon that which has put a roof over his head.

This quest for freedom on his own terms comes with dire consequences for both him and someone he treasures. They land themselves in the crosshairs of a sadistic man known only as The Puppetmaster.

Abducted and held within this abomination’s basement, Dane’s physical, mental, and emotional resolve is put to the test. Will he—and the person who matters most in the world to him—escape? Or, will their lives end in this basement of snuff and terror?

WARNING: This is an incredibly disturbing and extreme book. It deals with themes that will and should upset most readers. This book is STRONGLY NOT RECOMMENDED for readers under the age of 18.

This is so much more than just a horror novel. Yes, the horror scenes are graphic, vile and disgusting but besides that, this book shows a person who is struggling. Dane and Joe became friends when they were kids. They were best friends in fact. One day Joe disappears and it sets Dane on a path of self-destruction. It didn’t help that his home life was awful. His mother was useless and evil and his dad was a monster.

Dane runs away during his high school years and the things he goes through. What he puts himself through. What he does to himself. I wanted to hug him and keep him safe. My soul hurt for this broken shell of a person. A person who just wanted to be loved. A person who was chasing his best friend for years.

Dane and Joe reunite eventually and it sets of a chain of events that don’t end well for either of them.

I like how the author showed us chapters written in the past and chapters written in the current day. It helped build up the backstory, so we could get to know the characters.

Oh and if you’re a horror movie lover, this book reminded me of A Serbian Film. 100% do not recommend watching that movie but if you’re curious like I was, good luck! Anyway, this book definitely had A Serbian Film vibes.

I’d like to also think that there’s not people like this who exist in the real world but I know they do.

This book is hands down one of the best I’ve ever read.

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#Review #ExtremeHorror – Broken Dolls by Mioue Watson

It was supposed to be a tranquil Friday night for Lauren and her daughter, Tully. Then, someone knocked at the door.

Lauren thought she was being a Good Samaritan…

She never expected to have to fight for her daughter’s life. She’d always known that human beings were the most terrifying monsters.

What she didn’t know, until now, was how easy it would be for her to become one herself.

No good deed goes unpunished.

Okay, first of all. Wow.

So I don’t like reading blurbs and only read the first sentence of this one before I grabbed this book. I’m so glad I went in blind. As a horror movie lover, it had I Spit On Your Grave without the revenge part. There was just something about this story that had me thinking of this movie quite a bit. It’s dark, twisted, absolutely disgusting and vile but it’s now my favourite horror novel I’ve ever read and it definitely made the top of my list of 2024 reads.

Lauren and her daughter, Tully, live in the middle of nowhere. They have one neighbor, James, who lives closer to them and often pays a visit. My romantic heart hoped for a little something there between Lauren and James, but I should have known not to expect that.

One night, a good deed backfires and I couldn’t stop reading at this point. Actually, I couldn’t stop reading from the very first page.

Bret…I will never not think of this character whenever I see this name.

The things Lauren and are daughter are put through to survive…I can’t even put into words.

If you like extreme horror, descriptive scenes, a solid plot and a sick and twisted villain, I highly recommend reading this one.

Now I’m going to grab book 2.

Happy reading and good luck!

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#Review #ExtremeHorror – Dr. Parasite by Rowland Bercy Jr.


Jacob Westergren, an expert in his field of study, gets paid to research the most sickening parasites known to man. But, even when he looks at the most appalling of the species, he does not see the intrusive ugliness that humanity does, he sees himself. He sees a vessel by which to purge himself of an amalgam of detestable emotions. Emboldened by promising experimentation, Jacob is anxious to unburden himself by sharing his emotional parasite, in physical form, with the rest of the world.


This book was…interesting to say the least.

It was written really well and very descriptive, so unfortunately, I could picture everything. Wasn’t so bad until later in the book. But I knew going in and especially by the cover, I’d be in for something icky.

We meet Jacob who studies and researches parasites and is one of the best in his field. He decides to run an experiment and it goes down hill from there. For the rest of the world anyway. For him, not so much. He clearly has an obsession with these things and decides to use his body as a vessel.

This my first read by Rowland Bercy Jr. and I think it’s my first body horror novel as well. He did a really good job with his medical terminology. Not that I know anything about that stuff but it seemed legit to me. The author clearly did his research.

So all in all, I give this book 5 stars because it was gross, descriptive and the plot was on point.

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#Review #ExtremeHorror – Zola by D E McCluskey

Gordon’s name was a joke.

It was given to him by Anthony Zola, a controlling, and abusive father, to taunt his wife over her love of cheese, and the fact that she had been steadily gaining weight since their marriage.

Andrea was a doting mother, and maybe a little overprotective of her boy, but she didn’t see that as a bad thing.

On discovering a secret, one the child had been told to keep to himself, everything changes. Now she must do whatever she needs to keep her, and her boy, alive.

Needs must.

Gordon is going to find that his love of cheese, handed down to him by his mother, and his love for the only woman in his life, is about to be taken to a whole new level.

From the dark mind of D E McCluskey, author of The TwelveCRACK, and Cravings, Comes another addition to his ‘Extreme Horror Series’.

Zola is about to take you into a whole new level darkness, and depravity.

“The perfect combination of extreme horror and heartfelt emotion.” – R E Shambrook

“Truly, a book of absolute depravity… but with heart.” – Christina Pfeiffer

This book was vile and disgusting but at the same time, also sad. For that alone, I’m rating it 5 stars, because it left me feeling all sorts of emotions. Which is absolutely crazy because I was not expecting that going into this one.

We meet a naïve woman who ends up finding out something horrible happened to her son. When she finds this out, she takes revenge into her own hands. Once this happens, the rest of the book is a crazy, twisted, disgusting ride.

I really have no words for what I just read but I can guarantee that I’ll be thinking about this book for a while.

DE definitely left me wanting to take a metal brillo pad to my skin and grab some tissues at the same.

Oh and I don’t think I’ll be eating cheese for a while.

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#Review #ExtremeHorror #Novella – My Vagina Smells Like Sulfur by Sea Caummisar

My Vagina Smells Like Sulfur:
Description… The dark web has convinced people that the secret to a happy afterlife isn’t how you lived and whether you lived by the holy word. The secret to the afterlife is how you die. The more creative the death, (preferably suicide) the better your life is in the afterlife. All you have to do is record your death…. One Divinity Counselor claims that they can prove how great life is after death, complete with video of the dead person living their best life after death.

I had no idea what to expect when I started this book. I try not to read blurbs, so I did my best to go into this one blind.

We meet Madam Midnight who begins the book by torturing a woman. The things she does to this poor victim definitely left me wincing.

We end up meeting several other characters along the way and we find out that Madam works for a production company of sorts for the dark web. They do gruesome things themselves or have viewers send in home videos themselves.

The point of what Madam and her counterparts do, is to let viewers know the secret to the afterlife. It’s all in how you die.

This little book is jam packed with gruesome scenes, descriptive torture and more.

If you’re a fan of extreme horror, check this one out!

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#Review #Horror – Cows by Matthew Stokoe

One of the most outrageous, original and insightful books ever written on the subject of alienation and societal decay, Cows is a violent, blood soaked nightmare – a scatological tale of love, self-empowerment and probably the most extreme novel you’ll ever read. Hailed around the world as a cult classic, Matthew Stokoe’s novel set the bar for gritty urban horror.

Mother’s corpse in pieces, dead dog on the roof, girlfriend in a coma, baby nailed to the wall, and a hundred tons of homicidal beef stampeding through the subway system. And Steven thought the slaughterhouse was bad . . .

“If you enjoy the sensation of your jaw dropping to the floor in a combination of stupefaction, hilarity, and shock, Cows is your book. Matthew Stokoe has written a novel like no other I’ve ever read–appalling, funny, and possessed of a sense of outre violence that makes Joris-Karl Huysmans read like Louisa May Alcott.”
–Scott Phillips, author of The Ice Harvest

“Underground literary shock-rocker Stokoe (Empty Mile, 2010, etc.) slaps his readers in the face with this bloody, truly disgusting diatribe against normalcy. On the bright side, there’s absolutely no pretense about what the book is aiming for…”
–Kirkus Review

I have no idea how I’m going to review this book. I don’t even know how to rate it. This will be a book that I’ll think about for a long time. So for that alone, I’ll rate it 5 stars.

Warning: This book is NOT for the faint of heart and if you have a weak stomach, I suggest not reading this.

So I’m new to the horror genre and this year, I’ve found myself reading extreme horror. As a horror movie fan, I figured I’d give horror books a shot and I haven’t been disappointed yet.

Cows by Matthew Stokoe has left my head reeling. I really have no words to describe what I just read but here goes nothing.

This book is highly graphic. Definitely the most graphic book I’ve ever read. So for that alone, I’m giving it a high rating. This was like a train wreck that you can’t look away from. I had to know how it was going to end, so I forced myself to get through the graphic and nauseating scenes.

The writing was so descriptive, I could see the scenes play out in my mind. Lots of reviewers said that the writing was awful, maybe it’s because I’m new to this genre, but I thought the writing was some of the best I’ve ever read. But art is subjective, that’s what makes it exciting.

I am left feeling a little confused but at the same time, I don’t mind that so much. I think maybe the author wrote it that way, so we could all come up with our own theories regarding Stephen and his…um…issues.

After reading this book, a part of me never wants to eat beef ever again.

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#Review #Horror #Novella – Woom by Duncan Ralston

“Trust me when I say, this is messed up.” – MATT SHAW, author of Sick B*stards.

“I believe pain lingers,” Angel said. “Do I believe in spirits? In the supernatural? Probably not.”

The Lonely Motel holds many dark secrets… and Room 6 just might possess the worst of them all.

Angel knows all about pain. His mother died in this room. He’s researched its history. Today he’s come back to end it, no matter the cost, once and for all.

Shyla, a plus-sized escort, thinks the stories Angel tells her can’t be true. Secrets so vile, you won’t want to let them inside you.

But the Lonely Motel doesn’t forget. It doesn’t forgive. And it always claims its victim.

“This book is a wet dream of abnormal sexual psychology.” – Mort Stone, My Indie Muse

WARNING: Don’t buy this book if you have a weak stomach, if you’re easily disturbed, or if you’re looking for a light horror read. THIS IS NOT THAT BOOK. Seriously. You’ve been warned.

(For signed copies, please visit my website.)

We meet Angel and who hires Shyla, a prostitute, to come to the motel he’s staying at. The motel is called “The Lonely Motel”, so I wouldn’t even go to that if I was Shyla but what do I know. Add to the fact that when she enters the room, she’s instantly grossed out by the look and smell and even the feeling. That’s a red flag right there. Angel begins by asking her some weird questions and then he starts telling her a story about Johnny and Jenny. That’s when this little story gets really…um…strange, messed up, gross and just…icky.

This book is extreme horror and definitely not for the faint of heart. It continues with Angel telling Shyla more stories, each one horrible in their own sick and depraved ways.

By the time I got to the last chapter, I couldn’t read fast enough. I read it with wide eyes and anxiety. Let’s just say, it made parts of me hurt.

I also feel kind of wrong for saying this but I really enjoyed this story. Not sure what that says about me. As a horror loving fan, this one definitely did its job.

This will also be a little story that I will be thinking about for a while.

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