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#wotr #attendingauthor #standalone Until You (Happily Ever Alpha World) by Samantha Lind

Cameron Burgress was ready for a new start.

New city, new job, and maybe one day, a new love. She just didn’t realize how quickly that could all happen until she walked into a tattoo shop, finally ready to get the ink she’d wanted since her fiancé died, nearly four years ago.

Ethan O’Neill had everything. Until one day, he didn’t.

After an off-ice injury stripped him of his hockey career, he started over in life, pursuing his other passion—tattoos. He’d never been the kind of guy to want to settle down, but that all changed one day, when a knock-out beauty strolled into his shop and into his life.

An instant attraction and a little bit of ink is the perfect mix for two people ready for change.



Review by Twinsie Dee

Cam has gone through the one thing that most people would never think to go through, finding the love of her life only to lose him 3 weeks before their wedding. 3 years later and a new job offer she finally decided to move on and to a new city, a fresh start being back with one of her friends. New City new Cam and she wants to dedicate her past love with a tattoo in memory of him, and with her bestie at her side she goes to the tattoo shop and is stopped dead in her tracks with the most gorgeous man shes seen since her first love pasted away, it was sparks from the beginning and both Cam and Ethan have never felt this way before with someone else. will these two let their natural chemisty bring them together or will they just stay friends. this book was so good very cute, sexy, and everything you would want for a quick read

Samantha Lind is a contemporary romance author. Having spent the first 27 years of her life in Alaska, she now calls Iowa home where she lives with her husband and two sons. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, reading, watching hockey (Go Knights Go!), and listening to country music.

#BookPromo – Tangled in Tinsel: a holida novella (a holidates series) by Trilina Pucci

Imagine being snowed in with four hot successful men.
P.S. they’ve all played the hero in too many of your naughtiest dreams.
Problem is, you work for them, and that makes them off-limits.
Except now they’re looking at you like you’re Santa’s cookies.

And they definitely want to take a bite.

Talk about making you reconsider your life choices.
These four are aiming for Santa’s naughty list, and I’m pretty sure I’m getting:

…and Cole
for Christmas.

It might’ve started as a decorating job.
But it ended Tangled in Tinsel.

I haven’t read this yet but I keep seeing it everywhere. A book with one female and four males? Yes please!

#WOTR23 #YA #SecretAdmirer #seriesStarter – Dear McKinnon, Love Notes book 1 by Danielle Keil

Dear McKinnon (Love Notes, #1)

Everyone knows what it means to have a teal envelope taped to their locker on the first day of the month.

Everyone except new girl McKinnon Gregory.

The envelope is the start of a monthly tradition called the Secret Admirers, and something McKinnon never thought she’d see.

To her surprise– and everyone else’s– the teal envelope is taped to her locker on March first.

McKinnon only has one month to figure out the clues. But she barely knows anyone, which makes it infinitely harder to determine her secret admirer’s identity.

Will she figure it out before the month’s over?
And if she does, will the guy she’s fallen for through letters be just as amazing in person?



Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased this book.

I am going to start this review by saying your girl here doesn’t read YA.  Nothing against it but I just don’t and haven’t in a long long time. However, this author is about the sweetest and most adorable person in the whole dang world.  I was up on all the books I needed to read and said LET’S DO THIS!!!

I purchased this book and dove right in annnnnd I was hooked.  I freaking LOVED IT!!  I thought the premise of the series was cute and totally enjoyed the “new girl” getting the first letter.

McKinnon/Macks was the new girl who pretty much kept to herself and kept her head down.  She was quiet, shy and totally the book nerd you picture.  She is like WHUUUU when she is given the first letter.  Her bestie Skye was cracking me up.  She was so funny and totally what I would have been like through the process.

The story is sweet and the fact Macks and “Charlie” start to form a great letter friendship that turns to trusting friendship and then a possible romantic relationship.  Loved it!!  I had to admit I was going between 2 guys on the story.  I wasn’t totally sure who the guy was and when it was revealed…my heart was skipping beats.  I mean this was it.  That was the time for Macks to decide what she does….does she accept him or not???

Seriously I enjoyed the story 110%.  I will be picking up the others and reading when I can because I want to see Spencer’s book!!

Danielle Keil grew up and spent the majority of her life in the Chicagoland area. A recent transplant, she is enjoying the Mississippi life, especially the pool in her backyard.
Danielle is happily married for over 10 years, and has two young children, a daughter and a son, who are exact replicas of her and her husband.
She also is a fur mom to their Corgi, Cozmo, who loves barking, mud, and peanut butter.
Danielle’s love language is gifts, her Ennegram is a 9w1, and she loves everything purple.
The way to her heart is through coffee, chocolate and tacos (extra guac).
Find Danielle on social media– @daniellekeil on Instagram, and @authordaniellek on Facebook. She’s a social media addict, so she’d love to be friends!

#wotr #attendingauthor #standalone Disassembled Creatures by Albany Walker 

It all started with a game. 

It was supposed to be fun, a night with friends. No one was supposed to die, but that’s not what happened. 

There’s a killer on the loose. People I know are dying, and I think I might be next. 

We called the boogeyman, and he answered. 

Disassembled Creatures is a standalone novella intended for mature audiences 



Review by Twinsie Dee

I was given this book by the author for an honest review  

Lethe and her friends wanted to have a little fun, well 2 of the 4 wanted to have some fun so they brought out a Ouija board after all its just a game nothing bad can happen right. Well, they were all very wrong, after one of the girls started calling upon spirit crazy things start to happen, Lethe had, had enough of this game and thinking that 2 of the girls planned this all out to scare the crap out of her and it was working grabbing her other friend she heads for the door and when she’s at her car she notices a shadow in the window upstairs and then the door closing without anyone touching it. Well, the next day she finds out 1 girl was dead and the other wasn’t going to make it. All because of a game the boogeyman has come to play and he wants her, but why does he want Lethe and will she figure it out or will he catch her by surprise. In this lesson never mess with the spirit world and leave the Ouija boards alone, will Lethe make it out of this nightmare come to life alive or will someone be contacting her spirit with a Ouija board in the future? Wow wow wow wow, I could not put this book down Albany has done it again just when I didn’t think I could love her words anymore she writes another amazing story. This book will have you on the edge of your seat and gripping the pages to turn them faster and faster, so many twist that you won’t see coming.

Albany lives in Michigan where she’s happily married to her high school sweetheart. She spends most of her time juggling her four children’s extracurricular activities, with her nose stuck in a book. When not reading you can find her writing her very own book boyfriends. Albany’s passion is writing romance with real characters that are far from perfect, but always seem to find their own happily ever afters. 

#NewRelease #releaseday #Rockers #novella #DoubleReview- Just What I Needed, Stage Dive book 4.9 by Kylie Scott

Just What I Needed (Stage Dive, #4.9)

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kylie Scott comes a story in her Stage Dive series…

When the Stage Dive crew decides to help, they do it in a big way.

Nanny and housekeeper Jude has been going through a dry patch. Getting ready to dip her toes back into the dating pool is a little nerve racking. And the offers of assistance from her boss, David Ferris, and his band are not helping. Right up until music producer Dean Jennings arrives to work on the band’s latest album.

But Dean is more than a little wary of dating anyone with anything to do with the Stage Dive crew after losing Lena to lead singer Jimmy Ferris all those years ago. Can Jude a) Convince the crew to stay out of her business and b) Woo the man of her dreams?

**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you’ll enjoy each one as much as we do.**



Review by Twinsie Angie

I was given this book by the author for an honest review.

For all of us Stage Dive fans, this novella was a great look back into our favorite band and family.  Ev and David’s nanny, Jude, is the main female in this story along with Lena’s ex/Jimmy’s rival for her attention, Dean.  Now we all love Dean and felt bad for him, so I was happy to see him get an HEA along with Jude.

Jude and Dean find each other sharing space at Ev and David’s guest house.  She is stunned stupid at how beautiful and nice he is.  He seems a bit smitten by the crazy woman in fuzzy socks.  When the ladies essentially force Jude to admit what she was feeling, they of course, decide to help. LOL  Poor Jude.

The novella is a quick read into Jude and Dean facing a lot of issues like super model ex’s, super fans, and some old school teenage crush issues.  Serious the epilogue had me laughing so hard.  I love this group and this novella makes me what to reread the series again.

Review by Twinsie Melinda

I was given this book by the author for an honest review.

I love anytime I can get a Stage Dive book in my hands.  I love all these characters and enjoy seeing them all again. This quick little read is about Dean and Jude.

Jude is Ev and David’s nanny who stays in the guest house. Dean who is Stage Dive’s record producer is also staying in the guest house for a bit. Jude is attracted to Dean but leery of pursuing Dean because of the connection to her boss. Dean is also leery of getting with Jude after loosing Lena. They have an instant attraction that even with them being cautious they feel the pull to one another. Once the Stage Dive crew sees the attraction between Dean and Jude all bets are off to get these two together.

I enjoyed seeing Dean and Jude getting to know each other. There is a bit of drama but it is short lived. Not sure I would handle things as Jude did if someone came in unannounced and ate my dinner.  JUST Saying.  She is such a better woman than I am. I enjoyed seeing Mal and Anne, Ev and David, Lena and Jimmy and getting more of a glimpse of their lives. I love this Series so much.

Kylie is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today best-selling, Audie Award winning Romance author.

#WOTR23 #IntaLove #Sexy #Novella – The Virgin and the Lumberjacks by Sophie Stern

The Virgin and the Lumberjacks by [Sophie Stern]

I didn’t want to go to the family reunion.

I didn’t want to drive home through the mountains.

I didn’t want to get stuck in a snowstorm.

But that’s exactly what happened.

When the lumberjacks find me trapped in my car, they do more than just save me. Eli and Keagan offer me a place to stay. They give me food. They keep me safe.

But they can’t protect my heart.

Not from this.

**The Virgin and the Lumberjacks is a standalone short romance with a HEA. Originally published in 2017, this story was called Take Your Time. Although the original story remains the same, this book has been updated and expanded by the author.**


Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased this book.

SOPHIE!!  GIRL!!!  THIS BOOK!!!  OMG!!  Lemme finish cooling myself off from this novella.

YA’LL This story is a quick and steamy read about Melody who has a shit family.  I mean dang they are pretty awful people.  Straight up awful humans.   She has had enough and leaves the party.  She gets stuck thanks to a snowstorm in the mountains but is rescued by Eli and his brother Keagan.  They are hotties who area also billionaires who spend their free time-sharing women looking for THE ONE.

The men are enthralled by Melody.  She is perfectly curvy, drama free, brave, and willing to take them on.  Eli and Keagan are so happy with the little lady they are nervous for rejection after the weekend of “snuggle time”.

This book was just a great, naughty read but leaves you super happy for all the characters I the end.

Sophie Stern writes contemporary and paranormal romance <3 Visit her on Facebook for frequent updates!

#WOTR22 – #Review – My Road Trip Romance by Jennifer Daniels

My Road Trip Romance

Author, Cassidy Nixon hides in her stories. It’s much easier than feeling anything real for anyone other than her family.

Interested in attending the Harvest Pick and Read writer’s convention, Cassidy, her brother Darren, and his wife Sam set out on the long drive to the event.

The first stop starts off with a bang, when Cassidy runs headfirst into a handsome stranger. And for the first time in a long while, Cassidy is taken with this hardheaded stranger that she will never see again. Or will she?

She runs into this handsome man a second time and thinks its just coincidence.

When he shows up at the same event in the room next door, Cassidy thinks he’s a stalker. But he convinces her he isn’t.

All Cassidy had to worry about was the safety of her raccoons while she was gone.

Now will she have to worry about her heart?


Review by Twinsie Kelly

Super cute, quick read! If you are one who frequents author events as a read or an author, this is a great read. Ms. Daniels puts a sweet spin on Cassidy, an author getting ready for an event to meet readers, having a road trip with her brother and sister-in-law but also finding a bit of love on the way. Cassidy is one of those types of people that I would call an extroverted introvert. They tend to keep to themselves unless they really know you. However, the pull that Cassidy has to Jack makes her a bit more adventurous. Oh, and the raccoons, they have a special place in my heart. I would have liked the story to be a bit longer as some of it felt a bit rushed but overall, I recommend this if you are looking for a cute and quick read.

#wotr #attendingauthor #partofaseries #novella VanPelts (White Trash Trilogy) by Brandy Slaven 

Life is full of ups and downs. No one knows this better than Kendall Davis. She unfortunately learns from a young age that good things never last. With an unbearable childhood and then the death of her grandmother, Kendall turns to the only people who seem to know she still exists. Brian, Casey, and Will. But as all things tend to go in her life, they too are struck with tragedy. In her grief, Kendall decides to end it all, but what happens when fate has other plans? With no happy end in sight, she must learn to live with the loss and eventually learn to never give up on love. 



Review by Twinsie Dee

I was given this book by the author for an honest review 

Where oh where do i begin this is the beginning of one of my favorite series, Kendall had a rough childhood having been taken from her parents in a good way she went to live with her nana and gramps which she loved because she knew she was safe. When Nana got sick they had to move into a trailer and there she met the VanPelts Brian, Casey and Will they became best friends and those 3 boys became very protective over Kendall. They keep close through out the years and plan to move to California after Kendall and Will graduate and live happily ever after. Well until a fateful night that took Kendalls future from her and left her empty and heartbroken. Ugh this book is exactly what i needed and broke my heart all over again. But to have Brian meet a few members of the quad was the perfect scene of past and future being together without knowing. Ugh i need so much more. 

Brandy Slaven lives in Tennessee with her husband and two wild children. If you can’t find her typing away at her laptop, you will find her with her nose in a book at the beach or hiking at a state park.

#WOTR22 #Novella #Medical #TwinsieOfTheDayPam – Wes, Love in Scrubs Book 3 by AJ Renee

Wes (Love in Scrubs Book 3) by [AJ Renee, Angie Wade]

From the author of the St. Fleur series comes a fun tale of finding love in the emergency room.

Nurse. Mom. Daughter. Natalia Kruze wore many hats, but mom was the role she was most proud of. As a single mom, she couldn’t be everywhere at once, but she had been blessed with a patient son and helpful parents. Dating wasn’t high on the priority list, so it was safe to say it had been years since she’d experienced any kind of electrifying spark from a man.

With her defenses low after missing another soccer game, a patient catches her eye. Sexy and decidedly stubborn, Wes Wilkins succeeds in leaving his ER visit with her number.

Had they finally found the love they deserved, or will they put their dreams second to their kids’ needs?


Review by Pam

Wes: 5***** Stars
Family Committed
Gah!!! Crying now. It’s so good! Each book in this series can be read as a stand alone. But I highly recommend that you read them all. Each one gets better. You will need tissues for this story. Natalie and Wes meet in an unconventional way. I love the way AJ thinks. Lots of humor. Love the commitment to family. From a True Fan… Pam James.

Such a fun set of books to read.

AJ Renee is a military wife and mother of three. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with her Master of Science in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

She loves to read and write steamy romance with a happily ever after. When not working, you can find her playing World of Warcraft, board games, or outdoors for a run or hike.

#WOTR22 #novella #medical #Series #TwinsieOfTheDayPam – Jason, Love in Scrubs book 2 by AJ Renee

Jason (Love in Scrubs Book 2) by [AJ Renee, Angie Wade]

From the author of the St. Fleur series comes a fun tale of finding love in the most unexpected place.

Being stood up for a first date was the last thing on Ava King’s mind. Yet Mr. Wrong opened the door to Mr. Sexy, who’s already sitting next to her at the bar. One drink becomes two, and going against her own code, she goes home with the charming stranger.

Waking in Jason’s foreign bed sends her into a panic, and she escapes before any morning-after awkwardness can ensue.

Can fate bring them together again to see if their chemistry transcends one steamy night of passion?


Review by Pam

Jason: 5***** stars
Tug at Your Heart Good
This book made me an emotional mess. It definitely tugged at my heart. Ava runs from Jason after a night of passion. He does not have her # or her last name. When they meet up again, he wants another chance to get to know her. Great short story. It can be read as a stand alone. From a True Fan… Pam James

AJ Renee is a military wife and mother of three. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with her Master of Science in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

She loves to read and write steamy romance with a happily ever after. When not working, you can find her playing World of Warcraft, board games, or outdoors for a run or hike.