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#NewRelease #ReleaseDay – Knot All is Lost by Elisabeth Knight

Knot All Is Lost: Part 1 (Knot All Is Lost Duet) by [Elizabeth Knight]

Being an Omega used to be the dream everyone wanted. Now it’s a nightmare.

Packs are a thing of the past, blackmarket dealers kidnap Omegas off the street, and the ones that escape are little better than pawns for the government to control.

So when my designation revealed itself in the worst situation possible, I ran. Or I tried to. While trying to escape, I found myself in an even worse fate at the hands of my abuser— my father. Now that he knows I’m an Omega he sees me as nothing more than a commodity, locking me away until he could legally sell me to the highest bidder.

Risking death, I take my one and only chance to break free. My only hope now is to seek help in the only place I think I can trust. And I find more than just shelter. I find love, affection, and the pack I always dreamed of having. But Omegas are still the most coveted object in this world that’s as broken as I am; and even the men who’ve started to heal my heart may not be able to save me.

This is an Omegaverse romance where the leading lady doesn’t have to choose who she loves or how many. Book contains 18+ content—swearing, sexual situations, and abuse. WARNING- this book contains emotional and physical abuse.


Elizabeth Knight lives in the Phoenix area living off of iced coffee and misters trying to keep cool. When she’s not reading into the wee hours of the night she is writing her own stories to keep people up at night.