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We are THE TWINSIES…  We love to read…We love to promote the authors we read….. It’s who we are and what we do…

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Hello everyone. We are the TWINSIES, Angie, Jo-Anna,  Melinda, Kristi, Kelly, Dee, and Tenise… Partners in crime, Freaky Sista’s and well you get the point…  We have a love for reading good books. We also have a love for the authors we love to read and promote so a blog seemed the right thing to do. The authors we read are authors that we love and promote daily. Give them a try if you are unfamiliar with their work or shoot us an email and we can help you to figure out what the best read for you might be. Most of these authors are independent authors so every book sold is appreciated. We have found a love and appreciation for the indie author and hope you do as well! If you want us to read your book, or be a guest poster,  contact us.  We are NOT professionals, so remember these opinions are OURS and just that ……….opinions.

Love ya,

The Twinsie’s

5 thoughts on “About Us Twinsies”

    1. Sorry Donna but we are actually helping to host an author even soooo we had to save our pennies for that …..maybe next year!!! Twinsie Angie

    1. not YET…we are hoping to get one going soon but with all 6 of us working FT jobs, it just keeps getting pushed back…sorry and thanks for asking.

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We are THE TWINSIES… We love to read…We love to promote the authors we read… and we love to stir up TROUBLE… It's who we are and what we do