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#WOTR22 #Interracial – The Duke Takes a Wife, Not Just Royals book 1 by Dahlia Rose

The Duke Takes A Wife (Not Just Royals #1)

Jasper McTavish, Tenth Duke of Northumberland, blah, blah, blah, he hated the pomp and pageantry of having the title of Duke. Especially when it was announced in the middle of a ball in the United States and he saw the gleam of financial interest in women’s eyes. He liked living like a regular man in the countryside of England, he liked wood crafting for his profitable business and he liked his peace. But when he was forced to perform his diplomatic duties he did it and longed for the evening to end. Except this time his uncle was with him and they expected him to fulfill another part of his lineage, marry someone they deemed suitable. Jasper was known for never fitting in the mold that was expected of him. So when he met the military attaché to the White House . He was intrigued and definitely smitten by the smart crisp Sergeant Zeva Troy. A plan formed in his mind, Jasper knew if this duke were to take a wife, it would be her. He had five days in Washington D. C to convince her to marry and to go home with him.

The duke with a smooth accent, anything he owned. nor his title, definitely did not impress Zeva. Yet after a few steamy kisses and his offer or marriage and a life away from D.C, she could see the benefits of a change from the place she was starting to loathe. Jasper was all male dominance yet kind, and sexy as hell something that she saw in very few men. Acting on impulse she said yes to his proposal and they were off to meet his family. They were a pompous horrible bunch of people sans a few. But seeing that she maneuvered through deployments and politicians, these elitists were a piece of cake. Zeva found herself falling for the sexy duke and the marriage tuned from being in name only to something more. Would it last knowing that his family would try anything to tear them apart? Especially when they had no problem playing dirty.


I purchased this book.

I am such a historical fan so when I saw this book, I needed to grab it.  It didn’t seem to be a “traditional” historical but more of a modern royal’s book and I was cool with this.  I mean I love the Ton and all the regency, but this was a new historical vibe.

I will say the first chapter or two were super-fast because it was the rushed part of the story for Zeva and Jasper meeting and marrying.  Once the couple are reunited in England, I felt the flow slowed down a lot and really helped build the characters for this book and future books.

Zeva was the most kick ass, take no crap from anyone heroine ever!  I loved her sass and fire, but she was the perfect woman for Jasper and what he was dealing with in regard to his family lineage.  Jasper was no fool and he laid his cards on the table for Zeva.  He told her it would be tough, but he would love her and make it all worth her time to take a chance on love.

I loved the family dynamics of the story and the twisted plots that Dahlia threw in to show just how awful Jasper had it with regard to his lineage.  But Zeva was no wilting flower and she stood up to everyone and did right by everyone.

I totally loved the story and the end was cracking me up.  When I finished and I saw who book 2 was about, I downloaded it because Haile was such a great side character, I can’t wait to see him get a strong women too.

Recent News: Dahlia’s first book was just accepted by Hallmark Publishing with a December 2021 release date!

Dahlia Rose is the USA Today best-selling multi genre author from Urban fantasy to Romance with a hint of Caribbean spice. She was born and raised on the Caribbean island of Barbados and now currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her life revolves around her five kids, who she affectionately nicknamed “The Children of the Corn and her husband and longtime love who is also a honorable retired Army veteran. She has a love of dark fantasy, sci-fi, and the things that go bump in the night. With over seven dozen books published Dahlia has become a reader favorite. Not only because of her writing but her vivacious attitude in talking to her fans online and at various events. Her books feature strong heroines with a Caribbean or African American culture, that is showcased in the vibrancy of her words. Books and writing are her biggest passions, and she hopes to open your imagination to the unknown between the pages of her books.