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#WOTR22 #Character Interview – Steel MC Montana Charter with one of the authors Michel Prince

Twinsie Angie and Twinsie Melinda are super excited Michel Prince talked to Red and the other members of the Steel MC Montana Charter.  They are being allowed to tour the clubhouse and talk with the members plus their ol’ ladies for the afternoon.


Angie drives her car slowly through town to see everything she has read about in the books.

Melinda stares out the window and smirks, “Need gas?  I see a certain gas station ahead.  Oh look.  I think the mechanic is on duty.”

Snaping her head to look out Melinda’s window “GUUURLLL Don’t tempt me! But I do not want to be late to the clinic to meet Red, Nova, and Michel.” Angie replied with full sass.

“You are so not gonna keep your cool when he is around.” Melinda says while laughing.

“Girl, again I don’t think you should be talking because a certain someone I know you love will be at the clinic getting his ol’ lady after work.” Angie says while she smirks at Melinda.

Melinda rolls her eyes and says “Whatever. I can keep my drooling under control. “

“Riiiight” Angie replies with a full eye roll.

Angie parks her car at the clinic.  Both ladies enter the clinic.  They See Red and Nova talking quietly with their heads down.  Preacher Girl is rubbing her belly while snuggling with Hack who is counting down the last few minutes until she is off work. Lil Mama is corralling the twins while Cass is laughing at his son who must have repeated a word not allowed while rocking Maddox on his hip.  Michel is sitting and typing all of this down frantically on her laptop. She is trying to get it all down before she forgets and can’t share it with her co-author, Wren.

Melinda sighs. She looks at Hack and Preacher Girl longingly.  Hack gives a slight smile and Preacher Girl a wave since they both know her obsession with him.  They continue their discussion.

 “Tritan,” Hack said.

“No,” Preacher Girl replied.

“Carmelida,” Hack received a hard glare from Preacher Girl. “Fernado, I’ll sing ABBA during the delivery.”

“Wait,” Angie whispered to Michel. “Are they having twins?”

“No, but they are having a surprise,” Michel added. “So Hack is tormenting her because she refuses to find out.”

“So you don’t know either?” Melinda asked only to get a mischievous smirk from Michel.

Michel yells “ Ok guys can we head over to the Clubhouse.  I hear Maggie is making those Lemon Bars.  Before Baldy eats them all, I want to try one.”

Angie slightly whimpers at his name and the thought of seeing him.

“You need a napkin? Mop? Are you going to be able to contain yourself? “ Michel asks.

“Doubtful.” Angie replies to Michel while walking to her car.

Melinda snorts “I mean I kept my cool.”

Michel points “Is that drool on your shirt?”

Melinda checks her shirt and rolls her eyes when she realizes Michel was messing with her and yells “ You, my friend, suck!”

Michel- “Who told? Onyx? Bounty? Baldy?”

Angie nearly breaks her neck snapping to look at her. 

“Just making sure you were paying attention.” Michel winks then mumbles something under her breath. 


They all drive following Red and Nova on their bikes.  When they arrive at the clubhouse, it seems Red is not too thrilled his pregnant wife is taking the curves a BIT on the fast side.

Red angrily states “ Nova, keys now. I told you not to go so fast.”

Nova laughs “And I told you I was just fine.”  Ignoring Red while spinning her keys over her head to walk with the ladies, “Come on in and let’s get this party started.”

Topaz runs over to Michel.  She grabs her and hugs her. “ I am so glad you are here.  There is so much stuff to share especially about Porsche and this little girl” 

Onyx walking up to Topaz and kissing her on the neck “Topaz, that isn’t our story to share. “ 

Topaz eye rolls and giggles at her man. “I know but Michel needs to know about it,” wiggling her eye brows “Especially if we want to sell the tickets to ya’ll stripping!”

Melinda and Angie both GASP at what Topaz says.  Both have huge, wide eyes and you can see their brains spinning at the thought of naked Steel men.

Melinda nudges Angie and whispers “We need to find out how to buy tickets before we leave.”

Angie whispers back “Damn straight we do.”

“So you know,” Michel said. “Baldy’s incorporating the cane, no reason to short the ticket holder’s a man.”

“Like all of them?” Angie asked, scanning the room taking in the mix of men currently clad in leather, jeans and ass kicking boots. 

“Not all,” Topaz groaned “One’s being a stick in the mud, but I’m working with Porsche on getting him in booty shorts and crop top to walk around and collect bills.”

Topaz and Onyx look at the ladies.

Onyx grabs Topaz “Woman let’s go so they can eat.”

Topaz sighs “FINE” but as Onyx is leading her away she yells “Get some of the Lemon Bars.  Baldy has eaten like 5 already!!”

At the mention of Baldy, Angie gets weak in the knees.  Michel and Melinda both laugh at her and walk to the kitchen where Maggie is serving food.  

Maggie yells over the hustle and bustle in her kitchen “Welcome ladies.  I hope you are hungry.  I made enough for an army.”

Michel replies “Isn’t that normal?”

Maggie laughs and replies “My family keeps growing and so does my cooking.”

Angie and Melinda both grab a plate and start to add food to their plate.  All of a sudden someone whispers in Angie’s ear “The Lemon Bars are so good. “

Angie tenses up because she KNOWS the voice, “Thhhhanks for the information” Angie blushes when she sees him wink, a hitch still in his step as he spins his cane, then plants it before stepping again.

Lil Bit shakes her head and says “Baldy, you are going to give her a heart attack.  Go find Beno already. He needs to eat something besides the candy Brick keeps giving him.”

Melinda Snickers “You ok there bestie? “

Angie gives a shaky reply “Yup. I am just fine.” gulping back as if no one would notice.

Lil Bit smiles. “I understand your adoration completely.” She turns and looks at Melinda. “ Ya know Hack just got here and was looking for you.  I think these two have huge egos since they found out from Michel over there they are your favorites in the club.“

Angie and Melinda both mean mug Michel and Scream in Shrill voices “ MICHEL!!!  You weren’t supposed to TELL!!!”

Michel replies laughing “Oh no way was I not telling them. Their reaction is worth their weight in gold.”


The ladies and the MC all sit around the tables they’d shoved together to give enough room.

Michel, Angie, and Melinda all sit.  They watch as the group all find seats to begin their chat.

Melinda looks to Doc and Chief for the first question. “ How is the newest couple doing?”

Doc frustrated says “I’m still trying to figure out how Chief thinks shaking his money maker is going to get us a fire truck.”

Chief shakes his head “First, not my idea.”

Doc side eyed him “But you jumped at the chance.”

Chief scratching at his chin. “Porsche had a point, show some hose to get the money. Besides, I’m not the only one. Hey Angie, you comin’ by on Mother’s Day to watch Baldy swing his cane?”

Angie chokes on a lemon bar and needs a moment to compose herself. Meanwhile, Melinda laughs and is smacking her back so she won’t choke.

Baldy smirks. “Come on Ang, what song you want me to dance to? And Mel, Hack’s gonna do his part for the cause.” Melinda’s eyes go wide enough to see the back side of the moon. “I know you both are good with charity and fundraising. Five won’t get you six at this one, but a five in the right string might get you–”

Lil’ Bit yanks his long hair currently tied back into a ponytail.

Baldy looks at Lil’ Bit and says “You really want to show Angie the way to my heart?”

Angie takes several sips of water and turns her attention to Mountain and Amber. “How is the house and how have the kids adjusted everything?”

Nightingale smiles “They are loving the freedom of Ms. Meadow and being in the same class, for the most part. As for the home, I’m not sure if we’re building a house or a clubhouse.”

Mountain waves his hand “A few amenities we’ll open up for the guys.”

Nightingale puts her hands on her hips “ A gun range, pool–”

Mountain interrupts, “The pool was your idea.”

Nightingale shakes her head “But the lazy river wasn’t.”

Mountain laughs “If you’re gonna build it, do it all the first time because additions are tacky.”

Nightingale whispers under her breath “Martha Stewart was your neighbor wasn’t she?”

Mountain’s face flushes red, “No,” runs hand over his face and mumbles,  “But my mother was one of her first clients.”

Melinda looking to Free and Hollywood, “Any news to share? “

Free turns her head to the side, her face drawn for a moment until Hollywood leans over and whispers in her ear and a small smile hits the corner of her lips. –

Angie looking to Dreamer and Freaky, “How is the school and the house flips going?”

Dreamer snaps her attention to them from little Livi in the carrier rocking next to her. “School is a mix of insanity and joy. But I like the levels together, giving me freedom for one on one teaching and then the younger ones are learning above their grade.”

“Is Olivia in the classroom with you?” Angie asked. 

“For now,” Dreamer said. “Can’t keep that up once she’s moving around more. But she’ll be just downstairs in the nursery with the other kiddos.”

Freaky took over rocking duty and within seconds Livi’s giggles had everyone at the table smiling.

Melinda looked to Cass and Lil Mama, “So the twins are a handful plus the new baby.  Any plans for more?“

“See, told you, everyone wants us to have more,” Cass teased, nudging Lil’ Mama’s shoulder. 

“Fine, Melinda, you take the kids for a weekend and we’ll see what happens,” Lil’ Mama said taking Maddox from Cass and passing the little boy across the table. The little man’s eyes widened and arms began to flop a bit as he blew raspberries and then put a hand on either side of Melinda’s head. “See, he likes her.”

“He’s never known a person who didn’t love him,” Cass said, then turned his attention to Lil’ Mama. “Wait, babysitter, this mean we’re running away and–”

Lil’ Mama placed a finger over his lips as she softly said shhhhhh. 

Angie looks at Bounty and Cream prompting Melinda to ask, “So how is everything going with Liam? In case you didn’t notice, we love the babies you all are having.”

Bounty had the same gleam in his eyes that Cass had just sported and Cream cut her eyes at him. 

“Down boy,” she warned. “Liam is wonderful and I think he’s helping my mom with her fine motor skills. They work on things together. All the learning toys are practically the same.”

“Cream, how has it been having Chief back in your life?” Melinda asked with warmth at the reconciled family. 

Baldy interrupts, “ So, Angie you, afraid to ask me  anything?” smiling as he sees her blush and starts to move in her seat.

Angie looks at her notepad “No, I’m good.”

Baldy laughs, “Come on, ask me anything.”

Lil Bit rolls her eyes, “Seriously go ahead and ask him.  He is going to drive you nuts until you do.”

Angie takes a big breath in and giggles, “ Ok. Has anyone held your beer lately?” 

Baldy rubs his hand over his face “Thank God noone has needed to hold my beer since this lady came into my life.”

Hack looks at Melinda and states “Ok Melinda. Angie got the hot seat so now it is your turn.  What do you want to ask me?”

Melinda sitting up tall, trying to not look crazy “How is Rose doing in School?”

Hack looks confused “Really, Rose? Ok. She is adjusting well from what I can see. Took a bit academically to catch her up, but we have a bit of a brain trust that helped her get through.”

Preacher Girl smiles at Melinda. “She is loving the new life, but teenagers can be a little bit of a handful we are discovering.”

Melinda nods totally understanding

Hack looks angry “and boys are not a good thing.”

Preacher Girl sighs “Now Thomas, He just gave her a rose.  It was sweet. “ 

Hack grumbles “He is under surveillance as we speak.”

Melinda  giggles “Wow. Ok so you like being a dad I see,“

“I do, but I need this one to come out soon and be a boy,” he said rubbing Preacher Girl’s belly and talking to the belly. “Hear me, I need a boy because another girl might kill me.”

“You need to stop, Rose is enjoying the little bit of freedom you give her, that’s all.”

“I might need to reassess my limits,” he said. “She was raised to be grown by twelve, why can’t she just enjoy being a kid, she only had a few years of it.”

“Hack,” Baldy said as he got up and spun his cane. “Time’s a wasting.”

“Sorry ladies, when Baldy calls,” Hack then leaned across the table and scoffed at Angie. “Look who I’m telling, coming Daddy.” 

Angie leans over to Melinda, “Why do I have a bad feeling about those two?”
“Because you know them,” Melinda said with a slight chuckle. 

“We better go before we have to start explaining things,” Angie said.  “Thanks so much for letting us come over and hang out.”

Melinda “This has been amazing and insightful for us.”

Angie and Melinda giggle as they get up to leave and Angie asks “Uhm ladies is the Roadhouse open?  We wouldn’t mind a private preshow. I mean, we just want to make sure it’s a SOLID performance” she says while smirking.

Melinda grabs her wallet “I have lots of bills here that need a good home.”

“Michel knows we wanna help out anyone with fundraising,” Angie smirks!!

“Careful what you wish for,” Michel raises an eyebrow as Nine Inch Nails starts blaring through the stereo system and the women notice the kids had been spirited away as Closer starts to play and cane hooks a bottle of Jack sending it flying along the bar top into Hack’s hand as both men moved around the bar, cuts off and shirtless.

An undisclosed amount of money was raised that night. 


Now if you have not read this series…ya know you want to right???

Steel MC Montana Charter

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