InD’Tale Magazine EXCLUSIVE Articles – A Plice Ride, A Mystery Author And A Dead Body! by Carolyn Arnold and Archetyping: The Crusader by Sofia St. Angeles

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A cross processed murder scene with two forensic analysts and a police lieutenant investigating a crime on a businessman in a basement

Being a mystery author and playing cop behind my computer is certainly a safer take on the job, but I wanted firsthand experience of being out in the field. That desire had me signing up for a ride-along with a local police sergeant, and today was the day. While part of me was excited and couldn’t wait, another other part attempted to anchor me in fear.It was one in the afternoon when I walked into the station and made my way to the main receptionist—a gray-haired woman with a short bob. After explaining my reason for being there, she smiled and said, “I’m rooting for you to see some action.” I tried to smile back. She clearly had different ideas about my outing than I did. Lights and sirens, high-speed chases, shoot-outs between cops and the bad guys—no thanks!

Read the entire article in the September 2016 issue of InD’Tale magazine. HERE 

JOan of arc

Her powers of persuasion are the stuff of legend, and I covet her indomitable spirit. This friend of mine is a force to be reckoned with and it comes as naturally to her as breathing. Broken fridge in the condo we’re renting for our writer’s retreat? Donna’s on it. Jacuzzi malfunctioning? Donna’s on it. Leaky pipes under the kitchen sink? Donna’s on it! Not only does she manage to get the aforementioned items fixed promptly by the management, but her tenacious negotiations get our writing group an extra night’s stay for free. Booyah!This is common for Donna—not so much for someone like me. Problems with the condo? Eh, maybe I’ll let them know when I check out. Whah-whah. Not Donna, she goes about life with an unapologetic tenacity that boggles the mind and leaves others green with envy. Time to move across the country? Plans A, B, C, and on to F are in place. Need a job in the new town? Done in days. Need just the right school for the kids? Jockeying for the perfect placement performed perfectly. Where the average may waver or hesitate, Donna barrels in with both guns ablazin’! I’m yer huckleberry! Such is the gift of the courageous crusader—the heroine of the archetypes.

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