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Unique (The Manhattanites Book 6) by [Aster, Avery]

For fans of TLC’s Sister Wives and the movie Blood Diamond comes UNIQUE, a full length stand alone contemporary m/f/m erotic romance.

Dumped by Europe’s hottest disc jockey Kiki Izatt jumps into her career taking New York society by storm. In charge of Brill Inc.’s jewelry client Paloma Gems she’s ready to show the industry who sparkles.

Superstar DJ Dejon had no choice but to cut ties. If Kiki blew his techno spin cover by discovering his real intentions to hijack The Style Gala, she’d ruin his crusade to return the blood diamonds to his West African people. Dejon couldn’t go back on his word to his brother Dash even if it meant not marrying Kiki.

When Dash Turay accidently shoots and injures Kiki while stealing Paloma’s most valuable stone, he’s taken with her. Dash wants her. He must have her! So what if Kiki is from Utah and promised her virginity to Dejon. Dash will find a way to get her in his bed with or without Dejon’s approval.

Familiar with Sister Wives Kiki wonders if it’s time to try her hand at Brother Husbands!

(Content Warning: The kidnapping of a Utah virgin by two British thieves who just happen to be identical twins induces twincest fantasies, forced submission, D/s, spanking, ménage, voyeurism, and major cray cray!)



Kiki Izatt’s situation is as unique as the title of her book. Kiki is a wholesome girl with unique tastes. This story is not for the faint of heart. I am so happy I dived back into The Manhattanites series. Avery Aster did not disappoint with turning a sweet innocent girl like Kiki into a dirty girl. From blood diamonds to weddings, this story has it all! 
*Book was gifted by the author.

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