#Review #TwinsieForTheDayJordan #Paranormal – Andromeda’s Reign (Moonrising #2) by K.S. Haigwood & Anne Conley

Andromeda's Reign (Moonrising #2)

The Moonrising story continues…

The Alpha Lion of Las Vegas, Ace Keller, has luck on his side, at the poker table and with the ladies, calling bluffs and breaking hearts whenever the notion strikes him.

After bonding with the Alpha Wolf of Montgomery, Alabama, fate flips Ace’s simple world upside down when he finds himself desiring only one woman in his life — Andromeda. But not only does he want her, he needs her touch in order to live.

The bond forces them to feel each other’s emotions and hear each other’s thoughts, which wouldn’t be a problem except Andromeda is in love with a Master Vampire, and Ace has dark secrets of his own that could put her in danger.



Review by Jordan

Andromeda’s Reign

By: K.S. Haigwood
Where do I begin? This book has everything! Love, action, angst, and passion. The characters are so real and I have to say Ace is definitely all alpha king of the jungle but I still have a soft spot for Phoenix. I’m dying with the need to know what happens next. The cliffhanger is a doozy. I feel like I was left with more questions than answers, but sometimes that can be a good thing. I will be anxiously awaiting to read more about these characters and where they will end up. I had no clue I would become so invested in Mena’s life when I began the series but here I am going through all her ups and downs with her.
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“Far from crazy, but equally as far from normal. There are voices in my head and I occasionally talk to them.” – Kristie Haigwood

K. S. Haigwood is the author of the Save My Soul, Eternal Island and Moonrising series. By day, she is a CNC Machinist, but by night and weekend, she saves the world or destroys it in a single bound, depending on what mood she is in and if she has had her coffee. In addition to being an award winner for the ‘Life Changing Read Award’, she has also been nominated twice for Best Indie Book 2016 in the Paranormal category.

Characterization is one of K.S. Haigwood’s strongest points. You can understand each characters’ predicaments and you can almost foresee their reactions. But. There’s always a but, with this author, because Haigwood can deliver enough twists and turns to turn a tornado on its head. Just as you think you’ve figured where the story is going next, she’s duped you again.

The whole of her novels are littered with good chuckle moments, and even in the darkest hour, the thinnest hint of a silver lining is still visible among the clouds.

Shock therapy for body and soul, delivered at a hundred miles an hour with the humor and charisma of a trendsetter, Haigwood is certain to be hailed the new wonder-drug to cure all ills.



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