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Harley Easton

Tell us your name and then a bit about yourself.

Harley Easton – I’m a midwestern woman who has done a little bit of everything. I tend to write short stories. Everything has a healthy dose of romance, but sometimes I venture into paranormal romance, erotica, romantic horror, or fairy tale spin offs.

Where is your favorite place to write and what food must be present?

I have an office where I usually do work. It sounds strange, but I must have a cup of ice with me.

What are you favorite things about attending signings?

I love meeting people. New readers and new authors are always fun to chat with. I end up connecting with so many after the event and making good friendships.

What author would you love to meet (Who is your unicorn author)?

I was lucky enough to meet Neil Gaiman and Molly Harper who were both previously on my list. Now, I’d love to spend a long conversation with Jim Butcher or Mercedes Lackey.

What author would you love to write with?

Other than the ones on my unicorn list? I think Sarah Addison Allen and I would write a really cool book together because I really get into the rich Southern magical-realism feel she has in her books. I’d also love to work with Marissa Meyer because that woman transforms fairy tales like a master.

What is your favorite memory so far as an author?

My father telling me he’s proud of me and my mother asking to read one of my books. I’ve been blessed with a very supportive and close-knit family. Their praise made me cry.

What are your social links?

@WriterHarleyEaston – facebook
@harleyeastonwriter – insta
@harley_easton – twitter

What are your buy links? (You can list individual or links to your Amazon/ibooks/Koko/etc Author Home Page.)


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