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For most of her life Ryen Cardona has known exactly who she is and what responsibilities her future holds. She welcomes them, revels in them. To the outside world Ryen Cardona is a confident, intelligent acquisitions agent for the European Arts Council, traveling between Europe’s most famous museums, collecting pieces, and planning fundraisers, but at the end of the day that life is a ruse. Ryen Cardona is a witch, quite possibly the most powerful witch the world has seen, but most people don’t even know that witches, real witches, with powers, exist. But Ryen isn’t just any witch. She’s the Maiden of the Universal Coven, the ruling body of all witches, and the one thing she despises and fears more than anything is vampires.

Cash Di Marco, unwilling heir to a centuries old Italian estate, is successful in his own right. He has defied his powerful mother to become a rising night club mogul. Loved by the paparazzi, he shamelessly enjoys all of the perks of being the epitome of a playboy bachelor. Providing him with fresh conquests each night, his business also offers an endless supply of blood, a necessity for Cash since he is also a vampire. Cash dreams of owning night clubs around the world to where not only the unknowing human patrons flock, but also where his vampire clientele can drink discreetly and safely.
Fate interferes with the plans they have for their lives when Cash and Ryen’s paths cross. Both of their lives are turned upside down as beauty and chaos unfold


Review by Polly

Just a little note – this book does end in a cliffhanger, so it’s a good thing book two is out!

The genre of Fantasy is not my usual go-to and wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I started reading this book. Holy cow was I in for a ride! The story of Ryen Cardona (a witch) and Cash Di Marco (a vampire) had me sitting on the edge of my seat!

I absolutely love Ryen and Cash and the fact that fate has decided that these two characters need to be soul mates. But, can they?

Ryen Cardona is a witch and just not a witch, she is the Maiden of the Universal Coven and she hates vampires! A relationship is not something that is on her radar at the moment. She has a busy schedule being an acquisitions agent by day, most powerful witch by night!

Cash Di Marco is a night club mogul/playboy trying not get caught up in his family fortune and duties. Witches are not really his thing…except to maybe grab a “bite” from.

The book is packed with intrigue and romance, witches and vampires! Love, love, love the push and pull between Ryen and Cash! Their story is full of passion and pain, love and hate!

And the ending! Please….you cannot leave us hanging like that! Good thing book two is out or I would be in a total book hangover!

Growing up in rural Central Iowa, where the closest neighbor was at least 1/2 a mile down the gravel road and her brothers being 7 & 10 years older, gave Kristine plenty of opportunities to use and hone her imagination. From acting out stories with her Barbies, to pretending she was being held captive and guarded by vicious dogs (aka puppies her dad raised), she found ways to entertain herself.
Now she is living in the sprawling metropolis of Cedar Rapids, spending her days teaching high school Spanish and her nights being a wife and mother to a son and furry children. Somewhere she finds a little time here and there to write. Much to her husband’s irritation, her imagination still steals her away to daydreaming about her characters and future stories.
Kristine LOVES reading. She has been reading supernatural/paranormal genres since second grade. Her friends force her to read other genres from time to time, but she prefers a little darkness in her stories. Some of her favorite authors include L.J. Smith, Jeaniene Frost & I.T. Lucas.

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