#BookBlitz – Levi (Untamed Sons, #4) by Jessica Ames

He’s live!!!

Title: Levi
Series: Untamed Sons MC #4
Author: Jessica Ames
Genre: MC Romance

As Secretary of the Untamed Sons MC, I know my place. I’m the youngest member to ever become an officer and I’m not doing anything to put that in jeopardy. Then I meet Noelle. She’s a club bunny. Brothers don’t claim the women who service our club, but I want her like I want my next breath. For her, I’ll put my position on the line and risk the wrath of my president.
After the death of my sister, my need to get revenge pushes me into the arms of my enemy. I want to tear them down, destroy their whole club and I’ll stop at nothing to get my revenge. Then I meet Levi. He changes my outlook, makes me realise that the Sons are not all bad, even if they have a few rotten apples in the barrel.
I’m falling hard and fast, but I’m in too deep. Telling him the truth of who I really am will get me killed, but if I don’t we can never be together.
*Warning : Contains adult content, reading age 18 +. Graphic violence and dark emotional scenes that may trigger some readers.
GOODREADS LINK: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/55599939-levi
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