#WOTR21 #Paranormal #RH #Vampire – Rose, Jewels Cafe #12 by Jewels Arthur

Rose: A Standalone Paranormal Romance (Jewels Cafe Book 12) by [Jewels Arthur, Silver Springs Library]

Meet Rosalie, or Rose for short, she is a gorgeous plus sized heroine who is about to get mixed up in a whole ‘nother world!

Rose has a night job at a bar in Silver Springs called Vee. She loves it because it gives her freedom, free drinks every night, and she gets to spend time with the 3 oh so sexy owners of the bar.

What Rose doesn’t know is that these guys have a dark and dangerous secret and the bar she works at isn’t quite what it seems.

Rose’s attraction to these guys is strong but she thinks she has no chance. The guys are drawn to Rose but they know they could never date a human. Insert one magical PSL then Rose’s world is flipped upside down.

Rose is a standalone reverse harem romance.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased this audio book.
This was my first book by this author. I grabbed it because she was attending a book signing I was going to be attending. New author to me is exciting right???!!!
The book is about Rose who lives in a super natural town but she is unaware since she s just a human. She works for 3 hottie brothers…er..vampires and lusts over then nightly. She knows they aren’t interested in her that way or are they?
Sebastian, Dean, and Finn have lusted over the curvy and sassy bartender since they met her. Their pull to her is getting strong by the day but they know they can’t have her. It would be unfair to her to either change her or watch her die while they stayed young and vibrant. The men all of a sudden see another vampire taking interest and their world turns upside down.
When Jason, an attractive man, chats up Rose and then kidnaps Rose everything she knew about the world is suddenly changed. She soon learns of her new life and all about her bosses. Rose is going to do everything to get back to the brothers and hope they will accept the new version of her.
I liked the story but I admit the narration was not my favorite so at times I would turn the story off. The inflections fell flat at times. A narrator’s voice can really make or break a story. There were times I felt like she was reading an essay because there just wasn’t any emotion in the “book”.
I did like the story but wonder if my enjoyment would have been hirer with reading vs the audio book to be honest.

Jewels Arthur has lived in Central Illinois her entire life, she is a small town girl at heart and is terrified of city life. She grew up on a farm with 27 barn cats, video games, movies, and books to keep her company. She is obsessed with romance and swoon. Especially the paranormal type — humans are truly overrated.

As a hopeless romantic she wants everyone around her to be in love and wants to read about love all the time. She got married at 19 (suprise suprise) and she had a beautiful baby girl 3 years later when she finished college. She graduated college with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies. Her obsession with love led her to decide that she needed to write her own swoony books, with a bit of dirty of course 😉

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