#MMRomance #FakeMarriage #AgeGap Perfect Blend by: AD Ellis

They never planned to mix business with pleasure, but together they’re the perfect blend.

Justin plans to put his business and baking skills to good use once he owns the small-town coffee shop of his dreams. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to make his dreams come true. If that means involving an unsuspecting silver fox in his scheme, so be it.
Morgan knows moving to Briarton was the right step in getting his life back on track. A case of mistaken identity lands Morgan right in the middle of young, handsome Justin’s completely unexpected plan. Morgan should just say no, but something deep inside urges him to take a chance.
Will Justin and Morgan complete the terms of their unconventional deal? Or will they finally admit there’s more between them than they first realized?

**The Perfect Blend is a steamy, M/M age-gap, marriage of convenience, coffee shop romance.**



Review by Twinsie Tenise

Justin had moved to town to live with his grandpa after an ex basically drug him through the dirt. His dream has always been to own a business of his own and much to his luck, the coffee shop in town is up for sale and he’s bound and determined to purchase the business. He has SO MANY plans for it.

Morgan has lived in Briarton for about 6 months. While it is not his hometown, he does consider it his home. He works at the coffee shop and had told himself if it ever was put up for sale, he would buy the place.

Seems like quite the predicament. I mean, they each want the coffee shop but it’s impossible for these 2 strangers to both get their way. Right?

I enjoyed this book very much. I am a very emotionally involved reader. I wanted nothing more than for the story to go in the direction I hoped it would in my head. I refuse to ruin the book for anyone, I hate when people do that, so I will not reveal whether or not I got my way. I will just say, if you love reading MM romance, and love it even more when it’s an age gap romance with a sexy silver fox and a marriage of convenience thrown in, you should grab The Perfect Blend. It had the perfect blend of angst, funny and sexy. I cannot wait to read the 2nd book in the series.

About A.D. Ellis

Escape into addictive, sexy, emotional romance.
A.D. Ellis is an Indiana girl, born and raised. She spends much of her time in central Indiana as an instructional coach/teacher in the inner city of Indianapolis, being a mom to two amazing school-aged children, and wondering how she and her husband of nearly two decades haven’t driven each other insane yet. A lot of her time is also devoted to phone call avoidance and her hatred of cooking.
She loves chocolate, wine, pizza, and naps along with reading and writing romance. These loves don’t leave much time for housework, much to the chagrin of her husband. Who would pick cleaning the house over a nap or a good book? She uses any extra time to increase her fluency in sarcasm.
A.D. uses she/they pronouns.




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