#BookPromo #Freebie Owned by the Billionaire: Alpha Billionaire Romance (Forever Yours Book 1) by L.N. Pearl and S.K. Lee

Sara never had a normal life. And probably never will.

She’s a talented singer and dreams to live her passion. But between her job as a bartender to pay the rent and her sister who’s an addict, Sara has another responsibility: Matt, her 5 year old nephew who’s desperately seeking his mother’s love and attention.

Despite all these obstacles, Sara never gave up. She can’t and she won’t: that’s not her type. She’s a fighter. Even if her life is everything but perfect, there’s still a stubborn part of her that believes that everything will change. If at least she could find love…

Ryan is a workaholic and that’s why his hedge fund is one of the most successful in the country. Time is money and money is everything. So when his best friend invites him to a high dollar bar to celebrate his engagement, Ryan reluctantly accepts.

But the second his gaze meets Sara’s beautiful eyes, he knows that he’s been wrong all his life: money isn’t everything. The beauty behind the counter is.

Note: this is the first book out of five in the series. Contains explicit language for a mature audience only.

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