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Bria Quinlan

Tell us your name and then a bit about yourself.

Hello! I’m Bria Quinlan *waves*

I write sweet contemp romance where our quirky heroines deal with surprising situations and YA issue books that are funny around the hot HS soccer team (I know this sounds vaguely familiar….but I swear I was a decade ahead of Ted Lasso!) I’m also constantly distracted by my “cowriter” Jack who thinks throwing his squeaker is the most important part of my work day.

When you are writing a book, which is harder? The first book in the series or the others after it?

I love starting a new series. It’s the cleanest slate you can get with an already present core readership! Everything is possible. (Translation: I have not yet painted myself into a corner!)

When writing a series how do you keep things fresh, for both your readers and also yourself?

YES! I’m writing two new series now and it’s so fun to try new things, create new dynamics, paint new worlds.

Writing can be an emotionally draining and stressful pursuit. Any tips for aspiring writers?

Drink heavily. Joking, not even a drinker really.

I’d say to everyone: Find what lets you unplug and reenergize.

Walking in the woods is my go-to. It’s brings down my stress, allows me to get exercise, turns off the rest of the world while at the same time filling my creative well. And I absolutely leave my screens at home.

Find what works for you then guard it like it’s gold. I learned just walking in town isn’t it or walking with people didn’t do the trick. I do those things, but they’re not “me time” – protect your me-time.

On a typical day, how much time do you spend writing?

I’m a muller. I’ll make lists and doodle and go for walks and that all counts because without it there’s no words to put on the page. But I’m also a strong believer in not measuring my time any longer as it started to feel heavy. Some days I write a few words on a notecard for later. Other days I get up, forget to shower, and stop when I finally get hungry.

Do you have a favorite character that you have written? If so, who? And what makes them so special.

My readers are going to say “Abby” — and I do absolutely love her. But for me, my YA heroines all hit my heart hard.

I don’t think they’ll be a year I stop thinking about them no matter how far away those books get.

If any of your books were to be made into a movie, who are the celebrities that would star in it? What book and who?

OOHHH I think my book that would translate the best (again, readers would say The Catching Kind, but thinking script work) would be Wreckless.

Bridget: Sadie Sink (I mean, come on! Right?)
Jake: Jacob Elrodi

Altho, in my head I’m always like “A younger version of…” bc it’s a little odd to think about younger folks that way. Also, the answer is always *always* Michiel Huisman

What is your definition of success?

Wow, has it changed.

As someone who was a full-time author for years, hit a list, nominated for awards, has a great agent, blah blah blah BUT STINKS AT MARKETING no one is going to stand up and say “You know who is super successful? Bria Quinlan.”

And now, with years under my belt, I’m absolutely okay with that.

Now I’m just kind of at the “I’d like to write books that bring me joy to create and become bedside rereads for people bringing them smiles and tears.:

That sounds schmaltzy, but there you have it.

Do you have anything you want to share that didn’t fit on one of these questions?

Only this: The thing that makes tough books, hard releases, bad sales quarters, silly genre drama, etc worth it are READERS!

Every time, every darn time I’m feeling down about a project it’s the most magical thing when a reader reaches out to tell me why they loved this book or that character. It’s gas in the creative tank because it reminds me why we do this and why I’ll keep doing it.

What are your social links?




What are your buy links? (Provide links to your Amazon/iBook’s/Koko/etc Author Home Page if you have quite a few. Also include audible links if applicable.)


I know you said audible, but I’m adding Chirp too bc it’s so much better a deal for both the reader and the author:

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