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Beneath the Flames (Brie's Submission, #25)

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“Beneath the flames of desire, my heart beats for you.”

A collaring, a letter, a fiery blaze, and an act of redemption will leave you breathless…

Romance and intrigue mark Brie’s journey as she attends the special collaring ceremony of a dear friend and learns the truth behind Marquis Gray’s heart-rending confession.

Adventure on the high seas leads to wicked fun, while a simple letter will reveal the truth that has been kept hidden from Faelan for years. Returning to her documentary, Brie is left spellbound when she films Master Nosh’s fire play scene—one she has never seen before!

She has come into her own, rising from the ashes like a phoenix. With newfound confidence, she is about to experience the sweetest of raptures in the arms of her Condor.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I was given this book by the author for an honest review.

I look forward to each installment of the Brie series from Red.  This story has grown so much from when I started to read it YEARS ago….like YEARS!  LOL  I feel like this book is setting up some things to come in the future.  We did move our characters along but I feel like something is coming in the next book or two!!

Brie and Sir start this book out with a surprise trip with a good friend to celebrate the future of the group and special steps their friends are making.  I was so happy with the beginning of the story.  Seeing our cast of characters so happy and moving toward their HEA’s is amazing.

OF COURSE, no book is complete without a visit from our favorite Russian making Brie forget some of the troubles in her life with the beast and Holloway.  We also have a great fantasy scene with Brie and Sir.  Which is always delicious reading but seeing Sir/Thane with his kids makes me love him even more.

I loved seeing The Wolf and the bond he and Brie have but hearing from Tono as well.

The biggest and saddest part was Grey and how devastated he is after he told us what he did at the end of the last book.  Hearing what he tells Brie and he heart right now made my heart hurt for the honorable man.

Like I said this was a good book but after what Rytsar tells us at the end when he is with Brie and Sir makes me thing big stuff is happening next book.

Review by Twinsie Melinda

I received a copy of this book from the author for an honest review.

I love when a new Brie book is released. The journey’s Brie goes on always warms my heart. Especially when all her friends are involved in them.  

This one starts off with Brie Sir and the kids being invited on a cruise for a special event for a very special friend.  Brie has a chance to get to know Master Nosh and his sub Nenove while on the cruise which ends up being a blessing for Brie and her movie.

Brie is still shook up over Marquis Grey and Holloway when our wonderful Russian Sadist “storms” the ship and whisks Brie, Sir and the kiddos away on a wonderful mini getaway that helps Brie live in the moment and forget. 

My heart aches for Grey and all he has gone through and going through. I loved catching up with Lea and Mary. Even Farlan got some much needed closure although it was hard for him. 

I love catching up on all these characters I cannot help but want to know what the next journey for Brei will be. I know it will be an emotional ride but oh what a ride it will be.  

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