#WOTR24 #Review – A Mountain to Climb (Rebel Vipers MC #0.5) – By: Jessa Aarons


My life has fallen apart, so I’m trying to find my sister, starting with the last place she said she was. What I find there isn’t what I was expecting – the Rebel Vipers MC clubhouse.

The hot as hell man who opens the door is none other than my sister’s baby daddy. Oh, and if I forgot to mention, she’s not here anymore. What the heck?

It doesn’t take long for our attraction to surface, but I’m not so sure that us being together is the right thing. What about my nephew, Connor?


I almost slammed the door in her face. She said she was Roxy’s sister and I panicked. But the more I get to know her, I realize she’s nothing like her venomous sister. That’s when I start falling.

How do I convince this woman that staying in the clubhouse is the right thing for her? For us? I have some walls to knock down, starting with her being afraid that my son will hate her forever. He’s ten years old and needs a woman in his life.

All is going well until I almost lose it all. Is this the end for me, or will my blue-eyed beauty keep me grounded?


Review by Twinsie Melinda

I met this author at Rocking Readers and I had to pick up this book. I’m so glad I did it was a quick read and great intro to the club to see how it got its start.
Mountain A/K/A Jethro is the president of Rebel Vipers CM and a single dad. His son’s mom left when Conner was little.
When Lana came looking for her sister all she found was the president of Rebel Vipers. When she knocked on the door, he tried to slam the door in her face. Lana would have none of that and told Mountain the same.
I loved this insta-love quick read. Blue had just the right amount of sass to keep Mountain on his toes. Not only could she keep him in line but also his son Conner. I liked seeing the connection Conner and Blue have. She was so patient with him when they met and he was up in a tree.
Great start to a series. It pulled me in and I immediately purchased Whiskey. I mean really, I had to find out what Conner grew up to be and how did he get the name Whiskey.

Jessa Aarons was born and raised in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin. She has had her nose buried in books for as long as she can remember. Her love of romance began when she “borrowed” her mom’s paperback Harlequin novels.
After experiencing a life changing health issue, she had to leave the working world and dove back into books to help heal her soul. She would read anything that told a love story but still had grit and drama. Then she became a beta reader and personal assistant to another author.
Jessa is the boss of her husband and their castle. He really is her prince. Thanks to his encouragement, Jessa started putting pen to paper and creating new imaginary worlds. She spends her free time reading, crafting, and cheering on her hometown football team

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