#Review – The Asylum Confessions (The Asylum Confessions Files, #1) by Jack Steen

They arrive alive. They always leave dead.
But first, they give me their confessions.

My name is Jack Steen, and for those who arrive on my ‘death’ ward at the Asylum, I’m the last face many will see before they die. I am the night nurse at an Asylum for the Criminally Insane, and most of my patients know me as their Angel of Death. I know them as mass murderers, rapists, and serial killers – among other things.

Here’s what happens: they come on my floor, they give me their deathbed confession, and I help to make their death less painful. There’s a catch, though: I want the real story, the one they haven’t told anyone else.

The majority of these killers are expert manipulators. They could be playing their final game with me by messing with my head.
Now, maybe they’re messing with yours too.

Inside this book are 4 DeathBed Confessions:

  • Patient 1024 has an interesting ‘appetite’.
  • Patient 974 is the Ken to his Barbie, and he would do anything to keep her happy.
  • Patient 871 is a Nanny, but not one you want watching your kids.
  • Patient 1203 is the sweetest, broken soul you’ll ever meet but her confession is a hard read.

WARNING: There is swearing in this book. And some stories might be a trigger for something you have a hard time handling.

But, these are the confessions of serial killers, mass murderers and such.

Wow. Okay…um…

So I was looking for something quick to read to up my books read for my Goodreads challenge and I came across this series on Amazon. I was in the mood for horror. Figured it would be a good genre to read, seeing as it was October when I was searching for horror reads.

I ended up coming across this series and devoured the first book.

I guess the author is a night nurse at an asylum but some people are saying that that isn’t true. The author said that these books are about the confessions his patients give him before they pass. Again, not sure if that’s true or not. So it kind of messes with your head. I know it did mine.

There are four parts to this book. Each part about a different patient. They’re in the asylum for the criminally insane, so they’re all bad people, right? That I really can’t answer. The one I felt awful for. Another, I was disgusted. One just made me feel like “oh that’s been done before and isn’t anything new” and the last one? Are they a good person or not?

I think I had more questions than answers by the time I was done this book but I instantly one-clicked the next book in the series.

Please be warned though: There ARE triggers. But this is a horror book, so triggers kind of come with the territory. If you decide to grab this book, please read with caution.

I truly have no words for what I just read but of course, I’ll read the rest of the series because I want to know more. Oh and I wonder if the author is truly who he says he is, maybe he writes these books as a way to cope with what he’s dealt with for years. But I also wonder, if he is who he says he is, if he is a good guy or not…

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