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Review #TwinsieForTheDayJordan – Tempting Secrets By Michelle Windsor

Tempting Secrets (Tempting Nights Romance Series Book 1) by [Windsor, Michelle]

My name is Maddox Stone. Or at least, it’s the name my clients call me. I’m a private male escort and for a price, I’ll be whatever you want and need me to be. I have the body, I have the looks, and I have a smile that makes any woman swoon.

But It’s just a job. A necessary evil to help fund my dreams of becoming a doctor. I’m simply a robot, performing my required tasks. Until the night I’m hired to seduce Charlotte Harvey and remind her how good a man can make her feel.

I didn’t expect her beauty to spark a desire in me long buried. I didn’t expect her smile to turn that spark into a flame. And I definitely didn’t expect her passion to ignite that flame into an inferno. I should have walked away without looking back, but she started a fire in me that I can’t seem to tame.

How do I keep my dirty little secret without burning her world to the ground?



Review by Jordan

What a story! Hot hook up with a Mr. Trey Riley for an evening turned into something neither Trey nor Charlotte could have predicted. The story pulled me in instantly and the end left me with questions about Trey and Charlie’s friends. By far I think my favorite part was the trip to the zoo, but I’ll never tell what happened. Fall in love with Trey Riley along with Charlotte just like I did in this upbeat romance.

Michelle Windsor is a wife, mom, and a writer who lives North of Boston with her family.  When she isn’t writing, she’s been known to partake in good wine and good food with her family and friends.  She’s a voracious reader, loves to hike with her German shepherd, Roman, enjoys a good romance movie and may be slightly obsessed with Outlander.