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Bearly Safe (Texan Bears Book 1)

Attending a co-worker’s Halloween party dressed as a sexy fairy was the worst decision Shelby Maxwell made all week. That is until she lets her temper get the best of her in front of Dallas’s finest and ends up in the back of a police cruiser. Too bad the gorgeous jerk responsible for her bad behavior didn’t have the sense to avoid the police, himself.

When someone shoots up the party, the gorgeous jerk, Nick Kang, sprouts fur, explodes out of the police cruiser, and saves the day. Nick’s jerk streak continues as he leaves Shelby to explain what happened.

After her name is released to the press, a penitent Nick arrives to protect Shelby from the killer’s mafia associates. Close quarter guarding leads to close quarter groping and a little more intimacy than Shelby is prepared for. But it may be time to put her past behind her and accept far more than the safety Nick offers.



I received this book from the author for an honest review.

So I have to admit the blurb made me giggle and that it why I asked Anya for the book.  Because I figure if I giggled reading it, I would be giggling through the whole book annnnnd  I was right.  Also side note, If you have talked with Anya or know Anya then you might think like me…she is Shelby.  Every time she said something sarcastic or let her loudmouth face talk, I heard Anya’s voice!!  LOL

Shelby is so over DB’s but that seems to be her lot in life.  While at a party another DB strolls up to her annnnd gets her arrested!  LOL  Sucks right!!  Well the DB actually did her a solid by ya know, saving her life when the bad guys start shooting up the squad car she and he are in.

SO now Shelby has to deal with what happened in the car annnnd lemme tell ya A LOT more happened in the car plus she is a suspect in several police officer’s murders.  Bad day gone worse right???  When she has a double date and the DB guy…ok his name is Nick, is her date…..stunned doesn’t even begin to cut it.

The banter is hilarious between these two.  Nick is really draw to Shelby.  She hates to admit it but she too is drawn to him.  When things begin to happen all around them, Nick had to involve his Alpha and other pack members to help his woman……..but will she be his woman????  Is she his woman?  Can he get her to allow him to claim her with a bite and all????

The couple both need to stop and talk about what is happened because a miscommunication between them causes some difficulties in a possible future together.

I really am not sure whose book I want next more…do I want fun loving Matty or extra broody Kreigh??  Me thinks Kreigh!!!


Anya writes stories with romantic slants. Sometimes they’re extra naughty and sometimes they’re sickeningly sweet.

She reviews books on a different, secret profile.


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