#WOTR21 #Erotica #TwinsieForTheDayJulia – The Little Next Door (The Hidden Little Secrets Book 1) by Dakota Trace

The Little Next Door (The Hidden Little Secrets, #1)

They say some things hide in plain sight – particularly the thing you desire the most. Ethan Ramsay had known for years that there was a special someone out there for him – a Little who needed him above all others – he just hadn’t expected her to have lived next door to him for half of his life. As a protector who’d been burned in the past, he’s not quite ready to wager on a good outcome to Sloan’s sudden reappearance, but how can he turn away the vulnerable Little he senses lurking behind her troubled eyes?

Sloan Kettering was a woman down on her luck – all because she’d dared to put on paper what she longed for the most. Now, homeless, jobless and ready to throw the towel in, she gambles one last time on the boy next door. Or rather the man he’d become. Chef Ethan Ramsay may have been her childhood friend, but Sloan wasn’t sure how to deal with the man he’d become. Every part of her imagined what it would be like to have a Daddy Dom, but could she handle the reality of Ethan’s brand of dominance?

Publisher’s Warning: The Little Next Door includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, naughty uses of chocolate and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Review by Julia AKA WOTRMomma

Sloan is homeless and living with her Grandma. Ethan is her old next door neighbor, who she grew up with. Years later and Ethan knowing her circumstances, offers her a job. But Ethan knows other things about Sloan too. And he will be the one to show her the way! This was a Great Story, well written and thought out by Dakota Trace. For a first step into a new genre, she did well!

Hello, and welcome to my site. I’m Dakota, an author of erotic romance (think 50 Shades of Gray – but better) and paranormal erotica. And what exactly does that mean? Well, since I’ve always marched to the beat of different drum: it means that I get to take my unique life experiences – like putting around in the garage with my dad, or driving a train when I was ten, to create worlds where the heroines aren’t necessarily June Clever, but are strong independent women who may stand on their own two feet, but long to submit to the right man. Whether it’s two friends who realize there is more than friendship between them or the sexy alien who captures his unwilling slave’s heart, sparks fly between them. My imagination has no bounds or at least none I’ve found yet!

#WOTR21 #TwinsieForTheDayPolly #Review #Paranormal – The Maiden:Revelations by Kristine Plum

For most of her life Ryen Cardona has known exactly who she is and what responsibilities her future holds. She welcomes them, revels in them. To the outside world Ryen Cardona is a confident, intelligent acquisitions agent for the European Arts Council, traveling between Europe’s most famous museums, collecting pieces, and planning fundraisers, but at the end of the day that life is a ruse. Ryen Cardona is a witch, quite possibly the most powerful witch the world has seen, but most people don’t even know that witches, real witches, with powers, exist. But Ryen isn’t just any witch. She’s the Maiden of the Universal Coven, the ruling body of all witches, and the one thing she despises and fears more than anything is vampires.

Cash Di Marco, unwilling heir to a centuries old Italian estate, is successful in his own right. He has defied his powerful mother to become a rising night club mogul. Loved by the paparazzi, he shamelessly enjoys all of the perks of being the epitome of a playboy bachelor. Providing him with fresh conquests each night, his business also offers an endless supply of blood, a necessity for Cash since he is also a vampire. Cash dreams of owning night clubs around the world to where not only the unknowing human patrons flock, but also where his vampire clientele can drink discreetly and safely.
Fate interferes with the plans they have for their lives when Cash and Ryen’s paths cross. Both of their lives are turned upside down as beauty and chaos unfold


Review by Polly

Just a little note – this book does end in a cliffhanger, so it’s a good thing book two is out!

The genre of Fantasy is not my usual go-to and wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I started reading this book. Holy cow was I in for a ride! The story of Ryen Cardona (a witch) and Cash Di Marco (a vampire) had me sitting on the edge of my seat!

I absolutely love Ryen and Cash and the fact that fate has decided that these two characters need to be soul mates. But, can they?

Ryen Cardona is a witch and just not a witch, she is the Maiden of the Universal Coven and she hates vampires! A relationship is not something that is on her radar at the moment. She has a busy schedule being an acquisitions agent by day, most powerful witch by night!

Cash Di Marco is a night club mogul/playboy trying not get caught up in his family fortune and duties. Witches are not really his thing…except to maybe grab a “bite” from.

The book is packed with intrigue and romance, witches and vampires! Love, love, love the push and pull between Ryen and Cash! Their story is full of passion and pain, love and hate!

And the ending! Please….you cannot leave us hanging like that! Good thing book two is out or I would be in a total book hangover!

Growing up in rural Central Iowa, where the closest neighbor was at least 1/2 a mile down the gravel road and her brothers being 7 & 10 years older, gave Kristine plenty of opportunities to use and hone her imagination. From acting out stories with her Barbies, to pretending she was being held captive and guarded by vicious dogs (aka puppies her dad raised), she found ways to entertain herself.
Now she is living in the sprawling metropolis of Cedar Rapids, spending her days teaching high school Spanish and her nights being a wife and mother to a son and furry children. Somewhere she finds a little time here and there to write. Much to her husband’s irritation, her imagination still steals her away to daydreaming about her characters and future stories.
Kristine LOVES reading. She has been reading supernatural/paranormal genres since second grade. Her friends force her to read other genres from time to time, but she prefers a little darkness in her stories. Some of her favorite authors include L.J. Smith, Jeaniene Frost & I.T. Lucas.

#Review – Rebellious and Reckless by Michelle A. Valentine

Rebellious and Reckless (Campus Hotshots #1)

He’s Rebellious in the ring and Reckless in Love.

Sky Cold knows exactly what she wants, and it’s Luke Finnegan, the college campus star quarterback. The only problem is she’s not even a blip on his radar. In order to get noticed by her crush, she’s willing to exchange the extra bedroom in her apartment to Luke’s tattooed, older brother to find a way into his social circle.

Baker Finnegan is determined to get out of his father’s shadow and do things his way. When he falls on hard times, and the sexy, slightly nerdy co-ed Sky offers him a place to live in exchange for a fake friendship, he can’t pass up the opportunity. But when Baker quickly realizes the only match he wants to make for Sky is one with himself, he has to convince her to look past his reckless ways.


Review by Twinsie Kelly

Sweet torture and a glutton for punishment. Life isn’t perfect and we don’t always get what we think we need. Think, being the key word. Things never seem to go the way you want but in the end it just works. The story is a bit on the cliche’ side because ultimately we have a nerdy type of girl who essentially has a makeover and then gets the attention of the hot guy. Only in this story, she has the attention of two brothers…both are hot in their own ways. Sky gets Baker to agree to help her get a date with his brother, Luke. Then the fun starts! Baker moves in with Sky as part of the deal. But then they start to get close. Both of them have secrets…and both involve part of their family. These secrets are most definitely not cliche’. You seriously need to read this.  As things continue to unfold they can’t deny the pull that they have between each other but Sky still can’t decide if she wants Luke or if she is falling in love with Baker. 

“Do you have your Finnegans confused?” This is one of my favorite lines because this sums Sky up completely!

We have the hot jock, the rebel fighter, and the sweet librarian. All of the makings of a romantic comedy that will keep you turning the pages. Even though some of the story is cliche’, it is still a fun read with its own twist. And that makes it a must read!

Michelle A. Valentine

New York Times Best Selling author Michelle A. Valentine is a Central Ohio nurse turned author of erotic and New Adult romance. Her love of hard-rock music, tattoos and sexy musicians inspires her naughty characters. She loves connecting with her readers in “Valentine’s Vixens.”
Book teasers and excepts can be found on her website: http://www.michelleavalentine.com

#WOTR21 #NewRelease – Love and Romance, Small Town Secrets Book 6 by Jade Jamison

Love and Romance (Small Town Secrets #6)

Every woman should have a best friend…with benefits.

Elizabeth is a college professor by day, steamy romance writer by night. There’s just one problem: she has a hell of a time penning her steamiest scenes without a little help from Ridley, a guy she calls her “pretend boyfriend.” When her imagination falters, Ridley gives her plenty to fuel her imagination. But when she catches him playing around on her, she boots him to the curb.

And then she can’t write at all.

Enter her colleague and good friend Roman. While indulging herself in a liquor-fueled pity party she confesses her secret to Roman—and he volunteers to play the part of Ridley while she figures things out.

She doesn’t dare…does she? Won’t that make things at work awkward as hell? But her writing is languishing, suffering a slow, agonizing death.

Will she take Roman up on his offer or keep a safe distance and go it alone?

Curl up by the fire with a glass of wine or a mug of hot chocolate and settle into Winchester, Colorado—where the nights are cold…but steamy!

Portions of this novel were previously published in 2014 as the book Substitute Boyfriend.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Ok so if you are a regular person to my reviews, you know I loooove Jade right??!! Well I totally do. I was super lucky to meet this woman and when she asked me to beta read this, I might have squee’d and lost my “cool” a bit….LOL but wouldn’t you have????? HELLO she is a FAVORITE author of mine!!!!

This book is a funny, hawt and quick book. I picked it up and read it in a couple of hours. This book is about Beth. She is a part time professor who is also a published erotica author….hrmmm, sounds like Jade???? Anyway, Beth keeps her little erotica author secret until she meets Ridley. He then becomes her “inspiration” for her sex scenes. Ridley is the perfect alpha bad boy covered in tats that Beth loves. Problem is, Ridley doesn’t really like being on “call” plus he is kiiiinda a DB. …well he is……..Beth is trying to make a relationship outta this booty call but soon realizes he is NOT a relationship guy….growl…you will understand why I called him a DB when you read the book…….SMH…………..

A drunken night Beth calls her bestie, co-professor at the college and during a drunken mistake tells him all her secrets…even Ridley and the erotica author part. So Roman does what any friend does, he offers to be her new booty call. He offers to be her substitute boyfriend since Ridley was her pretend boyfriend…….Well friends lemme tell ya…Roman has a few secrets of his own and Beth gets really confused. Roman is her BEST FRIEND but, but, but…………..Well Beth gets freaked out and then Ridley comes running back when he realizes his booty call is gone……What is a girl to do????

All I gotta say is I will never look at Rum the same way…….ANND that Jade, as to be expected, makes ever sexy scene amazing and hot!!

I received this book by the Author for an honest review.

Beth aka Lizzie is an English professor who is a published author of erotic romance novels. Only one problem she needs to act out the sex scenes to make sure they are doable and believable. She finds a pretend boyfriend in the HOT bad boy Ridley who is available to her at a moment’s notice to ‘act out’ these scenes. Until the one night he turns her down to be with someone else.

Beth calls on her best friend and colleague Roman to talk and have a few drinks. She spills the beans about her being a published author and what Ridley was helping her with. So Roman being the great guy he is offered to be the substitute boyfriend. Can I say I will never think of coconut rum the same and he has a way of making sex anywhere HOT even a men’s bathroom.

This was a great short story. I so wish it was longer. I wanted to know more about Ridley and find out more about Beth’s family. Maybe even a few more steamy scenes too, although this was filled with them. I loved that you could feel the conflict between Beth when confronted with who she wanted Ridley or Roman. Oh you want to know if she picked the Hot bad boy, Ridley, or the substitute boyfriend, Roman, hahah guess you’ll have to pick up your copy and find out. You will not be disappointed. For a short story it is packed with goodness.

It was an honor to beta read this for Jade Jamison and I was so excited when she asked if I would. Thank you for allowing me the honor of Beta reading for you.

1. Dream 2. Play some music 3. Write 4. Blow readers away 5. Repeat

Jade C. Jamison is a steamy romance author, heavy metal fangirl, wife and mom, coffee connoisseur, cat lover, and vegan foodie–not necessarily in that order. She loves life and believes we learn our wisest lessons when reading, especially fiction. Her heroines are fierce, her heroes all but broken, both seeking redemption together. Whether those books are set in a small Colorado town or big city, she strives to take her readers’ breath away…one story at a time.

#WOTR21 #Paranormal #Series #Novellas #ThrowbackReview #Standalones – Honey Bear: A Kinship Cove Fun & Flirty Romance (Mates & Macarons) by Ellis Leigh

Honey Bear (Mates & Macarons #3)

Sometimes the happy in happily ever after is relative. Or related. Sort of. The third slice of sweetness from the Cake-ily Ever After bakery in Kinship Cove will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

I’m supposed to be the nice sister. The good one. The girl everyone can count on and who rallies the troops whenever one of us needs a little boost. I’m not supposed to be anything other than sweet. I’m not the one secretly pining for a man twice my age. A man who shifts into a bear at whim and runs the whole darn town with a calm sort of confidence never before seen in Kinship Cove. But I do pine. I pine hard.

And when I make bad decisions because of that, I become the sister with a burden bigger than she can carry.

And a secret.

What would you do if you needed money fast? What wouldn’t you do?

I won’t sell my body. So instead, I’ll sell the closest thing I can—to whoever has the right amount of cash.

And I’ll cross my fingers and hope the bear shifter who refuses to see me as anything other than sweet never finds out.

HONEY BEAR is the latest paranormal romance from USA Today bestselling author Ellis Leigh. The story is part of the Shifters In Love: Fun & Flirty world but is a standalone romance with wit, snark, and more than just flirting.


Honey Bear: A Kinship Cove Fun & Flirty Romance (Mates & Macarons #3) by Ellis Leigh

I purchased this book from Amazon.

I love love love the paranormal world that Elis creates in all of her stories.  She makes me laugh and love each and every characer.

This book is about sweet human Madeline/Maddy who is crazy in love with the town mayor and bear shifter Jericho.  The history of the two is long and intertwined to the point that Jericho calls himself Maddy’s uncle…ewwwww.  However, when Maddy grows up Jericho no longer wants to her uncle but her lover because the fates have made her is mate.

Jericho needed to a good kick in the pants because he was being an idiot and I loved the naughty Fox who helped him see he was missing a good thing by denying is mate, Maddy.

Maddy has given up on Jericho and also started a side business that ….welll…..isn’t traditional but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right???

I loved the scene when Jericho finds out about Maddy’s little side business, but I really loved seeing Maddy stand up to Jericho’s enemy and let everyone know this little human is not so sweet after all!!

I so want to read the rest of the books in the series because all the characters cracked me up so I imagine their books are just as funny.

A storyteller from the time she could talk, USA Today bestselling author Ellis Leigh grew up among family legends of hauntings, psychics, and love spanning decades. Those stories didn’t always have the happiest of endings, so they inspired her to write about real life, real love, and the difficulties therein. From farmers to werewolves, store clerks to witches—if there’s love to be found, she’ll write about it. Ellis lives in the Chicago area with her husband, daughters, and a German Shepherd that refuses to leave her side.

#WOTR21 #zombies #2ndChance #ThrowbackReview – Savage by Jade Jamison


This is an alternate cover edition for B00VF8CLC6.

Kill or Die

Nina Hardwick has had a rough life since leaving high school, but inside she is still the girl looking for a silver lining. The past several years have left their toll on her psyche, and just as she feels like she’s climbing out of a deep abyss, her life and the lives of millions of others fall into shambles as a virus overtakes the country and leaves a plague of undead armies scouring the land.

In a desperate attempt to get away from the infected, Nina and some neighbors speed out of town, nearly killing a man on a motorcycle. When they stop to rescue him, Nina realizes that he is the one man from her past she never got over, the guy who should have been her high school sweetheart until she messed it up. But this unrequited love, Kevin Savage, says he doesn’t even remember her. Or does he?

Nina, Kevin, and her neighbors head to the wilderness and fight to survive not only the plague but also hunger, cold, their inner demons…and even each other. Will they survive and, more importantly, will her heart?


I received this book from the author for an honest review.OMG! I. AM. BLOWN. AWAY by this book.

I am a big Jade fan but this book is soooo different from anything I have read of hers. I have pretty much read all the books in her library but like 4 so to say I know her writing style wouldn’t be a lie. The anxiety and tension of this book totally sneaks up on you and then BOOM you are a stressed out MESS!! This book is VERY slow but it’s very purposeful in its pace. We, the reader, are in Nina’s mind. We ARE Nina. We get to see her reasons for why she does things and why she feels the way she does. She is a very broken woman because life hasn’t always been easy and she kinda has some “what if’s” playing in her head…..alll those what ifs are about our yummy Mr. Savage……..

Nina and her neighbors end up almost running over Nina’s biggest life regret, Kevin, when trying to get to help Nina’s elderly aunt. The story is the 4 of them making due in a survival situation during the worst possible time to be in the Colorado Mountains. Yes they are homebound essentially and dealing with a few “biters” but the story is not really about the virus but the people. The story is about what people will and won’t do to survive. How people can change to go with the new world or how they break and go a little insane with the new world. I totally think that the characters in this book are actual representations of what can happen if this situation were to arise. The best of couples can fall apart and strangers can become your ally and trusted companion.

Now to all of you “I am not gonna read it because it has zombies in it”…get over it. Zombies are a minimal part of the story. PEOPLE and SURVIVAL are the point of this story. I can tell you I was messaging Jade completely freaking out at parts and then bawling at parts of the story. This book was a book I was eagerly waiting to read. I will not deny it but to say it wasn’t at all what I thought it would be isn’t a lie. I expected a different kind of a book…more action and fighting but what I got was an amazing look into the souls of people. The heart of what makes us a society of good or not good people. I feel that this book is showcasing a whole new level for Jade’s writing abilities. She can write some hot and naughty rockers we all have no doubt but this book and its main character, Nina, is just so deep and inspiring. It really knocked my socks off…..

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” While you’re more likely to see Jade headbanging instead of Dirty Dancing, she—like Baby—won’t be put in a corner…or a box. So even though you can’t really stick her books in one genre, you could say she mostly writes steamy Contemporary Romance—and, while you’re at it, you’ll notice in her stories that Jade freaking loves Colorado, hard music, coffee, bad words, and CHOCOLATE!!! And so do her characters.

Oh, and there’s always a glimmer of hope…because if life doesn’t have that, what’s the damn point?

#WOTR21 #Paranormal #ThrowbackReview – Beauty Loves the Beast: A Wylde Paranormal Love Story

Beauty Loves the Beast  (Wylde Paranormal Love #1)


Avoidance had become my norm. After too many tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, I’d checked out—on everyone and everything—on life. Ex-navy SEAL. Totally broken man. I’d hit rock bottom so many times, I was sure I was about to fall straight to hell. It would be a welcome reprieve.
Then she found me. Beautiful, insane and more broken than I was. She needed my help. I needed her humanity.
How she found me was anyone’s guess. But she had. She needed rescuing. She needed a hero. I was none of those things.
But for the first time in many years, I wanted to be. I wanted to be her hero.


Becoming an undercover agent for the CIA had been my dream until everything went wrong—wildly wrong. Trapped in a cage with nothing to do but anticipate more torture from the ones I was supposed to trust, I had no choice but to escape—again. This time I’d succeed or die trying.
They’d turned me into a beast and it was time to show them exactly what I could do.
Finding the beautiful man who could help me end my pain was something I’d never expected—or wanted.
It was a complication for normal people. I wasn’t normal. I would never be normal.

Could two broken pieces make a whole? Could we truly disappear with the government hunting us down like animals?
He was Beauty and I was the Beast. Happily ever afters didn’t happen for people like us.
Or did they?



I am a huge fan of twisted fairytales and was not disappointed by this one. Loving the paranormal and the role reversal! There are two completed broken and messed up people just trying to survive. 

Georgia thought she was doing exactly what she loved by being an undercover CIA agent but ended up trapped and experimented on. When she makes the escape she runs to Carter, the broken ex-Navy Seal. As their worlds collide, they both become the hunted. And here my friends, is when the action picks up as well as Georgia’s snarkiness and her death wish. 

“Your life would be simpler if we offed me. Just saying.” “Maybe I’ll off you tomorrow,” I replied, … “But today, I’m finding complicated quite interesting.

This is full of action with tons of sarcasm but with the sweet love story in the background that we all have come to love. Even if they don’t make it, they will take their stolen moments together. I am hooked on these and am very much looking forward to the next in this series. Bring on the crazy hawtness!

Robyn writes because the people inside her head won’t leave her alone until she gives them life on paper. Her addictions include shoes (the expensive kind), Coke with extra ice in a styrofoam cup, and bejeweled reading glasses.
A former professional actress, she now lives in the south with her family and too many animals to count. Writing gives her a chance to have a job where working in her P.J.’s is acceptable. You can follow Robyn at http://www.robynpeterman.com and at Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Robyn-P….

#WOTR21 #SingleMom #2ndChance #Audio – The Queen’s Heart (Growing Strong Book 2) by Michel Prince Narrator by Kat Maxwell

The Queen's Heart (Growing Strong #2)

At the tender age of seventeen, Mary Beth discovered the family she thought would see her through anything couldn’t accept her one mistake. Thank goodness for her best friends that stepped up to support her decision to keep her child. Seven years later together with her friends, she’s created a successful business on the verge of a large expansion.

But the desire to be accepted by her family continues to be a failure that taints all her accomplishments and has her making concessions she never thought she would.

Elias Marquez was content with his life. He definitely wasn’t looking for the vibrant redhead down the hall from him. After a chance encounter, he can’t escape the need to be in her company again. He wants to explore the possibilities and the undeniable spark her touch inspires.

Torn between trying to right the past and accepting that she can only control her own life is Mary Beth truly ready for the love Elias is prepared to offer as a future?


Review by Twinsie Angie

I was given this audio book for an honest review by the author.

The narrator by Kat Maxwell is amazing.  I loved seeing her name on the book for narrator.  She does a great job voicing the characters.  She is one of my favorite narrators for audio books.

Mary Beth is normally a strong, steady, and responsible business owner.  She and her 3 besties from high school built a business and are building toward a better future.  These girls are her everything and she will do everything to be the best for her friends/family.

Mary Beth is such a strong woman until her baby daddy, Nate, comes crawling back.  She is in a bad spot.  She keeps falling back into the sheets with him and will not move forward.  She lives in the “what if” he finally comes back.  She also thinks she needs to be available for the father of her son.  Which Nate fully takes advantage of.  He knows he can worm his way back in to her life.

Eli is the swinging bachelor who moves into Mary Beth’s apartment.  He catches a glimpse of her when moving in and cannot stop trying to get to know her.  They two have crazy chemistry plus major respect for one another.  They love to banter and grow to love each other but Nate will not let this love grow without issues.

Mary Beth has a lot of other issues besides her baby daddy and that is her real family.  The birth of her illegitimate son caused her to be disowned by her parents.  When she stumbles upon some family drama, she and her friends have to be there to support her as well as Eli.

I loved the story and seeing Case and Gabby plus seeing where the family will be headed in the future.

Michel Prince is an author who graduated with a bachelor degree in History and Political Science. Michel writes young adult and adult paranormal romance as well as contemporary romance.

With characters yelling “It’s my turn damn it!!!” She tries to explain to them that alas, she can only type a hundred and twenty words a minute and they will have wait their turn. She knows eventually they find their way out of her head and to her fingertips and she looks forward to sharing them with you.

When Michel can suppress the voices in her head she can be found at a scouting event or cheering for her son in a variety of sports. She would like to thank her family for always being in her corner and especially her husband for supporting her every dream and never letting her give up.

Michel is a member of RWA Pro and Midwest Fiction Writers. In 2013 she was awarded Elite Status with Rebel Ink Press. She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband, son, and cat.

#WOTR21 #Family #Adoption #SeriesStarter #Audio- The Guardian’s Heart, Growing Strong Book 1 by Michel Prince Narrated by Ben Josephs

The Guardian's Heart (Growing Strong #1)

Case Thomas is always in control whether its on the basketball court, the lab where he works, or in his love life. He thinks he has everything all figured out. All that changes when his parents pass away during his last year of college and Case is thrown into fatherhood when he becomes temporary guardian to two adorable twin toddlers. Weeks later, exhausted and running out of time, Case must decide if he’s ready to become a father to these children, or give them up and move on with what’s left of his life. Then he meets Gabbie Vaulst.

Gabbie is amazing with the kids, owns her own business, and has all the right curves in all the right places. She can tell Case is attracted to her, but does he really love her or is he just settling for a surrogate Mom who can wrangle his new kids? Knowing that she’s falling in love with him, she chooses to push him away until his world straightens out. Can Case prove to Gabbie, and himself, that his feelings are real? Or is this sudden family too much for both of them to handle?


Review by Twinsie Angie

I was given this audio book for an honest review by the author.

I love love loved the premise of this book given I am a preschool teacher by day.  SO, when Michel offered me the book, I snapped it up and started it the next day!!

I am going to start with our heroine Gabby because she is just kind, loving, and loyal…at times to a fault…but that is a story for another day.  Gabby is minding her business when she catches a batch of diapers being thrown her way.  She, again being the amazing and selfless person that she is, jumps in to help this incredibly stressed out…Dad?  What she soon learns about Case and his siblings turned children, she opens her heart to help him figure things out not realizing how her own world would be rocked by this man and kiddos.

Case is just wanting to finish college when his world is rocked by his parent’s death.  He now has to decide what he is doing…keeping his twin siblings OR giving them up for adoption.  He is at his wits ends and begging God for a sign when Gabby, the angel from above, comes to his rescue.

Claire and Charlie ….seriously made this book!!  They are the typical kids with typical drama (I mean I feel ya Claire when my Pretties are no longer wearable) but then they have such devastating sadness over the loss of their momma and daddy.  Case and Gabby navigate a relationship all the while finding a family forming under their feet.

I loved the story like crazy.  I mean how can you not love them as a couple plus Gabby’s Growing Strong Mafia who threaten Case at every turn if he hurts their girl…LOL  *Sigh* Oh Mandy……..

This was a sweet story of finding the love of your life right when you need them most.  The couple deal with a few issues and learn to communicate along the way but I just loved everything about the story.

The narration at the times was a little off sounding. It was like a bad edit cut in at times but Ben did a nice job with bringing the story to life for the characters.

Michel Prince is an author who graduated with a bachelor degree in History and Political Science. Michel writes young adult and adult paranormal romance as well as contemporary romance.

With characters yelling “It’s my turn damn it!!!” She tries to explain to them that alas, she can only type a hundred and twenty words a minute and they will have wait their turn. She knows eventually they find their way out of her head and to her fingertips and she looks forward to sharing them with you.

When Michel can suppress the voices in her head she can be found at a scouting event or cheering for her son in a variety of sports. She would like to thank her family for always being in her corner and especially her husband for supporting her every dream and never letting her give up.

Michel is a member of RWA Pro and Midwest Fiction Writers. In 2013 she was awarded Elite Status with Rebel Ink Press. She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband, son, and cat.

#WOTR21 #AudioBook #RH #SeriesEnder #Trilogy – Reclaiming Kendall, White Trash Trilogy Book 3 by Brandy Slaven Narration by Allie Martina and Chris Patton

Reclaiming Kendall (White Trash Trilogy, #3)

“Teagan, Lucas, Maverick, Grant . . . I love you. Then. Now. Forever.”

Two years after her father figure tries to kill her, Kendall has finally learned to live a normal life again. It helps that she’s had four very solid anchors to keep her from going adrift. Now the time has come for more permanency in their lives, with a wedding worthy of magazines and a honeymoon guaranteed to rock their worlds. Throw in some family drama, a little bit of bad news, and a kid closer to Kendall’s heart than she realizes. Kendall and her husbands realize being an adult isn’t going to be any easier than growing up. What lies ahead for this five-some family? Pick up the finale to the White Trash Trilogy to find out.

*This is the last book in a Contemporary Reverse Harem Trilogy.

*Recommended 17+ due to mature language and situations.


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I received this book from the author for an honest review. I also received this audio from the author.

I loved the audio voices for Allie Martina and Chris Patton. They both brought the characters to life for me and made the story that much more amazing!

I fell in love with Mav, Teagan, Grant and Lucas thanks to my friend Mary introducing me to this hella good world.  Kendall is one tough chick who will NOT be what the expectation is for her….white trash continuing the cycle in the trailer park.  We have seen her fight and scratch her way out and when she meets the Quad it all falls in place for her.  Her men, now husbands, have done everything to ensure their love will endure.

We have seen the 5 grow from high school to college and now we see them all taking the final plunge into marriage.  We know the struggles will not be over so quickly given their unusual “family” dynamic BUT they wont give up any part of the group or sacrifice their love for Kendall.

When the story starts we see the marriage and honeymoon….damn the breakfast scene…holy hot shower after is allllll I gotta say!!!  WOWZER!!  Brandy I will never look at pancakes and maple syrup the same way and neither with the other guys!!!

From the honeymoon we see them living their lives.  We see the daily routines and trying to make time for everyone.  I loved how each couple got private time but they also remained grounded in their family time and dynamic.

We see Kendall begin to struggle with not being enough when things come into play plus we see the family taking on a parental roll that none of them understand more than Kendall.  This book gives us more insight to the new budding “family” plus we also see the changes each person is willing to make for the love of their “brother husbands” and new wife.

I seriously am so sad to see them go but loved the surprises we got at the end with some spin offs and novellas coming our way!!!  Whoop Whoop!!

Brandy Slaven lives in Tennessee with her husband and two wild children. If you can’t find her creating worlds with her words, you will find her with her nose in a book at the beach or hiking at a state parks.

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