#WOTR #Review – Savior (Tattered Social Club #1) by Pauline Allan


Savior (Tattered Social Club, #1)


With a violent past, Niko Malikov knows revealing any weakness could be a death sentence. Growing up on the rough city streets was a lesson steeped in violence. He has always been the go-to guy and, now, his successful career at The Tattered Social Club as one of their premier artists has proven anything is possible. Anything but revealing his secret. A secret that would destroy the man he’s become. That unshakeable strength is wounded when a young man walks into the shop wearing a pair of skinny jeans.

Ethan Cohen sold his soul for a bed. With the scars of his past still visible, he’s ready to move on. Nervous and determined, he enters the Tattered Social Club to get a tattoo from the hottest artist in the state. All he wants is a phoenix tattoo, but the gruff bulky guy sitting in the studio has no plan of letting that happen. Ethan knows from the moment they steal that first kiss, the man with the painted skin isn’t ready. Maybe he isn’t either. Against everything his broken heart is whispering he wants. God, he wants to be wrapped in those strong arms, but he’s fighting for freedom with a man unwilling to be free.
So different. Falling into each other’s shadows. The undeniable need. The savior.



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angies review

I purchased this book.

I saw this book was about MM hotties covered in ink…Yes Please.  I saw the price…YES Please.  I mean 99 pennies…how do you turn it down.

This book is about Niko, the in the closet, tattoo artist and Ethan the broken, good looking, openly gay, college student.

Ethan has sold his soul to the devil to keep from the streets.  When he saves up enough money, he goes to Niko for a tattoo.  Niko is a very popular and well respected artist.  The minute they meet you can feel the tension.  One problem, Niko is straight or so he likes to think.  He experimented with guys and thinks about guys but he is totally not gay.  Situations between the two become crossed when an aggressive kiss blurred the lines.  Ethan is then conflicted because he likes Niko but he doesn’t want him to know his shame.

When Ethan finally breaks free from his shame, Niko is there to help him out…why you ask?  He has no clue either but he can’t not be with Ethan.  The two start a “friends with benefits” type relationship all while Niko is denying he is gay.  However, we can SEE his possessive streak show when Ethan’s past comes to haunt him.

I liked Ethan’s character but I really enjoyed Niko.  He was so closed off from the things he was told by his father at a young age.  When we can SEE him breaking through his “anti-gay” thoughts to expressing his wants and desires to Ethan it made me really happy.

about the author

Oh my, where to start. I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. I’m a women’s health nurse by day and an erotic romance writer by night. I love poetry and believe romance is the secret to a fulfilling life. I feel that all women, irregardless of how she looks, is beautiful and desirable because she is seductive by nature. We are females and therefore sensual! I love to laugh and sometimes…love to cry. I love to travel. Let me clarify that. I love to travel home. I’m a native of the midwest, but my heart dwells in the dark corridors and courtyards of New Orleans. So, home is ‘Nawlins. It’s a part of my blood. I enjoy a cold glass of rum and Diet Coke while chilling on the front porch and a nice glass of red while I’m reading in a bubble bath. I can debate anything…even if I’m wrong! I love a strong alpha male and the starving artist. I am a firm advocate for love and all the physical aspects that accompany the emotion. I began writing when I was nine years old. I started with the horror and paranormal genre. I still enjoy reading an old Stephen King novel now and again. My favorite authors are many. Historical, Lisa Kleypas and Charlotte Featherstone. Poetry, Edgar Allan Poe. Erotica, too many to name here. I listen to music constantly and attribute the bulk of my ideas to the tunes playing in my car. So, that’s me in a nutshell. A writer chained to the computer with a cup of coffee feeding my veins. Friend me on Facebook and Twitter to learn more.

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