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More Than a Fling (Cottage Grove, #2)


More Than A Fling is Book #2 in the Cottage Grove Series. It can be read as a standalone, complete with a HEA.

Julia Caldwell has long since mastered the art of seduction in order to catch the only thing on her radar; one night stands. Having two failed marriages under her belt, she’s learned to keep her feelings in check and remain aloof, not wanting to get caught up in another pesky relationship only for it to end eventually in heartache. As the manager of a prestigious Hair Salon in Nashville, she succeeds in keeping the opposite sex at arms-length except when it suits her and her needs. That is until she lands on Cottage Grove soil.

Dean Parker has just as many failed marriages against him, and with being a divorce lawyer it eventually has him thinking that’s why his conquests always fall through, due to his occupation. After seeing his two childhood friends rekindle their flame and earning the happily ever after he so desperately craves, he decides to give up. That it’s not worth the heartache he’s been put through. Until he meets the snarky spitfire who gets under his skin.

Throwing the two of them together in the same town for the wedding of their best friends, Julia isn’t against having another fling, even if it is with Dean, but he definitely has other plans of making it more than that. Amongst their non-defined affair, lurking somewhere in the darkness is a shadow from one of their pasts who will stop at nothing to make sure that happily ever after’s stay where they belong, in the fairy tales.



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I received this book for an honest review.

DEAN!!  YES!!  I was so excited for this book.  He is cocky, arrogant, hawt and just puuuuurfect for me.  Julia is so sassy, feisty and the perfect woman to keep this lawyer on the defense!

When Dean and Julia meet there was instant chemistry.  They both called it like they saw it and I loved it.  This book throws our two favorite besties together for Eden and Baylor’s wedding.  The instant they are together the digs and banter starts.  I swear I am laughing and then screaming KISS ALREADY!!!  They are so perfect for each other but they drive everyone crazy by denying it.

When Eden and Baylor leave for their honeymoon, we see Julia and Dean actually spending time together and realizing that they LIKE each other.  I love that Dean keeps teasing Julia by saying “Ahh you like me“ because, in fact, they more than like each other.  The chemistry is crazy and Julia is freaking out.  We don’t know YET why she is so closed off to love.  She tells Dean a lot about her past but not the WHY never again.  Something happens that sends Julia running for the hills.  But my future baby daddy Dean won’t give up.  OMG I was SWOONING at him and all l the stuff he does……the texts, the Christmas gift……Yes full on love with this man.

When Julia’s past comes back to haunt her, Dean is freaking out because he needs his woman and he needs her ASAP!!!

I seriously can’t tell you how much I loved this character but I gotta tell ya…baby brother Bentely’s book….it looks like it is going to be a good one too…..

about the author

Amber is a stay at home mom currently residing in Southern Indiana with her husband and two beautiful daughters. If she’s not shopping, going to concerts or on road trips, or having her nose stuck in a book, you’ll often find her at the ball field watching one of the numerous sports that her girls are involved in.

She is the author of the contemporary romance Brown County Series, titles include Not Alone, Runaway Love, How To Save A Life, and Unconditionally (M/M).

Follow her on Twitter @nation_amber, on Facebook atwww.facebook.com/ambernationauthor, on Pinterest at Ber2885, and check out her website at www.ambernationauthor.com.


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