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Kept by the Commanders

Over the years since a series of catastrophic natural disasters left most of the Earth in ruins, those who survived have returned to a much more primitive way of life. In this harsh world, men fight to protect what remains of humanity while women care for their homes, bear children to rebuild civilization, and obey their husbands or face stern chastisement.

Twenty-year-old Lara has grown used to fending for herself, but when she defies the strict rules of the community she ends up in deep trouble. To avoid banishment, she is informed that she must spend three months as the prisoner of two battle-hardened commanders of the village’s soldiers, during which time she will be required to submit to them in any way they demand.

The commanders intend to ensure that Lara is taught a lesson she will never forget, and soon she is blushing with shame as her bottom is thoroughly punished, both inside and out. Despite her sore backside, however, she finds herself quivering with desire and begging for more when the two handsome, dominant warriors show her all the ways in which a man can enjoy a woman. But when Lara learns of a dire threat to the village, can she convince her men to heed her warnings or will she be forced to take matters into her own hands?

Publisher’s Note: Kept by the Commanders includes spankings, sexual scenes including threesomes, and elements of BDSM. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.




I bought a copy of this book after reading another of this authors books.

HOLY MOTHER! This book is super hawt and uber erotic.  If you are looking for some naught filled pages, then this my friends is your lotto winner.  This is a hawt ménage with elements of BDSM and a whole lotta spanking throughout this entire story.

The long *snickers* and the longer *bigger snicker* of it is that the world as we know of it gone.  There are a lot of factions who are not good people and some factions that are good people.  Tye and Rex protect their group of people but are not happy when Lara infiltrates their family/people.  They offer her a deal and she takes it.  This is the deal “Do what we say when we say it and you can stay here and be protected OR Get out and be on your own.”  SO Lara takes the men up on the deal.

Obviously the three start to develop love and mutual respect but the past is still causing issued for the ménage to formally solidify a forever for them.   Lara and the Commanders must learn to rely on each other as well as themselves to make the connection a forever one.

Maria Monroe writes smart and sexy romance. She loves playing Pokemon, drinking wine, and burning things in her back yard.

She’s the author of several romance novels, winner of a Writer’s Digest short story competition, and graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop.


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