#REVIEW – Fallen Crest Christmas by Tijan

This is a very very short novella consisting of one scene that has three parts, and an additional bonus scene. This was written to be a FREE gift to any Fallen Crest readers! And with that said, Happy Holidays from Tijan.

Twinsie Jo’s Review:

Although this story is super short, I find it necessary to read right after Fallen Crest University as there is some interaction between Sam and her mother. Also, if you’re like me, you’ll read anything Tijan publishes anyway.

This little novella takes place right after Fallen Crest University. Sam’s mother is back and wants to make everything right by her but of course, our Sam is leery as anyone would be in her situation. Mason and Logan are there for as always while she questions the return of her mother.

We also see a sneak peak into the next book, Logan Kade, and trust me when I say this, his story will be one I will never forget.

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