#Review – SHIFT (Mackenzie Grey #1) by Karina Espinosa

SHIFT (Mackenzie Grey: Origins, #1)


It’s hard enough being an undergraduate student, an intern at Downtown Manhattan’s police station, and a bouncer at a local bar. Add her now ex-boyfriend who recently dumped her for the school’s resident bimbo—oh, and she’s a werewolf.
Mackenzie Grey meets her match when she is kidnapped by the Brooklyn Pack and tossed between Sebastian and Jonah—the Alpha and the Beta. Being a lone-wolf in the city is dangerous, and now that the Pack has found her, so can every supernatural being in the Tri-State area. And not even her sarcastic, smart mouth can get her out of this.
When a string of kidnappings involves Mackenzie in supernatural politics, she questions her new acquaintances and finds unlikely allies. Can she escape Pack law and keep her freedom—or will she be condemned to an unwanted path?






This is such a great book! A kickass heroine who is bending all the rules and showing she can play with the big boys! I actually won this book during a book release party. I have never heard of this author but I do LOVE a good shifter book. I was a little put off at the first sentence because it starts with how her ex-boyfriend left her for a bimbo. I didn’t want the book to be a bunch of high school type stuff but I was proven wrong and very fast. Mackenzie is this college student who is a werewolf. She is not sure how it happened and has no one to talk with about this change. She has an amazing friend, Amy, who reminds me of the saying “dynamite comes in small packages”. A trio of werewolves doesn’t make her quiver. Mackenzie has a strength and confidence about her that gets her a job as a bouncer at a nightclub. She runs into the local pack and this becomes trouble. She is still trying to wrap her head around the whole mess while attempting to get answers from them about her. She is having an extremely difficult time with the pack as she is unwilling to bend to their practices and rules. There are many tough decisions, things that could scar her for life, but she takes it in stride as she understands that sometimes you have to break the rules. She is still an extremely independent woman but has to lean on someone when things continue to go awry with her ex and the kidnappings that are now involving her. This is an extremely witty and cunning story that is full of badassery. I got absolutely sucked in and could not stop until the end and even then I needed more. I will be continuing this journey of Mackenzie’s. It’s absolutely captivating. Kudos to the author!


Karina Espinosa

Karina Espinosa is the Urban Fantasy author of the Sins of the Fallen series and the Mackenzie Grey novels. Infatuated with travel, pop culture, and the need to write everything down, she spends much of her days in front of a computer working on her next book, shopping online, and listening to music. With nomadic tendencies, she is currently resting her head in South Florida until the itch to move strikes again. You can usually catch her on Facebook, Instagram and live-tweeting during episodes of Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Orphan Black. Follow her on social media!



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