#REVIEW – Taking What’s Ours by Alexa Riley

Taking What’s Ours 

You can’t tease two alpha men like Hudson and Ridge and not expect consequences, not when you’ve become their every obsession.

They have a target…but their one obstacle has long legs, thick curves, and a mouth made for sin.

They do everything together, and Charlotte is no exception. She tempted them…and now they’ve come to collect. Together.

Can they take what they want and still stick to the plan? Five feet, seven inches of lush addiction says no.

Twinsie Jo’s Review:

Another one to melt your kindles!

These little stories in this series are super short but super hot. They are insanely taboo but oh so good. With the twists and turns of each book, it leaves you wondering just how the hero or heroes is going to get the girl and just what they do to get them.

Hudson and Ridge are no exception when it comes to Charlotte. Both inmates and both have a thing for the good doctor. Just what will they do to get her to notice them? Read to find out! I really liked this one.

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