#Review #MC #TwinsieForTheDay -Ryker (Hell’s Renegades #1) by Dawn Robertson

Ryker (Hell's Renegades, #1)

Our lives aren’t beautiful or glamorous.They’re dirty and fucked up.
We live the nightmares people live in fear of.
We live on the edge of the law wondering when it will finally catch up with us or who will bury us before that happens.
But its the outlaw life we chose. It was a choice we all made, and I wouldn’t fuckin’ take it back. Not ever.
Until she walked into my life and made me second guess everything, I have ever known.
She is an angel, and I am tainted in darkness.
She is pure perfection, and I am stained and bloodied.
I want her, but I know I will never have her.

I just hope that I can come to terms with the fact that she belongs to someone else, and there is nothing I can ever do about it.

My name is Ryker, and this is my story.


Review by Jordan

I received this book for an honest review.

I’ve been waiting for this story for ages it seems, and I wasn’t disappointed! Ryker is the bad boy every girl lusts after but is unattainable because he doesn’t want to settle down. Lyric is a good girl experiencing life for what feels like the first time. The two are opposites that can’t seem to distract themselves from wanting the other. An agreement for one night no strings what should have gotten the other out of their systems turns into an insatiable hunger. This explosive relationship is bound to be one for the books with their undeniable need for one another. I love the explosive nature that these two have when together.

Three times best selling author Dawn Robertson was born and raised in Connecticut before relocating to Florida in 2013. The same year first novel, Hers debuted as an Amazon Best Seller. Replicating that success with two additional novels in the following years.

The Indie publishing world has grown to love her raw writing style depicting strong
women in real life situations, topping the charts in erotica, romance, and romance-suspense. Robertson has even insinuated that the female characters in her book mirror her real life. But, that I’ll leave to speculation.

When Dawn Robertson is not writing she is a full-time Real Estate professional in Florida, and mother of three amazing children.


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