#Review #Shifter #Dragons The Blackstone Bad Dragon (Blackstone Mountain Series 2) by Alicia Montgomery

Jason Lennox didn’t want a mate. He didn’t need a mate. He was happy with his life, doing what he wanted and who he wanted. But, when he meets the frosty Christina Stavros, his dragon instantly recognizes her as his. Their first meeting was a disaster and he’s been trying his hardest to forget about her.

Christina Stavros was back in Blackstone for her sister’s wedding, and only for that reason. She certainly wasn’t looking forward to seeing Jason Lennox again. But, she just can’t seem to put the sexy dragon shifter out of her mind.

When a mysterious organization tries to sabotage the Blackstone Mines and Christina is put in harm’s way, Jason must put aside his personal feelings about mates to protect her. But, Christina is hiding a secret of her own and she may be more involved that she’s led on.

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I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader’s Copy of this book

Back to Blackstone Mountain we go for Matthew and Cathrine’s wedding, but this is not Matthew and Cathrine part 2, nope this is allll about the bad boy twin Jason. We started at the end for Matthew’s book, from Jason’s point of view and continue from there.
If you’ve read book one you remember that Jason pretended to be his twin to keep Catherine’s sister occupied so that she didn’t try to take her away before Matthew could try and talk to Catherine.
It is always funny when a player finds the girls who he wants but wants nothing to do with him.
Christina is Catherine’s twin sister and she wants nothing to do with the Blackstone Mountain, the Lennox family, and that doubly includes Jason Lennox. However, since her sister is getting married to his twin and living there she has no choice.
The push and pull between Jason and Christina is great. I also love the secret that she is keeping from him, from well, just about everyone but her family! I also think that if I had a animal inside of me wanting one and only one person and I was fighting it, it would kill me, I have know idea how Jason fought it for so long.
The side action is that there is a faction trying to take down shifters while there is a wedding and a budding romance is killer!! The question of who the faction is and where they will strike next makes for high tension and Montgomery does a great job with it.
When Jason and Christina stop fighting what’s inside their hearts it’s beautiful. I can’t wait for more from this series and I know that the Lennox Twin’s cousin is next, but I am dying to see their adopted brother’s story!!



Alicia Montgomery has always dreamed of becoming a romance novel writer. She started writing down her stories in now long-forgotten diaries and notebooks, never thinking that her dream would come true. After taking the well-worn path to a stable career, she is now plunging into the world of self-publishing.

Sexy shifters, billionaires, alpha males, and of course, strong, sexy female characters are her favorite to write. Alicia is a wanderer, along with her husband, they travel the world and have lived in various spots all over the world.


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