#Review #BDSM – Destined to Dominate (Captain’s Duet Book 2) by Red Phoenix

Destined to Dominate (Captain's Duet Book 2)

Love conquers all…
The world doesn’t accept us, and people can be cruel. They tend to focus on the scars Captain earned in battle—but I see the man.
Every test we face only proves we are destined for each other.
Our brand of love is passionate and true, and we won’t let anything keep us apart.
Find out what happens when true love collides with selfless sacrifice.
Sparks will fly in the heartfelt conclusion
to Captain and Candy’s story.


3.5 rounded up

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

I loved the first book in the duet, so I was going crazy waiting for the send installment of Captain and Candy’s love story/HEA.

This picked up literally as Captain left Candy’s house when he decided not to collar her. He gets some advice from a good friend on what to do with his predicament…he loves her BUT is too old for her.

I enjoyed the dynamic of what Captain does to help guide Candy and help her grow as a submissive. I loved seeing her with a few training center dominants to help her realize 110% Captain is the man for her. I think this dynamic helped Captain also realize he needs the little minx in his life too.

The rest of the book is a lot of retelling of previous scenes we have already seen Candy and Captain in….dinner with Brie and Sir, re-training Mary, the Russian Rescue of Rytsar, etc so I felt that part of the story wasn’t much new information since we already KNEW/UNDERSTOOD how they were feeling in the main Brie storyline.

The end of the book I did enjoy because I think it helped Captain face his demons with his personal life too. He is completely happy with Candy and their life but sometimes you don’t even know you need something until it presents its self to you.

I am excited to see more back story of Sir, Rytsar, and Master Anderson in college. Those will be some fun reads I am sure…unless they show the scene with Mistress Clark and Rytsar….eeeek that could be sad to read.

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“I believe, based on personal experience, that love conquers all. It is a running theme in all of my writing. ” ~Red

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