#NewRelease #DoubleReview #Erotica #BDSM – Master’s Fate (Rise of the Dominant Book #2) by Red Phoenix

Master's Fate (Rise of the Dominants Book Two) by [Phoenix, Red]

What’s hotter than a sexy cowboy who knows how to please?

I love women, I always have.
Raised to be a gentleman, I know how to treat a lady right—especially in the bedroom.
I have a secret weapon. Curious what it is?
I’ll be happy to indulge you, but you’ll need to check all your inhibitions at the door…


I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Oh Master Anderson.  I have loved each and every glimpse into you and your life, so this book did not disappoint.  I loved seeing the relationship between Thane and Rytsar.

I have always wondered why Brad was off put by love…I mean we know about Amy but to learn of the first ladies to break his heart……through different circumstances makes me appreciate the love story we see for him in the main Brie series.

Brad is a true gentleman.  The ladies love Brad and Brad SURE loves the ladies.  When his mom and dad make him wonder about MORE and he proceeds to court Glee I was wondering what happens.  We also learn about Paige…a girl from his childhood and what she has done to his heart.

Any Master Anderson fan will love this story and how it shows so much more to our favorite prankster.  But I am really excited after reading about Rytsar and Samantha in the next book..their relationship is so crazy to me knowing where they are NOW in life.

I received a copy of this book for an honest review.

It’s Master Anderson’s story. There has been something about him that I have enjoyed. Maybe it’s the way he handles that whip he loves to use.

The thing I am enjoying the most is seeing Brad, Thane, Durov and Samantha growing their friendship and bonds. The way there come together and support one another even if it meant putting things they love on hold.

My heart went out to Brad reading about his childhood past. I also went through the same thing when I was 13 and it hurt to read it. I did like some of the pranks Brad pulled. Brad the always the practical joker was able to continue the pranks even his family got in on the fun.  From the bullwhip to the fire play was so fun to see but to see the ability of a dominate to submit and struggle was a different experience.

I enjoyed seeing the love, laughter and comradery between not only the guys but between Brad and his family. The bond these friends have just amazed me.

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“I believe, based on personal experience, that love conquers all. It is a running theme in all of my writing. ” ~Red

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