#WOTR20 – #Review – Black Magic by Aspen Winters and Verity Inkwell

Black Magic by [Winters, Aspen, Inkwell, Verity]

My name is Nix, I am a familiar. Or I want to be one.

I turn twenty-one in less than two weeks and before than I have to find a witch that will bond with me. If I don’t I will turn into a normal cat and all never get my human form.

The problem is, no one wanted me to be their familiar. I am not very good with magic or channeling any magic. Every time I try to do so, something blows up….or catches fire. There was only one witch I knew that may take me in, but the rumors about her aren’t that good.
The witch is said to be a black magic witch, and she already has four other familiars.

I can only pray the Black Magic witch will take one more familiar, for she is my only hope.



Great start to a new series. This story dives into what it takes for a familiar to bond with a witch. I love the background of this and what is at stake if a familiar isn’t bound to a witch. This story follows Nix and she is on a race against time. Her magic is uncontrollable and her family isn’t helping. She has to bond with a witch, and pronto so she isn’t stuck in her cat form. She attempts to go to a warlock who takes in all familiars but finds herself in a very bad situation. As a result she finds a few new friends during her escape. Some of this may seem like a godsend to her…a witch to be bound to with all male familiars *wags eyebrows* but trouble is right around the corner. Now that NIx can control her magic she embarks on a journey of self discovery. She stands up to her family, and has an incredible harem of men that want her and have no problem sharing her…then their witch gets kidnapped. The overall premise of the story is great and the story flowed well. I would have liked to have a little more of the slow burn or more time getting to know the guys than there was. Their relationships seemed a little rushed. Ultimately all the characters mesh well together and there is a great story to continue to be told. This is a new author for me but I look forward to reading the next in the series.

Attending author Aspen Winters

Aspen Winters

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