#WOT21 #Zombies #RH #Series #MC #TattooHottie #AntiHero – Twinsie Angie’s top 5 from July 2020-December 2020 by HR Savage, Michel Prince, Wren McCabe, Mary Martel, and JM Walker

Michel Prince, Mary Martel and JM Walker are attending authors of Writers on the River which will happen July 17, 2021 in Peoria, Illinois at the Par-A-Dice Hotel and Casino.  This will be our 6th year and we have raised $30,000 for our charity Thistle Farms.  Learn about the worlds largest social justice, anti-trafficking organization at ThistleFarms.Org 

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Now on with the book love………………………….These books are ranked in no particular order and if you want to see my top reads from January to June 2020 go HERE

CAPTURED (Ruins of Playa Azul #1)

Captured by H.R. Savage

I was raised in a world full of more death than life, surrounded by the blood-curdling violence and nauseating stench of zombies.

And twenty years after the Outbreak, it doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon.

After a devastating loss rocks my little group of survivors, I’m forced to venture out of my comfort zone in an attempt to find help—straight into the impenetrable walls of El Castillo.

But The Knights don’t take kindly to my mission, and when their leader, Gunner, captures me, everything spirals out of control. My captor suddenly becomes my ally as we’re thrust into a war of Gunner’s own making.

A war that threatens not only his people, but my own.

NOTE: True to an apocalyptic world, CAPTURED has dark scenes that may trigger some readers. However, it is not a Stockholm Syndrome Romance.

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My Review

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Ok so before I start my review, I am going to say Zombie books are my JAM!!! I mean I love them and get excited when I see one because I LURVE ZOMBIES!! So because I love this genre I am a bit picky and can tend to be a bit harsh on my reviews. I want the book to take me away but also be realistic. This book did an awesome job of both. I was so impressed with this new to me author and her ability to craft a story that was believable.

Thea and her dad, along with Jason and a group of others have been hiding for years in an old prompt care building. They are hiding from the dead AND the living. The Moonlighters and the Knights her dad said are not groups to get involved with.

When tragedy strikes the group, Thea makes the bold and stupid decision to leave ALONE in search of medicine for one of her kids…her family….her reason for being. She stumbles into the Knights “city” and everything changes for Thea.

Gunner is not happy his fortress has a weakness. He also is not happy with the spitfire who keeps getting under his nerves. When the two come to an agreement to help her people is when we meet the really bad people. The Moonlighters. These are the people who you fear in this kind of world. The take what isn’t yours kinda people. The Knights and Thea soon become a team when the Moonlighters again cause strife for Thea and her family.

The story of Gunner and Thea falling in love but also respecting the hell out of each other and their opinions. I mean he is this strong alpha but tells Thea she wreaks him at every turn because he can’t be without her. Although he was a bit of a dick one morning with Jason…..REALLY Gunner…just pee on her already!!

The story is so fast paced. I started reading and was like WTF I am at 50% in the blink of an eye! The story of family and stress…so much stress in these worlds but also of finding someone who you can love with your entire soul. Finding someone in this hella crazy world is something you can’t deny or refuse.

The side characters are amazing but Jason…my heart aches for him and Vi because she is hilarious, and I think maybe even a bit crazy. I pictured Harley Quinn when I read her parts…LOL do you understand now???

I cannot wait for book 2. This story says its ends on cliffhanger, but I didn’t think it was terrible. Its more of a natural, expected continuation to the story. One I will definitely be reading in March when its released.


Lil' Bit (Steel MC Montana Charter #4)

Lil Bit by Michel Prince and Wren McCabe

Warning: Adult Audiences 18+. Language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF.

In book four of the Steel MC Montana Charter: Bryan “Baldy” Allen doesn’t have the same pedigree as the other founders of the Steel MC Montana Charter. He was named Vice President because of his friendship with Red, the Prez, leaving a part of him feeling as if he’s constantly playing catch-up with the former soldiers.

Weakened by cancer as a child, Baldy gutted out most of his life just to survive. Now thriving as the mechanic for, not only the Steels but those around Turnabout Creek, he finally sees a life ahead of him—there’s only one thing missing—his Lil’ Bit.

Kristy Coe survived a vicious attack that took more than her body—it stole any chance of a future with children. Like hearing the voices of her attackers when there is silence isn’t enough punishment.

Practically a shut-in until Baldy, a man who’d been there after the assault, offers her an opportunity of a job at the garage. Knowing Baldy would never allow anyone to hurt her, she’s able to run the gas pumps and check out customers daily with the security of him being less than a few steps away. Not to mention the yearning she has for the man she has watched from afar.

Scarred inside and out—feeling less than those around them—can Baldy and Lil’ Bit realize everything they’re missing is standing right before them? And will they have the time to figure it out since the Steel MC Montana Charter knows how to make enemies? Enemies that refuse to go away quietly.

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My Review

I purchased this ebook and audio book.

Friends. I am so confused as to how I feel. I am so excited to FINALLY read my Baldy’s book but now I am sad because I read my Baldy’s book. Is it wrong I already want a re-read already?? NO? Ok good because that might be happening this weekend!! LOL Sorry Free and Hollywood but you gotta wait. It’s my Baby daddy we are talking about…Baldy all day every day!

Ok so why Baldy? I admit Hack almost stole me away in book 3 buuut I hung strong for Brian “Baldy” Allen, the VP of the Steel MC Charter. His character history was one of overcoming childhood cancer. He was just such a fun loving guy who never takes anything for granted given the struggles he has had in life.

Lil’ Bit AKA Kristy Coe is the little sister to Cass. She is BROKEN shell of the wild girl she used to be. She has been brutally attacked, raped, and dehumanized beyond what most think is repairable. She is afraid of everyone and everything but slowly starts to emerge out of her shell. She wants to want more but is scared to death to want more. Baldy is forcing her out into the world and that is her saving grace.

Baldy sees the little girl he grew up with and is there like a big brother should be. However, Baldy soon starts to see the strength and amazing WOMAN she is. He gets all kinda of confused about what is going on. Kristy has always has a crush on Baldy but fears after he saw her when she was at her worst , he would never want her in THAT way.

Lawd thank god for Lil’ Mama kicking Kristy’s butt into taking a chance and LAWD thank God for Baldy finally taking that chance even though he knows Cass is gonna shit a brick!! Can’t go against your MC brothers but when your heart is on the line you will do whatever you need to.

The story of what happened to Kristy is pretty horrendous and we get a lot more details in this book. But OMG guys I was screaming at so many points for her. She has found so much strength in this book. Her strength is coming from her family, her love of Baldy, her new MC Family, and she finally but most importantly she found herself again!!!

The love story in this book….stop it………I am so thrilled with the entire way the story came together. Kristy and Baldy are truly the perfect half to the others whole. Hands down fav book of the series so far.


Ink All Night (Permanent Hangover Book 2)

Ink All Night by Michel Prince

Warning: Mature Adult Audiences 18+. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF.

In book two of Permanent Hangover: Cain Washington would gladly pay a million dollars to have a shrew as nice as the one Shakespeare had to deal with. Because frankly, the one living next to him makes the Bard’s seem like a Sunday school teacher. As the chief fixer at the Permanent Hangover Tattoo Parlor and Bar, he’s cursed with the ability to see the beauty in everyone. Though his harpy of a neighbor tests and teases that ability on a daily basis, Cain’s never been one to let a challenge stop him. Especially with the flashes of the beautiful soul he can see beneath the surface that is keeping him mesmerized.

Bianca Jessel came to Minnesota for advancement and, more importantly, to escape the fact of who she is. Born ‘blessed’ with light skin, she found in the land of ten thousand lakes that she’s seen as everything, but a woman of color. Determined to keep it that way and assure a future blessing for her own children, she chooses her men based on a list of criteria. Sadly, the one person she wants the most has one glaring disqualifier. Too bad he lives next door.

After years of conditioning, and with the lies rapidly catching up to her, can Bianca push past the voice of her grandmother admonishing every aspect of who she is? Can Cain show that her beauty is not only inside her, but in the skin she tries to deny? Or will the decades of self-hate bring a halt to an everlasting love before it has a chance to start? And could the lies turn into a dangerous situation instead of one girl’s misguided musings of one’s worth?

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My Review

I purchased this ebook and audio book.
Lemme start by saying I loved the narrator and the narration of the story. Logan did a great job varying up the different characters and their voices for me during the audio listening.
Ok so this book…..so complex….I had to sit on it for a few days to think about what I was going to share with you and why its taken me so long. One word – Bianca!! Man I just did not like her. But you see my 5 star rating and are like uhm Angie Explain yourself here. LOL Give me a second and I will.
Bianca. She is a mess. I mean a MESSSSSS!! The hate she has for herself makes her as cuddly as a porcupine. She has an end game and that is it…marry a rich white guy (with a cough I imagine) so she can be set for life. The issue is, she is also hiding more and more of herself with each failed relationship because …well…because she a black. Now I know you’re all like ..uhm Angie ..calm down and let me explain. Bianca’s grandmother did a number on her. She told her she was a blessing because her light skin made her undeterminable. She could be passed off as Italian, Jewish, etc but no one would think she was black. This is where my view of her changed. I felt bad for her. I mean she was never able to embrace what made her an awesome person because people could find out she was black. I can’t imagine being raised and being told to look down on people with the same skin coloring as your own and as your parents.
Cain…omg did I love him in book 1 annnd my love for the tattoo parlor player didn’t stop but wait…is he not the player he pretends to be? What is he a soft and gushy sweetheart after all??? Cain is not at all threatened by Bianca and her nonsense. In fact, he picks up on her and all that she does to push him away. After a night when Bianca needed help, Cain was right there to rescue her like he does with so many women he meets. Cain is there to break down Bianca’s walls and even help her see what a beautiful soul she is when she stops putting up the wall and facade.
Cain and Bianca start to explore where the relationship could go but Cain is all the while afraid she will hurt him and Bianca is afraid people will see her different for living as an openly black women. The twists and turns in the story were great. Catching up with the Permanent Hanger over crew was amazing. I don’t know if I want Puck or Sarah’s book next. Both are going to be such a great read but I kinda hope its Puck and his naps…lol

Can I also add book 1 for this series was also up for the top 5 books because Fin and Bailey are amazing.

Two Ink Minimum (Permanent Hangover Book 1)




What You Deserve (Gem Stone, #1)

What You Deserve by Mary Martel

One half of a whole.
That’s what I always thought I’d be.
Being an identical twin, I always believed I had that to rely on. I thought wrong.
Losing half of that whole left me feeling like I had nothing.
It crippled me.
Almost destroyed me.
And left me with an aching heart, a slew of questions, and a need for revenge so strong I could almost taste it on my tongue.
My name is Gem Stone. My twin’s name was Gin. We might have looked like the same person, but we were not. Divorce and a disgusting mother forced us apart at a young age, and a horrible family kept us that way.
Still, we remained best friends—or so I thought.
When you lose the other half to your whole, the other half of your soul, you lose everything.
But I wasn’t ready to give up everything, even when I felt like I was dead inside.
My twin kept a secret from me. One that changed everything and made me look at her in a whole different light.
I ache for answers to my questions, and I find salvation where I shouldn’t. Mostly, I crave some type of vengeance. Something, anything, to make me feel better about what I’ve lost.

What You Deserve is a 100,000+ word m/f/m contemporary book for readers 18 and up.

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My Review

I received this book from the author for an honest review.
Look, I effing love Mary with my entire black heart and soul. So every book I jump into with so much excitement. Each and every damn book she BLOWS ME AWAY. This book was no different. I loved that she seemed to be taking on a bit of a mystery/suspense angle in this book. This seemed to be a new writing style and I was on board with it totally.
This book has an interesting concept. Your twin who is the other half of your soul turns out to be not the person you thought she was. Gem was DEVISTATED to lose her sister from divorce when they were 8 but then when she was 17 to have her actually DIE was a whole new heartache. She, along with her hot as fucking hell best friend Franklin AKA Franks AKA Bossy McBossy Pants AKA Whole Lotta sexy on a stick…Jesus its hot. Can I get a damn drink? Fuck my girl panties over Franks have melted!!
Where was I? Oh yeah Gin dies and Franks helps Gem recover. When another death rocks Gem, Franks is there to help her but is not to happy when Riley AKA Ken Doll AKA Gins Bestie AKA Sweetest guy in the whole wide world is there too.
Gem is discovering things about her twin she isn’t too happy with. Franks is dealing with his crazy pops. Riley is dealing with what he is finding out about his bestie, Gin, while also falling crazy in love with Gem AND dealing with his mental mom plus a crazy ass stalker from school….did you get all of that?
Friends, This book is amazing and when we find out a lot about Gin I was just as stunned at Gem. I felt the hurt and the lose but also the need for revenge against people who hurt her sister. With Franks and Riley at her side, loooook out world because Gem is out of control!!


Being Us (Next Generation, #4)

Being Us by JM Walker

She was beautiful.
After hiding away for six months with just my dog to keep me company, I was forced out of the shadows only to end up in the arms of an enemy.
Beatrix Lister saved my life. I had been taking care of myself for so long, I didn’t know how to ask for help, but she refused to go down without a fight.
She was warm where I was frigid.
She was kind and caring where I was a cold-blooded monster.
I did things to survive.
I battled the evils of the world to live.
I didn’t deserve her heart but fell in love with her anyway.
As much as I wanted to be with her, I needed answers and I would do anything to get them.
Even if it meant breaking the heart of the only woman I had ever loved.
He was lonely.
Tanner Horsch came into my life unexpectedly. He was like a tornado, ripping up everything in its path.
There was something about him that I craved.
His touch. His words. His need to survive.
But as we were getting to know each other, he still had walls up.
He refused to let me in knowing my family didn’t approve of him.
I refused to let him go.
After being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he escaped and eventually he ran right into my arms.
He was the villain of someone else’s story, but he was the hero of mine.
I just prayed that he could see that not all monsters are truly evil.
Before it was too late, and he gave himself to the enemy.
My family.

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My Review

I receive this book from the author for an honest review.
So when I read this book pre-publication I didn’t know who the book was about. Imagine my shock when I find out it was Bee (Tray and Zillah’s daughter) and the Anti-hero Tanner!!! GASP! What a shocker. Then to make it even more bananas, it’s a SLOW BURN by JM….uhm what? Does she even know how to do Slow Burn? I mean JM has her characters banging on like page 1!!! Well friends, I can fully report she is VERY ABLE TO SLOW BURN (or Cock Block as Tanner says) us readers.
Tanner…ya’ll we hate him right!! I mean he is vile, evil, and he did bad stuff to Sunny *Sniff* plus he put our girl Meadow through some stuff for a stupid ring from his daddy. I gotta say JM Had her work cut out for us in loving him. But friends…..I DO LOVE HIM…………I mean….I Wanna have his babies and I wanna cuddle and watch movies with him…YES he is total book boyfriend material!!
Tanner… friends he is complex…yeah let’s just say complex. We soon discover a lot about him. We learn he is on the run and hiding from people. He is looking to figure out who is after him and why???
Bee is a girl and a very protected girl in Greyson’s Biker Family. The twins make sure she does not have too much fun or get taken advantage of when partying. So one night after being drug away from her friends, she sits at home with wine shaking her booty when Tanner appears! Her kind heart takes one look at him and decides to help him…a stranger in need…someone she has no clue hurt family members in her family club……….ya’ll know this is gonna go crazy right. I mean Grey flips out but helps Tanner thanks to being vouched for by some pretty important people.
The story of Tanner getting his answers is a great one and I was like WHAT!!! And Oh SNAP this is no Bueno!! But friends the love story between Tanner and Bee is probably one of my favorites. I think JM did a solid job developing these characters. She made sure they knew about the other before getting involved. They knew the uphill battle they faced with her family and his reputation and yet they are willing to risk everything for that love.

Thanks for hanging with me for my tops and let me know if you have read any or if my reviews made you one click!!

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