#WOTR21 #AuthorSpotlight – Jade C. Jamison

Jade C. Jamison

Tell us your name and then a bit about yourself.

Jade C. Jamison…I’ve been writing most of my life but published my first book in 2011. I have four children all adults now (!!!) and live in Colorado. So happy that Angie and I met each other thanks to the world of books!

When you are writing a book, which is harder? The first book in the series or the others after it?

Hmm. For me, it’s individual books that are more difficult, and it all depends on that specific book. For example, Bullet (#1) was relatively easy to write; Rock Bottom (#2) was like pulling teeth; Feverish (#3) was easier than the other two. For me, it’s the book itself, the plot, and the characters rather than where a book falls in the series.

What comes first? The plot or characters

Again for me it depends on the book. In the case of the Nicki Sosebee series, it was the characters. Most of the time, I think it’s the characters. But with a book like In a Haze, it was the plot first.

What author would you love to meet (Who is your unicorn author)?

I would have loved to have met Toni Morrison.

If you could ask that author three questions about their writing, writing process, or books, what would they be?

I would love to talk to her in depth about her process.

What are your social links?

I have lots but the main ones are these:

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/JadesBulletBabes/
Newsletter: https://www.subscribepage.com/JadeCJamison

What are your buy links?

A majority of my books are currently in KU, so I’ll give you that link:

Amazon Author Page

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