#NewRelease #Review #BDSM – Her Sweet Surrender (Brie’s Submission #21) by Red Phoenix

Her Sweet Surrender (Brie's Submission, #21)

Brie has steeled herself for the battle ahead, but she has no idea the forces that lay in wait for her.

In the midst of chaos, she experiences the sweetest surrender in the arms of her Master.

Despite facing an uncertain future, Brie has never known such bliss…


Review by Twinsie Angie

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

This book has a lot of highs followed by looooows or low.  I mean Brie and her “family” definitely are going through some trying times in the continuing story of Brie and her Sir.

Everyone is moving forward : Wolf pup and Kylie are in a great place, Mary is moving against Greg, Lea seems to be happy with Hunter, Master Anderson and Shay are living a good life with the cats, and Rytsar is happy being everything to the Brie, Sir, and Hope.  We are seeing the Davis family prepare for the addition of the next wee one and it’s all looking good!

We do see more of Lilly and we are worried about the decisions the group are making over what to do with the evil she beast.  I admit I suspected this book would be all about Lilly since that is where it began but I was so destroyed to see the sadness of the novel hit.  I can’t spoil what sadness happens but friends I was so hurt by what happens.  I mean WHY!!  Red girl.  I mean NOOOO!!!!!  Red for real….NOOOOO!!!

So yeah when the sadness of the novel hits, you will be just destroyed for our family.  We will see one of our own struggle and push everyone away.  Be ready because….yeah….*Sniff*.

K we gotta move away from the sadness and discuss the “good scenes” of the story and yup they are gooooooood.  This story is another great read of “good stuff” and making us fall even more in love with our family of Training Center peps.  I can’t wait for the next story because I need to see the sadness storyline resolved.

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