#BookBlitz – Elastic Heart by Faith Ryan

🎪 💀 Carnaval de la Mort 💀 🎪
🎡 Welcome back to the Freakshow 🎡
Seven authors have teamed up to bring you seven dark and twisted tales about what really goes on behind the curtain. There’s a new troupe settled in a new town and they’re dying to meet you.
Are you brave enough to step inside and marvel at these human oddities for yourself?
Don’t stare for too long or you might offend the performers and become part of the final act.
🎪 💀 Elastic Heart (Carnaval de La Mort #5) 💀 🎪
Pre-Order: http://mybook.to/Elastic-Heart
Life is short. Full of hard lessons and fleeting affections. I learned long ago nothing is free and tomorrow isn’t promised. So I enjoy life to its fullest. The carnaval gives me plenty of opportunities to revel in my love for men and women while chasing my next high. Performing is a small price to pay to have my pick of the many spectators who wander the boardwalk.
I wasn’t looking for them, but now I’ve had a taste I need more. I don’t do repeats or relationships. I don’t do love. That’s nothing but a fool’s dream, and I should know. I dreamt of having it before this world showed me its true colors. They make me want to dream again, but if I give in to my yearning, neither of us will survive the aftermath.
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Faith Ryan

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