#Review – Angels in the End (The End Saga Book 4) by C.L. Zelle

Angels in the End (The End Saga Book 4) by [C.L.  Zelle, Christina L.  Rozelle, LC Ellez]

When a “divine culling” of the human population doesn’t go as planned, two heroes—one royal, and one unsung—brave the deadly new world to save a woman they both love for different reasons. Only, she doesn’t know they exist.

Desperate for answers and reeling from their part in the eradication of mankind, when their world collides with hers in the ensuing chaos and upheaval of the End of Days, all bets are off.
Will their prophesied fates shift in the rubble of the aftermath?
Will their love for her be enough to make things right, though her entire life has been a lie, and they have always known the truth?

King Daemon won’t go down without a fight. He’s been in love with Grace since he knew what the word meant, and he will do everything in his power to save her, even if it means sacrificing her to the man she loves.



“Angels in the End,” though written for adults, and in a separate series altogether, is also an *unofficial* Treemakers Trilogy prequel. Unofficial, because the author has plans for a future YA prequel more closely related to that series, but readers 18+ who have enjoyed The Treemakers Trilogy will find the value in “Angels in the End,” (and the rest of the series) as certain events contained herein are directly linked to The Treemakers Trilogy.Please read below.

**Content Advisory/Trigger Warning for The End SagaDue to the inclusion of realistic world-ending scenarios, such as death/gore/torture/violence/steamy scenes/sexual violence/drug/alcohol use/abuse, and because of explicit language, this series is recommended for readers age 18+, and those who aren’t sensitive to these topics.Reader discretion is advised.
**It is recommended that this book be read 
after having read The Treemakers Trilogy, as “Angels in the End” may contain some spoilers for that story.
**Please note: 
the content in this 4th installment of The End Saga is considerably “cleaner” than the first three books in the series, due to it being from the POV of (mostly) different characters, as well as for its connection to the author’s YA series, The Treemakers Trilogy.


Review by Twinsie Kelly

Holy what?!?! I am speechless.…This is a very hard review for me to write because the story is so intricate and intense with all the feels. I felt this one deep down. When you know you are the scary thing that lies awake in the dark and you don’t feel good about it…that’s when you know these are the games gods play. This journey gives us a new main character that has been in the background that we were completely clueless about. There are so many details that we were completely unaware of. The story is incredibly intense. Mind bending and maddening doesn’t even begin to touch it! The characters are all gracefully flawed and have their own, very different, demons to fight. What is truly right and truly wrong, and when have you crossed the line? Daemon, the main character, has been told about his destiny his entire life and just knows that things are going to go the right way. BUT… when the journey actually begins, he finds out that things are definitely not what they seem. He begins to question exactly who knows what and exactly how much of life is orchestrated. The story makes you turn the pages trying to piece everything together. The author does an amazing job making you feel everything that Daemon feels. I mean, the only way out of the madness is through. Daemon, along with the rest of the characters are all very deep and complex. Oh, and guess what?! Murray is back!! I absolutely love that Angels in the End can be read 1st or 4th in the series. I can’t wait to get to the next level!

C.L. Zelle

About C.L. Zelle

Zelle’s writing roots sprouted with poetry and prose in countless journals in her early years, continuing through her tumultuous teenage years, and well into her turbulent young adult life. Though her younger self dreamed of scribing non-fiction and poetry someday, when she discovered the magic in creating fiction she never looked back. Overcoming countless obstacles of her own, the wisdom gained along her personal path through healing breathes life into her beautifully dark, yet hopeful tales of triumph. Filled with an array of emotional triggers, not many topics are off limits in her works. Zelle’s exceptional storytelling dives deep into the survival and growth journeys of diverse, broken characters and unlikely heroes. Authentic, gritty, intricate, and wildly imaginative, her stories also offer hope—a light in the dark—as her characters discover their own inner strengths and worth in the midst of debilitating adversity.

Though her wanderlust calls her to a nomadic life of traveling the world in planes, trains, ships, and RVs, Zelle currently resides in a small town in Texas, USA with her four wonderful children.

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The Treemakers
The Soultakers
The Seeker’s Keys
The End Saga
Willows in the End
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Angels in the End

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