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Horse's Bride (Devil's Riot MC Book 1) by [E.C. Land]


Years ago I lost the one woman who’s ever been able to rock my world. When she disappeared into thin air I stopped caring, fucking whoever, whenever.
The one thing I didn’t plan for was seeing her face in all of these women.
No one could ever compare to her and here she is, her ghost haunting me every day.
I thought that relocating with the club to start our new charter would be the change I needed to move on, but what happens when I see her again. Only this time, she isn’t a ghost.
She’s real.


Review by Twinsie Angie

I purchased the audio and ecopy of this book.

I am a GIANT MC reader.  I was looking for something to read when a friend recommended this series to me.  I had audio credits and grabbed the box set for the first few books.  I am a huge audio lover so this made me super excited.  I have got to say this narrator was not one I cared for….sorry Ken.  I listened to the first 30% of the story and ended up buying the book to read the story. I found the narration for the book was not one I personally cared for.  I hope others may enjoy his voice but for me, I will pass on future books of his.

This book has me excited because I love a good 2nd chance and have found a love for best friends sibling. This book hits both genres and I didn’t know it.  Horse and Twisted, the President of the club are headed to the new town to see the new club house.  Horse soon discovers the “one who got away” or ran away is the woman he was ready to claim.  He also discovers this is also his best friend’s sister!!  Needless to say, he is concerned with how his president and best friend will feel about this but more important he wants to know why this woman ran from him.  He was ready to claim her and wants to know what happened.

Kenny fell hard for Horse and was stunned when he shows up in town with her brother.  She has never forgotten him buuuut she is scared to go back down that path after what happened.  First loves are hard to forget even when she shouldn’t love him.

The story is fun to meet new MC characters, see the dynamic of the members, the new town, and the new relationship.  I loved Kenny.  She was so strong and loyal but also afraid to tell her brother what happened to her 5 years ago.

I loved the chemistry between Kenny and Horse.  I thought they were so much fun to read.  The shower scene when she first saw him again was THE BEST!!!!

E.C. Land is a MC and Dark Romance author who lives in the countryside of Virginia. She started her publishing journey writing MC romance, but she now has an undying love for writing in all sub-genres of dark romance.

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