#review #yathriller #yafiction #partofseries —Asylum (Asylum book 1) by: Madeleine Roux



Review by: Twinsie Tenise

4 super creepy STARS

Dan Crawford is attending a 5 week college prep course at New Hampshire College. He will be staying in the Brookline building which is an old asylum the college turned into dorms. He is excited for the summer ahead of him and is looking forward to meeting new people. As his cab pulled up to the building he will be calling home for the next 5 weeks, something in Dan’s head whispered turn around now. Maybe Dan should have listened…

I cannot remember where I happened upon this book but the cover is fantasic and I wanted to read it immediately! I love diving into a well written YA thriller from time to time and the author did not disappoint. With new twists and turns on each page, I feel like I was freaking out almost as much as Dan and his friends as they tried to figure out and explain away the mysterious happenings and coincidences that quickly became impossible to ignore. Word of advice: if you are reading a physical copy of Asylum, have book 2 handy  because you are going to want it quicker than it can be delivered. Thank goodness the little book store near my house had a copy available.

MADELEINE ROUX is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Asylum series, which has sold over a million copies worldwide. She is also the author of the House of Furies series, and several titles for adults, including Salvaged and Reclaimed. She has written for Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Critical Role, and Dungeons & Dragons.

Madeleine lives in Seattle, Washington with her partner and beloved pups.

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